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Food for thought

| Tuesday, November 13, 2012

After two weeks of intense studying – you can definitely sense around campus Thanksgiving break is just around the corner – I finally feel I have a couple of days to get my life back on track. And, when I say “life” I mean organize my room, clean my kitchen and apartment common area, catch up on some of my favorite shows and cook.

Yes, cook.

For the past weeks, my diet has consisted of strawberry NutriGrain bars, Easy Mac bowls, lots of coffee and the occasional Subway, Burger King or Taco Bell quick meal at LaFun. I haven’t had the time just to sit down and cook something I really want to eat.

So, as I was walking back home from my 2 p.m. class on Tuesday, knowing I had nothing to hand in or prepare for today, I decided I would endeavor into cooking a healthy, delicious, Instagram picture-worthy meal. I would relax, unwind and finally stop my crazy and hectic eating habits – for a day or two at least.

Once home, I placed all of the groceries I had in my fridge in the kitchen counter. Just looking at them made me want to start mixing different ingredients right at the moment. However, before making an unappetizing mess – I seriously lack knowledge and creativity in the kitchen – I decided to consult with my loyal and super-chic friend, the Londoner.

“Who’s the Londoner?” you might ask. A guilty blog-addict, the Londoner is one of the many websites I follow on a daily basis. It’s the blog of a British marketing consultant in her twenty-somethings named Rose. In it she posts about fashion, travel, things to do in London and, of course, food.

Rose has the best recipes. They are easy to make, mouth-watering plates that will definitely impress your family, friends and even yourself. From creative versions of the traditional hamburger to her most popular “Slutty Brownies,” you will find all kinds of delicious ideas in the Londoner.

So, if you just finished the most of your schoolwork due before Thanksgiving like me or will in a couple of days or so, take a peek at the Londonder’s recipes and let them inspire you.

I’m still debating between her “Avocado Spaghetti” or her “Spicy Lemon Chicken Wrap”.

Decisions, decisions…