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Glorious food

Katie Heit | Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As the leaves continue falling and the South Bend weather remembers that it is fall, not winter, I am reminded of why November is my favorite time of year.
No, it isn’t because of the beautiful colors of the leaves or the brisk breeze in the air. It isn’t even because November brings a top-ranked Irish football team, though watching Notre Dame fight for victory has definitely improved this particular November. No, the reason I love November is plain and simple – food.
Yes, I said food. Thanksgiving is only two days away and I can already taste the vast meal that will be laid before me. I’ve been looking forward to stuffed turkey, homemade cranberry sauce and fresh rolls straight from the oven. A table full of pumpkin, pecan and apple pies. A meal to be remembered dreamt of and missed for an entire year to come. A meal that will only be matched by the one I will be partaking in next Thanksgiving. A meal that takes all day to prepare and lasts for weeks to come.  A meal that has not one, but two turkeys placed upon its table.
People scoff when they find out Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. They name Christmas, the Fourth of July, even my own birthday and ask why those days aren’t better than Thanksgiving. The answer is still food. While I love my grandmother’s homemade cinnamon rolls, they don’t hold a candle to a hot, steamy roll covered in pumpkin butter. I love grilling out, but I can do that all summer. Grilling is not reserved for the Fourth. As for my birthday, there’s only so much cake you can eat before you get sick. The turkey remains satisfying for weeks, the cranberry sauce will last as long as I can bring myself to preserve it and it doesn’t take much to bake another pumpkin pie to complete the meal once you’ve polished off the first three.
There are plenty of other things I appreciate about my favorite holiday. I love watching football with my dad and my brother. Playing in the fifth annual Turkey Bowl with family and friends. Hiding in my house while thousands of others battle for Black Friday deals. All of these things complete the wonderful holiday that is the day of thanks. And I am grateful for all of these things and many more.
When it comes down to it, though, when I think of Thanksgiving I think of food, wonderful food. I give thanks that I have been blessed with a full table and a loving family around me. More than anything, though, I give thanks for the poor turkey who gave his life for my Thanksgiving table, and for all the turkeys who have sacrificed themselves for me throughout my past 19 days of feasting.
On behalf of all the turkeys preparing for your own feast, happy Thanksgiving and bon appetit!