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Sisters are friends

Ryan Zurcher | Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ms. Galassini,
Your column (“Sisters for life,” Sept. 18) on sorority life in other schools was arragont, pretentious and extremely ignorant. And here is why.
Going to college is hard. It is hard to be forced to leave high school where one has usually developed a relativly comfortable social scene and be thrust into a complelty different environment and instructed simply “make friends.”  Therefore, one socially rational person will use all the resources available so as to not spend the next four years of their life alone and miserable. It was hard for me, it was hard for the friends I have made and if you cannot empathize then you must be Miss Popular McPopularson or whatever.
Every college is different and thus the social structure of the university is different. One way to make friends at another school is not better than ours. Belitting those friendships made in sororities and fraternities by stating  hings like “Nor did I have to fake my way into friendships that I will later pay for” is extremely ignorant of the bonds that they share. I would really like to know how you got the information on how friendships are formed in other schools while you are sitting on your laptop judging them through the internet.
Furthermore, you continue to put down Greek Life at other schools because it “bothers” you on Facebook. You state “Go ahead and make a status or profile picture … don’t make me decipher Greek puzzles though.” This is laughably judgmental and pretentious. No one is making you do anything on Facebook. These college freshmen are engaging in a perfectly natural human action which is trying to find comfort in a situation where they are extremely scared.
Your article struck a chord with me because my sister is a freshman at Villanova and is going through this sorority process. She could literally dominate my newsfeed of her sorority sisters 24 hours a day, seven days a week with all her new friends doing sorority squats in a courtyard making Greek letters with their hands and I would be the happiest person. It would mean she is making friends and will eventually leave that extremely scary time of the first few weeks of college which I hated. Have some compassion and realize the other people in the world besides you.
Ryan Zurcher
off campus
Sept. 18