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Style with Sean

Sean Fitzgerald | Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Whether you’re a brave, fearless freshman roaming the JACC having no idea what to do, or a senior desperate for that full-time offer, you’re going to need to look the part. Hopefully by now you have a suit, but what about the little things? Here’s your guide to Career Fair style.

The Essentials 

The Suit

A good suit for the career fair is typically gray, navy or charcoal. Black is too formal and all the other colors aren’t right for the occasion. Simple patterns such as pinstripes and windowpane are always acceptable. If your suit has two buttons, only button the top button.  If your suit has three buttons, only button the middle one. If your suit has more than three buttons, you’re in the wrong place.

The Shirt

Generally people go with light blue or white, which is perfectly acceptable. However, don’t feel that you have to wear those two colors. As long as you don’t get too crazy and you’ll be fine. Oh, and make sure to iron it.

The Tie

Just don’t wear a tie that makes noise or has Spongebob on it and you’ll look the part.

The Shoes

Try to avoid square-toed shoes. Your feet are not rectangles, so your shoes shouldn’t be either. Navy suits go with brown shoes, and gray or charcoal suits go with either black or brown shoes. Attempt other colors at your own risk.

Tide To Go 

You made the mistake of eating with your white dress shirt on and you don’t have time to wash it. What do you do? Tide To Go will save your life. Be a Boy Scout and always be prepared.

The Details

A Professional Pen

You’re going to be talking with people in large corporations, wearing an expensive suit and looking like a professional. However, when you pull out your half-chewed pen from class, the recruiter remembers that you’re still a college student. It’s all in the details.

Padfolio with Resumes

You could show up with a flimsy notebook and get by, but you’re looking for a career here. Invest in a padfolio. These things are sturdy. This means papers won’t go flying if you drop it on the ground or get bumped by someone else. Plus, it makes you look that much more professional.


You don’t actually bring this one to the Career Fair. I can’t possibly think of a reason why you would. However, wearing wrinkled clothing makes it look like you sent a search and rescue team through your closet and appeared from the debris with a dusty old suit, shirt and tie. Take the time to iron or steam your clothes, and you’ll look that much better.