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Two to toga

Brent Swanberg | Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dear Sydni,

So there’s this girl. We met in the most ridiculous way, and I’m still not sure I really believe it happened the way it did. Turns out, our moms knew each other from way back when in their glory days. They saw each other by chance at athlete orientation. Afterward, my mom told me about her meeting with an old acquaintance and about her daughter who also was running track here at Notre Dame. She told me where she lived and what she ran and I really didn’t care. I even asked, “Why are you telling me this?’ because it seemed like I would never really talk to this girl anyway.

After another orientation I walked out of the Joyce Center with some guy and we talked about the snoozefest we just sat through. Being strapping young gentlemen, we decided to turn around and extend our conversation to the two girls walking behind us. Upon talking to them, I discovered one of the girls was from the same state that I lived. I asked her what city she lived in, to which she replied with the same city my mother told me earlier. I decided to try my luck one more time and asked her, “You wouldn’t happen to be a really good runner would you?” Her face lit up with excitement (or maybe it was to hide the fear she had of some random boy creepily knowing about her life.) I explained to her how I “knew” her, and apologized for being such a stalker. She didn’t care and we just talked.

Through the first couple of weeks we saw each other at obscure times and talked a little bit but nothing major. Then I had a rough night where everything seemed to be falling apart. I decided to turn to the nicest girl I have met here. So we went on a little walk. I figured out she was pretty much exactly like me and was going through the same exact things I was. And, although she won’t admit it, she had everything figured out a lot better than I did. It was just nice knowing someone kind was there for me. Since then we have been becoming better friends, and we have a lot of fun hanging out together. With all that said, the Keough toga dance is this Friday, and I couldn’t think of anyone I would have more fun with than her.

So Sydni, would you go to the Keough toga dance with me?

Your pal,

Brent Swanberg