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Snow day? Please?

Courtney Cox | Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Notre Dame Administration:
It’s freezing.
In fact, it’s below freezing and that’s pretty much all I’ve heard in the past 24 hours.
It doesn’t help the psyche to have wind whipping tiny flecks of ice into your face as I’m sure you understand because you may also find yourself walking through the wind tunnel that is South Quad.
We as a student body have been driven into floor-length parkas, face mask-style scarves and hats pulled down below our eyebrows. And it really isn’t pretty.
The only course of action is to declare tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 24, a snow day.
Imagine the dangers that we students face each day as we traverse the arctic tundra on foot and in cars. Even if snow does not continue to accumulate in the next day, consider this gift your repayment for not relieving us of our academic duties Tuesday.
Seniors making the voyage from such far off places as Irish Row saw their commute time nearly tripled from five minutes to 15.
Visibility was poor in the early morning as light flurries sprinkled across the white sky. The streets were unpaved as late as 10 a.m. and cars were in danger of sliding out into the intersection.
If that’s not enough, walking to class yesterday I almost twisted an ankle losing my footing. Would you want that on your conscience? What about the earache that frequently accompanies increased exposure to blistering winds? Not for me. How about the persistent dry skin that comes from such an abrupt change in the weather? Rude.
I feel like the student body would benefit from a long weekend spent preparing for the apparently present winter. Admittedly, we procrastinated. We should have expected this, particularly if we’ve been at this school for more than one year.
But if you recall, last year’s winter was so mild that we’ve lost our Midwestern edge. So instead of saying that we forgot to do our snow-prep homework, let’s just call this an extension.
Instead of walking across this admittedly beautiful snow-sprinkled campus, I would much rather be curled up on a couch reading one of the many new books I’ve purchased from Hammes Bookstore. It would be the perfect opportunity for us to all recoup from the stresses of syllabus week and finally take the time to get our lives organized. I know the rest of the seniors would surely appreciate it.
I thank you greatly for considering my proposition and look forward to reading the email in which you cancel all of my classes for the day.
All the best,
Courtney Cox