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Tension headache

Sam Mitchell | Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ah, yes, what would a good thing that happens to Notre Dame be without its trusty confederate – controversy?

The question being: Should Saint Mary’s students be included in this ticket lottery? It took me a little while to synthesize my own position fully, but I have since decided, no, SMC should not be included in the ND lottery.

I came to the decision, being fully cognizant that SMC represents an important and indeed, natural, extension of the ND community, that due to certain factors (tuition price, ticket availability, the ND alumnus’ donation and most importantly, namesake) SMC should most logically have their own smaller lottery.
However, the focus of my viewpoint is in relation to the proliferation of comments made by ND students (particularly our female students) against SMC students. I’ve heard people refer to them as morons, promiscuous, wannabes and a whole host of other things that probably should be left out of the newspaper.
Indeed, I had to tell one person, who was inexhaustibly decrying the relative idiocy of her SMC counterparts, to stop being contemptuous. In response, she said she would stop being contemptuous if she knew what the word meant.

Uh huh, smarter. (Eye-roll.)

I am so tired of hearing all the idiotic arguments about this controversy that make my arguments look bad. We’re supposed to be brilliant people on this side of the road, taught to think critically and argue persuasively, yet comments such as the aforementioned are counterproductive.

So before you open your mouth and say something that will reflect upon you about as well as when a spoiled brat complains to nobody who is listening that they should receive more attention than his or her sister, consider that if I had my choice you would be similarly excluded from the lottery on grounds of failing to uphold the basic tenets intrinsic to our beloved Notre Dame community and common to human decency in general.
Unfortunately, neither one of us will receive our wish. Therefore, I suggest you focus more of your attention on praying you do win the lottery than forwarding asinine comments in lieu of constructive arguments.

Sam Mitchell
Knott Hall
Dec. 4