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Turning back the football clock

Kevin Noonan | Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It’s been 10 years since the Notre Dame football team was 4-0. 10 YEARS.

Are we making too big of a deal out of the first four games? Especially considering there’s still Oklahoma and USC on the schedule?

Does the Pope wear a big ol’ hat? Could Maroon 5 be used as torture in interrogations? Is Rick Reilly following a similar career trajectory to Nicholas Cage?

The answer to all of those is of course emphatically and unquestionably yes. But hey, who cares. 4-0 is better than 0-4, and that’s straight up math right there, you can’t argue with math.

Congratulations, Notre Dame football team, you’ve officially made it; the Scene is writing about you. Pat yourselves on the back about that one.


Top Grossing Movie at the Box Office (Sept. 27-29, the bye weekend after ND reached 4-0): “Sweet Home Alabama”

Reese Witherspoon starred in this rom-com that I saw with my older sister a long time ago. It was just some lame chick flick (lies ¾  I loved it.) It’s about a country girl trying to live in a big city or something like that. She’s divorced, but she isn’t divorced. I don’t really remember, it was confusing.

You know what I do remember? It wasn’t until the third game of the season that the 2002 Notre Dame football team scored an offensive touchdown, but they still scored 46 points through their first two games. That was pretty cool.

No. 1 Song on the Billboard Charts: “A Moment Like This” ¾ Kelly Clarkson

This was back when Kelly Clarkson was relevant the first time around, after the whole “American Idol” thing. She’s back again, and luckily she’s making songs catchier and less ear-bleeding inducing than this one.

What if ten years from now, Rebecca Black came back and sounded like Adele? How crazy would that be? I actually wouldn’t know. I’ve listened to one more Rebecca Black song than Adele song so far in my life.

Speaking of crazy comebacks, what about when Notre Dame was down 17-14 with just one minute and 45 seconds left against Michigan State in 2002? The whole world was like, nope, this one’s over ¾ Carlyle Holliday can’t pass the ball. And Carlyle was like, “Nah, I got this,” and threw a 60-yard game-winning touchdown to Arnaz Battle with 1:15 in the game, putting the Irish at 4-0. Granted, it was about a five-yard pass and 55-yard run, but hey, a win’s a win.

How the season turned out for them 10 years ago ¾ Backup quarterback Pat Dillingham and some ill-fated green jerseys led the Irish to their first loss of the season, against Boston College, after going 8-0 to begin the year. Then Carson Palmer for USC put up some freakishly high numbers (steroids? Witchcraft? Bush Push?) against the Irish in the last game of the regular season, knocking Notre Dame out of BCS contention.

But that won’t happen this year. National championship or bust. Lou Holtz said so.