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Baraka Bouts: Bell sounds on opening round at the JACC

Samantha Zuba, Alex Wilcox, Casey Karnes, Lesley Stevenson, Alex Stembaugh, Kit Loughran, Rich Hidy | Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gina “I’m Not Sorry” Rogari def. Courtney “Motor City Cobra” Currier

The junior Rogari started strong with a flurry of punches and held on for a split-decision victory over the senior Currier. Currier fought defensively in the first round, dancing away from Rogari and keeping her gloves up to block big hits. In the second round, a more aggressive Currier showed off a big right hook. Rogari took a few hits, but kept chipping away with one-two jab combinations. Both boxers tired in the third round, but Rogari landed a final pair of decisive punches to secure the victory.

Dionne “Striker” Sandoval def. Shannon “Elizabeth” Brady

The sophomore Sandoval used precise one-two combinations to defeat the sophomore Brady in a unanimous decision. Sandoval frequently backed Brady against the ropes in the first round and took advantage of Brady’s lowered gloves to score important points in the second round. After Sandoval knocked Brady’s mouth guard out in the third round, Brady fought back with a strong hook. Brady also pushed Sandoval against the ropes and almost out of the ring twice in the third round. However, Sandoval landed too many punches in the early rounds for Brady to steal the victory.

Kasia “Polish Punisher” Prouty def. Maggie “Left-hooked on a
Feeling” Wieland

With a powerful right-handed punch and an aggressive strategy, MBA student Prouty sealed a unanimous decision over the junior Wieland. Wieland fought defensively and rarely threw the first punch while Prouty instigated the action throughout the fight. Wieland responded to Prouty’s attacks by executing dodges and parries, but Prouty’s aggressiveness scored her points. Prouty opened the third round with a powerful flurry of jabs and right-handed punches to secure the victory.

Alison “Call Your Mom” Collins def. Kaitlin “Wegasaurus Rex” Wegrzyn

The senior Collins took advantage of her height and long arms to defeat the senior Wegrzyn in a split decision. Wegrzyn danced fluidly around the ring to dodge Collins’s punches. While Collins was not as elusive, she kept Wegrzyn at bay with repeated jabs that prevented her shorter opponent from getting inside for body shots. In the third round, Wegrzyn finally landed several solid body shots as the power behind Collins’s jab faded. Ultimately, Collins’s long reach helped her hold on for the close win.

Colleen “Hostile” Heberlein def. Jayme “Hawaiian Punch” Ogino

The senior Heberlein and her straight right punches defeated the junior Ogino and her right hook in a unanimous decision. Both boxers punched quickly and efficiently, keeping their elbows tucked as they hit each other. Heberlein dodged several of Ogino’s powerful hooks in the first two rounds, but Ogino snuck in for a few strong body shots. In the third round, Ogino tired and lowered her gloves. This allowed Heberlein to land a series of precise, right-handed punches to finish the fight.

Sunnee “Shiner” Fleshman def. Colleen “Nine Lives” Kerins

The senior Fleshman defeated the junior Kerins in a unanimous decision. Both boxers came out swinging in the first round. After maintaining their aggressiveness throughout the round, both controlled their energy in the third round and started throwing straighter, more precise punches. Fleshman started the fight mostly throwing jabs, but began swinging more freely with her right hand in the later rounds. Once she started punching with her right hand, she was able to take advantage of Kerins’s dropped hands. Kerins fought back in the third round, but Fleshman took home the victory.

Lauren “The Big Lebowski” Ladowski def. Carli “Not Rae Jepson” Fernandez

The junior Ladowski used her polished one-two combination to defeat the fifth-year senior Fernandez in a split decision. Ladowski advanced toward Fernandez in the first round and delivered combinations. Fernandez responded in the second round with a one-two hook combination. She also targeted Ladowski with body shots, but lowered her gloves as a result. Ladowski capitalized by landing more one-two combinations and a right punch to claim victory.

Alisa “Baaadd” Blumenthaler def. AnnMarie “Here Comes the Boom” Jakubowski

The senior Blumenthaler defeated the sophomore Jakubowski with the strength of her defense. Blumenthaler boxed a careful fight by keeping her hands close to her face and preventing Jakubowski from landing punches. Jakubowski attacked Blumenthaler with her straight right, including two hard hits to the forehead to begin the third round. Blumenthaler secured the unanimous decision, however, with dodges and parries.

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Amanda Pena def. Megan Reineccius

The senior Reineccius exploded out of the gate and landed a flurry of punches on the sophomore Pena, who remained on the defensive. Pena’s patience paid off, as Reineccius tired after her opening attacks. Pena landed a few impact punches to Reineccius’ face to end the first round and take control of the fight. Pena controlled the second round as Reineccius’ fatigue became more apparent. This trend continued in the third, as the referee stopped the fight twice to allow Reineccius to recover. Pena won the fight in a unanimous decision.

Catherine Gillespie def. Rachel Perron

In an evenly matched fight, the senior Gillespie used her height and reach advantage to defeat the senior Perron. The first round saw both boxers attacking equally. However, Gillespie’s ability to safely land punches while staying out of the reach of the smaller Perron gave her the advantage. In the second round, Perron came out attacking and pushed Gillespie to the ropes, but Gillespie once again relied on her long arms to land shots and fend off her opponent. Plenty of circling and the occasional big blow marked the third round, and Gillespie eventually earned the unanimous decision over Perron.

Emily Smith def. Athena Hughes

Smith came out firing and lasted the entire match, as the freshmen defeated the senior Hughes in a unanimous decision. From the opening bell, Smith went on the offensive, attacking Hughes with a barrage of head and body shots. The second round followed a similar course, as Smith landed countless punches on Hughes, who was able to land only an occasional jab to push Smith away. In the third round, Smith fought defensively with the fight all but decided.

Colleen MacDonald def. Stephanie Escobar

Arguably the best fight of the night, seniors MacDonald and Escobar fought to the final bell, with MacDonald narrowly defeating Escobar in a split decision. The seniors fought evenly in the first round, with both fighters landing several punches. Escobar attempted more body shots late in the first round. She continued this tactic into the second round, effectively tiring MacDonald. Nevertheless, both girls landed devastating blows. Although both boxers were visibly exhausted by the third round, they still fought hard, producing a crowd-pleasing final 30 seconds. Ultimately, the judges awarded MacDonald the split decision victory.

Madeline Hahn def. Savannah Kounelis

In this bout between two freshmen, Hahn won a unanimous decision over Kounelis. Kounelis started out the match on the offensive, but Hahn deftly defended herself. Kounelis came out attacking in the second round as well, but Hahn outlasted her and went on the offensive later in the round. Both girls landed several good punches in what was an even match through two rounds. In the third round, however, Hahn attacked Kounelis, hitting her with several big shots. Kounelis fought back, landing a particularly strong punch that knocked Hahn’s facemask out of position and stopped the fight momentarily. Despite this pause, Hahn still emerged as the unanimous victor.

Grace Spaulding def. Stephanie DeLuna

In the last fight of the night, the senior Spaulding used her height and a series of blows to defeat fellow senior DeLuna in a unanimous decision. Spaulding went on the offensive the entire first round, landing a few big punches using a series of combinations. DeLuna kept fighting and attacked Spaulding to start the second round, landing a few punches. However, with DeLuna noticeably weary, Spaulding cornered DeLuna and landed multiple punches. She continued this into the third round, tiring DeLuna with more blows to the head. By the end of the match, Spaulding had DeLuna on the defensive and won a unanimous decision.

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Jennifer “Fists of Fury” Fitzpatrick def. Ava “Ninja” Stachelski

The sophomore Stachelski came out attacking in the first round, trying to get inside the senior Fitzpatrick’s guard to hit her body. However, Fitzpatrick used her longer reach to keep Stachelski away with a series of jabs. Fitzpatrick pressed her advantage, following each jab with a flurry of punches. Stachelski stuck to her plan of attacking the body, but struggled to get inside Fitzgerald’s reach. She renewed her assault in the final round, but fell victim to a Fitzgerald counterpunch. Fitzgerald’s longer reach was the deciding factor in her victory by unanimous decision.

Erin “Fired Up” Flattery def. Liz “Lights Out” Zolper

As soon as the first bell sounded, the sophomore Zolper fought aggressively, driving the senior Flattery into the ropes. Flattery maintained an effective defense, however, and landed some counter blows. Flattery fought with more urgency in the second round, attacking Zolper with combinations of body and head blows. At the end of the second round, both fighters circled each other warily, keeping each other at bay with jabs. The defensive fighting continued in the third round, and Flattery emerged victorious, earning a split decision.

Dagny “To Honor” Nagengast def. Megan “Mad Dog” Doyle

The senior Doyle began with a defensive game plan, but the senior Nagengast countered with an aggressive attack. She broke through Doyle’s defense with a flurry of jabs, and followed with a combination of power punches. The second round opened with Nagengast adopting a hit-and-run strategy, attacking then immediately retreating. Doyle landed some powerful counter punches, but without consistency. In the final round, Doyle started with a powerful punch that knocked Nagengast to the ground. Nagengast responded by dominating the remainder of the round with a series of powerful punches. Her final push earned Nagengast the split-decision victory.

Mary “The Marinator” Schlegel def. Nora “O’Swollivan” O’Sullivan

Both fighters came out in defensive stances, neither allowing the other an opening. The sophomore O’Sullivan landed a few jabs thanks to her longer reach. The freshman Schlegel started the second round with a fierce combo and kept O’Sullivan on the defensive. However, O’Sullivan rallied in the final round, bypassing Schlegel’s defenses by utilizing her longer reach. It was too little too late, though, as Schlegel won in a split decision.

Diana “May The Force Be With You” Yu def. Molly “Have you seen her” Chang

Fifth-year senior Yu came out attacking in the first round, punishing the sophomore Chang with a series of uppercuts. Chang responded with a few jabs, powerful with her longer reach. More defensive fighting on both sides characterized the second round. Chang attempted to attack Yu with more jabs, but Yu countered and forced Chang into the corner. Yu dictated the third round, chasing Chang around the ring with continuous straight punches and earning the split decision.

Tori “No” White “Flag” def. Shannon “Captain” Kirk

The first round started with the sophomore White on the attack, landing punches to the head of the sophomore Kirk. Although Kirk came out swinging in the beginning of the second round, White continued her dominance. The referee stopped the fight for a tough punch from White to allow Kirk to recover, but after the pause, White continued her assault, hitting Kirk’s face with a variety of punches. Before the end of the third round, the referee called the fight, awarding the victory to White.

Michelle “Action” Purvis def. Airi “Get Nothing” Kobayashi

The senior Kobayashi relentlessly attacked MBA student Purvis in the opening round. However, Purvis dodged many of Kobayashi’s punches. The senior again initiated the action in the second round, landing several blows to Purvis’ head. Yet Purvis controlled the round by jabbing with her longer reach. The final round started with both sides aggressively attacking each other. Purvis attacked much more than in the previous rounds and this newfound aggressiveness earned her the split-decision victory.

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Cristina “Triple X” Couri def. Caroline “Cous” Kuse

Despite a slow start, the senior Couri defeated the junior Kuse in a unanimous decision.
Couri landed several punches in the first round, slowing Kuse’s attack, but Kuse continued a strong offense. Kuse often attacked first, putting Couri on the defensive. However, Couri overcame a noticeable height difference to turn the tables on Kuse. The pace of the fight never slowed as both boxers struggled to gain an advantage. In the third round, Couri landed a string of uppercut jabs that earned her the unanimous decision.

Kat “Outta Yo Reach” Leach def. Suzanne “The Girl on Fire” Fitzpatrick

In a fast-paced fight, the senior Leach claimed victory over the sophomore Fitzpatrick.

Leach led off the bout with an offensive jab, but Fitzpatrick responded with a counterattack. In the second round, Fitzpatrick started strong and nearly gained an edge on Leach. Both fighters constantly moved around the ring to avoid the other’s attacks. Leach landed successive strong punches below Fitzpatrick’s head, and sealed the unanimous victory.

Allison “Knockdown” McKown def. Rachel “The Lean Mean” Greenberg “Machine”

The sophomore McKown defeated the junior Greenberg by gaining an offensive advantage early in the bout. After a fast start from Greenberg, McKown stifled her opponent by landing a blow to the head. In the second round, Greenberg asked for time following McKown’s advance. The round ended with McKown landing a final quick punch. Greenberg fought back in the final round, but McKown landed a final blow and earned the unanimous victory.

Sarah “Metal” McCarthy def. Margot “Punches” Morris

In a one-round bout decided by the referee, the junior McCarthy defeated the senior Morris with a rapid succession of punches that left Morris too injured to continue.

The boxers began the fight with a rapid exchange of blows. Following the exchange, Morris advanced on McCarthy, forcing her to retreat in defense. McCarthy responded with a series of direct hits. The referee called time when Morris drew back with a bloody nose. Medical personnel arrived to offer treatment, but the referee ended the match in McCarthy’s favor.

Anna “The Maine-iac” Carmack def. Colleen “Your Clock” Bailey

The senior Carmack defeated the senior Bailey in a battle frequently stopped by the referee. Carmack took control early, forcing Bailey to retreat around the ring. Bailey managed to work in a few punches, but Carmack remained in control of the fight.

The second round began with Carmack resuming her offensive advance, while Bailey attempted to defend herself. The referee called time twice in the first round before ending the fight in the second round and awarding victory to Carmack.

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Ragan Todd def. Jill Giunco

In a battle between two seniors, Todd defeated Giunco by unanimous decision. Both opened the first round by connecting a flurry of combo shots. In the second round, Todd began to gain an edge, landing several unanswered hooks and blows to Giunco’s head. Todd continued to attack in the third round. Giunco counterpunched and held her ground, but Todd continued to deliver blows to Giunco’s head. Ultimately, Todd proved too much to handle and earned a victory.

Brianna “Sting Like a Bee” Kunycky def. Erin “The Exterminator” O’Brien

The senior Kunycky earned a unanimous decision victory over the sophomore O’Brien in an energetic match. Both moved around the ring and delivered punches, but Kunycky gained the advantage in the first round and never looked back. In the following rounds, O’Brien refused to let up, trading blows with Kunycky until the last bell. However, the experienced Kunycky’s calculated and forceful jabs granted her the edge and the victory.

Tamara “TKO Win” Nguyen def. Katherine “Kat-Astrophic” Ruiz

The MBA student Nguyen earned a split-decision victory over the senior Ruiz. Nguyen held the height advantage and used it to her favor. She landed several blows in the first round, thanks to her reach. The second round began similarly to the first, but Ruiz responded, connecting on numerous punches to Nguyen’s body. In the third round, Nguyen lost steam and went on the defensive. However, her performance in the opening rounds earned her the win.

Ann “No Need to Duck” Castner def. Rachel “The Filly from Philly” Nave

The senior Castner opened the fight with a strong start and never let up in her unanimous-decision victory over law student Nave. Both fighters connected on punches in the first round, but Castner began to land more punches in the second round. The referee stopped the fight in the third round to allow Nave to fix her headgear, and Castner returned from the break continuing the offensive strike. Nave went on the defensive and grew fatigued. Castner’s energy proved to be too much for Nave, leading to her definitive win.

Rose “The Riveter” Raderstorf def. Anna “Hugh” Heffron

The senior Raderstorf employed a balanced attack to earn a unanimous decision over the junior Heffron. Raderstorf used her strength and physicality to land hard blows to Heffron’s head, forcing the junior to move across the ring. Heffron respond by pushing Raderstorf against the ropes, until a Raderstorf right hook forced the referee to pause the fighting. In the third round, both fighters tired, slowing punches and movements. Raderstorf’s strong start earned her the victory.

Stani “The Bulgarian Beast” Sevova def. Andrea “Mind Ya Bizness” Caldwell

In a battle of perseverance, the senior Sevova outlasted the MBA student Caldwell for the unanimous decision. There was no break in the action during the first round, as the fight started with substantial energy on both sides in a flurry of traded punches. In the second round, Caldwell began connecting more blows to Sevova’s body, but Sevova responded with a string of hits to Caldwell’s head. Sevova dominated the third round on her way to a convincing victory.

“Muhammad” Molly Allare def. Allison “George Foreman” Murray

The sophomore Murray held the height advantage, but the sophomore Allare neutralized the threat and won unanimously. Murray began the fight with jabs, before Allare responded with a flurry of punches, which became stronger as the round progressed. Despite Murray’s defensive efforts, Allare continuously connected in the second and third rounds, landing strong hooks to Murray’s body and head. Allare’s strength and precision proved to be the deciding factor in her unanimous-decision victory.

Danielle “La Guerrera” Duarte def. Mara “The Howard Hammer” Walsh

The sophomore Duarte came out with full force and didn’t let up against the junior Walsh, earning the split-decision nod. Duarte opened with a torrent of blows to Walsh’s head, putting Walsh on the defensive. Walsh stumbled and the referee momentarily paused the fight, but Duarte’s pressure kept coming. Walsh mounted a comeback late in the second round and into the third, landing a strong combo to Duarte’s head partway through the third round. Her final fire couldn’t earn Walsh enough points to win, however, and Duarte claimed the split decision victory.

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Jolynn “Baby J” Hoang def. Blair “Agent Orange” Warner

In the first fight of the night, the junior Hoang defeated the law student Warner by unanimous decision. Throughout the first round, Hoang relied on consistent right jabs. Hoang’s jabs effectively moved Warner around the ring, giving the junior an advantage. In the second round, Warner focused her energy on powerful body shots. She countered Hoang, but the junior began to control the pace of the fight. Hoang’s combination of left and right jabs suppressed her opponent’s momentum and earned her the victory.

Teresa “Pika” Choe def. Amanda Leung “Fu Panda”

The senior Choe gained control of the fight early in the first round and did not give it up, winning by unanimous decision over the sophomore Leung. Choe dictated the course of the fight with a combination of quick right and left punches to the head. In the second round, Choe’s jabs knocked Leung to the ground. In the final round, Choe threw a series of short punches to the head, pressuring Leung into the corner and sealing the victory.

Christina “The Cannon” Buchanan def. Eliza “You Want Some” Moore

The senior Buchanan won by unanimous decision over the sophomore Moore. Buchanan opened the fight with a strong right jab, an asset that proved fundamental to her victory. In the first round, both opponents maintained movement around the ring. As the second round began, Buchanan delivered a series of body shots, putting Moore on the defensive. Moore fought back in the third round, landing a headshot. Buchanan maintained her composure, throwing a strong right hook connecting on several body shots to ensure victory.

Julia “Can’t be Controlled” Berchtold def. Kristen “Dirty Durb” Durbin

Seniors Berchtold and Durbin fought a close match, Berchtold pulled out a split-decision victory. Durbin took the first swing with a right jab, but Berchtold battled back with a series of quick headshots. In the second round, Berchtold’s swift foot movement kept her away from Durbin’s punches. After taking a hit to the head in the second round, Berchtold found herself on the defensive but immediately bounced back. The third round proved to be an even fight. Durbin attacked with a series of punches, but Berchtold fought back with jabs to the head. Ultimately, Berchtold proved too much for her opponent.

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MJ “Thing 1” Durkin def. Kendall “No Soul” Johnson

In a unanimous decision, the senior Durkin earned a semifinal victory over the junior Johnson. Throughout the bout, Durkin landed numerous left and right blows to Johnson’s. Johnson mostly stayed on the defensive and was not able to consistently throw punches. The red-headed Durkin possessed the height advantage and landed strong punches on her shorter opponent. She dominated the fight and did not allow any room for a comeback from Johnson.

Julie “Thing 2” Saxer def. Elyse “Speedy” Stachler

In a split-decision fight, the senior Saxer staged a comeback win after falling behind early to the senior Stachler. The fight remained even after the first round as Saxer and Stachler traded punches. The fighters employed similar styles and possess similar in size. Both attempted quick jabs to the head. In the second round, the referee stopped the match to check Saxer’s ability to continue. Saxer recovered to win the bout.

Meghan “You’re Gonna Be Bawlin'” Zwahlen def. Danielle Murphy

The sophomore Zwahlen won her first semifinal match in a unanimous decision thanks to her strong start to the fight. Zwahlen landed thunderous hooks from both the left and right sides on the fifth-year senior Murphy. Zwahlen’s dominant right arm landed many of her punches. She also followed up her right blows with a solid left. Murphy could not stop Zwahlen’s advances and eventually lost the bout to the sophomore.

Shannon “The Glommer” Bugos def. Ashley “Bringing the Thunder” Taylor

The freshman Bugos won by split decision over the junior Taylor. Bugos height and athletic superiority aided her fighting, as she dodged Taylor’s punches. Although Bugos began well, Taylor landed some double jabs late in the contest to complicate the judges’ decisions. Taylor held her own against the freshman fighter, but was eventually unable to overcome Bugos.

Marissa “Mad Skills” Gaskill def. Emily “Dangerous” Danaher
The senior Gaskill pulled off a late comeback to win by split decision in the semifinal match. The sophomore Danaher looked strong early in the first round, consistently landing left and right hooks. Gaskill rallied in the next two rounds as she fought with a ferociousness not seen in the first round. Both fighters battled until the final bell, but Gaskill’s late push sealed her victory.

Elizabeth “Marvin Gardens” Garvin def. Alyssa “Rocky” Rhodes

In dominating fashion, the junior Garvin defeated the senior Rhodes by unanimous decision. Garvin went on the attack after the firs