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What Your Favorite ‘Girls’ Character Says About You

Sam Stryker | Monday, January 21, 2013

Lena Dunham had quite the night on Jan. 13. Not only did the second season of “Girls” premiere on HBO, but she also won Golden Globes for Best Actress and Best Television Show for the program that she writes, stars in and often directs (that’s what Charlie Sheen would refer to as #winning.)

“Girls” has often been cited as a next-generation version of “Sex and the City” in the sense it also takes a look at the professional, personal and romantic lives of four women in the Big Apple. “Girls” subtly acknowledges the influence “Sex and the City” had on the series, with one of the characters discussing which one of the “SATC” girls she “is” and hanging a poster of the television show in her apartment.

But unlike the successful professional career women that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are, the four main “Girls” are not glamorized versions of what it’s like to be young and single in the Big Apple. Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna are young, struggling 20-somethings, complete with all the warts that come with the challenges of post-grad life in a big city.
That being said, all of the girls of “Girls” have their unique quirks that make them lovable at times, loathable at others. What does your favorite “Girls” character say about you? More than you would know. Personally, I’m a Marnie with a dash of Shoshanna, but not everyone is as lucky.

Hannah Horvath

Portrayed by the television wonderkid Dunham, series protagonist Hannah embodies much of the angst that post-grads fear (and for those of you who are seniors, will encounter very soon). She struggles to hold down a job and has self-confidence issues, largely triggered by her body image and abnormal romantic life. If you’re a Hannah, you care greatly about what others think about you. You also are probably in the College of Arts & Letters, majoring in something like English or American Studies. Things you like to talk about: relationships, your lack of a job and the “novel” you are writing. You plan on moving to New York because that is what all young college graduates are supposed to do. Most likely, two of your best friends are named “Ben” and “Jerry.”

Marnie Michaels

Played by Yale grad Allison Williams, daughter of NBC anchor Brian Williams, Marnie is predictably a driven, type-A individual. If you’re a Marnie you are probably majoring in something practical and professional (Mendoza, hey!) and you always have your eyes on the metaphorical “prize.” You wear Lululemon and carry Smartwater in your Longchamp bag, and are potentially in a vanilla relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re known as the friend who throws a perfect pregame and you have perfected the skinny-arm pose in photographs. Everything seems to come easy to you – you’re pretty, driven and intelligent – so when something goes even slightly off-script, you’re at a total loss as to what to do. In Season One, Marnie splits up with her long-term boyfriend and in the Season Two premiere, she is fired from her job at an art gallery. In both instances, Marnie is thrown into a bit of a tailspin. You like when things go according to plan and like everything to be perfect.

Jessa Johansson

Jessa is a bit of a free spirit. She treats things like relationships and her career fairly casually and is always up for a good time. I mean, this is the girl who threw a surprise wedding. If you’re a Jessa, you live in the moment and are generally creative and carefree. You’re probably a graphic design or PLS major and wear lots of interesting clothing – think feathers and lots of bracelets – that set you apart from the rest of the generic Notre Dame crowd. You don’t know what you are doing tonight, let alone after graduation. You most definitely studied abroad somewhere off the beaten path (probably somewhere like Athens or Chile, definitely not London). For you, the destination does not matter as much as the journey to get there. However, you can’t wait to graduate and get out of the Northface– and Uggs-wearing horde and move somewhere like Williamsburg (that’s in Brooklyn, not the colonial dress-up place).

Shoshanna Shapiro

Last but certainly not least is neurotic Shoshanna, “Girls” resident worrywart. If you like Shoshanna, you probably drink lots of Starbucks Frappuccinos and have Lisa Frank school supplies. You listen to a lot of Taylor Swift and spend most of your time studying in the library. You talk really fast and probably carry hand sanitizer around in your backpack. Personal appearance, grades and social status matter a lot to you, but somehow, you still manage to be an awkward turtle. You talk to your parents a lot on the phone and probably major in something like marketing. A crazy night out for you would include a dance floor make out at Fever.