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Choose love over hatred

Ashley Currey | Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It is simpler to vilify those who disagree with us rather than to understand them.  Mr. Bradley, your viewpoint “Gazing into the Abyss” (Jan. 25), demonstrates a concerning lack of empathy for women who choose abortion. Jesus calls us to love one another without condition, while you gather stones to hurl at those you should regard as sisters.

You claim no “empathetic endeavor” makes the choice to have an abortion make sense. I assert that you lack either imagination or effort, because it is not difficult to place yourself in these women’s shoes. Picture the confusion and fright that a woman experiences, knowing her future is now cast into uncertainty. Imagine survivors of rape, facing the scary reality of bringing a child into the world.  Understand the heartbreak of choosing between your life and your child’s. Our society’s not exactly supportive of those who get pregnant too young or without resources. These are not evil people; they are not even bad people. They are frightened.

You suggest that Hitler and company were not “slaughtering the innocent” and were motivated by their ideals. I contend that slaughtering the innocent is exactly what they were doing. They were driven by ambition and hatred, not “ideals.” That you empathize with men motivated by malevolence rather than women motivated by fear is worrisome. Those men did unspeakably evil acts; comparing their actions to abortion not only offends their victims but also alienates women who choose abortion.

Abortion is a tragedy. It breaks my heart to consider the children never born. I commend those who choose life over fear. We are called to love the innocent as well as the guilty. After all, none of us are innocent. We have all sinned. These sins do not make someone any less deserving of empathy, dignity and love. It is not our place to judge others. Certainly we agree that abortion is an evil. However, you believe the women are evil while I maintain that they are only human.

Your condemnation adds nothing. Instead, it sends a message to women who have had abortions: “You are worse than Hitler. You are irredeemably sinful.” Void of love and understanding, your message is a clanging cymbal, drowning out Christ’s declaration that all are welcome.

Let us choose life over death, understanding over condemnation and love over hatred. Let us be kind to one another.

Ashley Currey


Ryan Hall

Jan. 28