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One more month

Jillian Barwick | Monday, November 5, 2012

Friends, Smicks, communication studies majors, lend me your ears and eyes. Finally, I have seven words that guarantee a smile will spread across your faces:

One month until senior comprehensives are done!

Yes, that is correct; only about one more month until we all gather into Vander Vennet Theatre in the basement of the Student Center for three whole nights of presentations by our peers.

As we enter this final month of preparations, I encourage you to remember that soon we will sigh a breath of relief as our comprehensives come together with the finishing touches before our very eyes. All the hard work, sweat and tears that we have poured into (and maybe onto) our projects will be worth it once that eight-minute presentation is over.

Just think back to last semester, when we were second-semester juniors, dreaming of the day our senior comps would commence, picking topics and writing literature reviews. Those were the days.

As we look back from where we began to where we are now, one month stands in our way of that buzz our professors call “senioritis.” This next month will be intense. Many of us will find our walls of mental strength begin to crack. But fear not, friends, we will prevail in the end.

Forget about the next few weekends being the busiest you’ve ever had. Forget about the upcoming weeks being cramped with finals preparation. Forget that you may not end up at Brothers or O’Rourke’s until spring semester. You are almost there. You must keep going; you must not quit.

My fellow communication majors, we are almost there. So close to the end that you can smell the sweet scent of freedom knocking on our doors. All will be right in the world once again, just keep on going my friends.

CJ’s and Finny’s will have to wait. The bouncer with the bar handle mustache will understand. We must keep going; we must not quit.

Smicks, I know you can do this. I have faith in you. I am rooting for you all like you are all rooting for me. We have to stick together and finish what we came to Saint Mary’s to do. That clock is ticking. Once it hits the end, graduation day is here.

Only one more month to go, ladies. One more month and we will be on our way to the “real world.” Friends, let’s get this done. Let’s finish these comps. Let’s celebrate because we deserve to.

Only one more month! We can do it.

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