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A salute to campus icons

Jaqueline O'Neill | Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Over my last four years there have been people whom I have either come to know either by name or from their campus reputations. This is a salute to those special individuals with their awesome personalities, extreme good looks or quirky habits. Thank you for making our campus a unique place.

To John, who is always waiting with a riddle or joke when you’re about to swipe into South Dining Hall. You can brighten a day with just one swipe. Also, I apologize for all of the fruit I have tried to sneak out.

To the man who makes the omelets in the morning for all the sleepy South Dining Hall goers. Your easy way about you makes me feel like I’m at home in my own kitchen. You know a surprising amount of names almost rivaling another one of my favorite campus icons, Alvin.

Alvin, your hugs are sometimes the only thing that can pick up my day. You never cease to grace everyone with your amazing smile. Thank you for being yourself and always greeting people with your friendly hellos. (Unless you’re playing Humans vs. Zombies, then you’re a force to be reckoned with.)

To the kid cruising on the razor scooter. We love your 90s throwback vehicle of choice. You undoubtedly always bring a smile to my face when I see you zipping by with your red wheels. Rock on.

To the boy who roams South Quad in your backwards cap and bathing suit-like shorts (despite the weather.) You are both tall and skinny with a personality like no one I have ever met. Rumor has it you can sometimes be spotted at Brothers with a notepad and glasses impersonating professors.

To the Campus Cowboy, I love both your boots and your hat. Your country pride reminds us not to forget where we came from. Keep up the style.

Finally, to everyone’s dining hall crush. We all have that special someone whom we love to stare at mesmerizingly in the dining hall or library. Thank you for being our eye candy during our everyday mundane tasks.

It is individuals like you all who set our campus so unique. You show us how being yourself can be what makes us special and sets us apart from the others. Thank you for being yourselves and celebrating all of our differences.

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