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Bengal Bouts: On to the next one

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 21, 2013


Jack “Rico Suave” Lally def. Jackie “The Forgetful Housecat” Garvin

In the night’s opening fight, three-time defending champion senior Jack Lally took on junior challenger Jackie Garvin. The heavily favored Lally was immediately on the attack, striking Garvin with quick, calculated punches. His agility made it difficult for Garvin to respond with any authority and despite his efforts, Garvin was unable to land many counters on Lally. By the third round Lally had extended his advantage even more, attacking into his opponent with his lightning-quick hands. Lally moved on via unanimous decision.

Ben “Danger Zone” Eichler def. Kieran Carroll

In a tough battle, junior Ben Eichler overwhelmed freshman Kieran Carroll. The fighters started by testing each other’s defenses, probing with jabs but not overcommitting. Eichler, however, was soon on the attack, using punishing hooks and uppercuts to break Carroll’s defensive wall. After pressing his advantage to start the second round, Eichler lost steam, allowing Carroll to land several flurries to the head. After a third round where the boxers traded blow for blow, Eichler parlayed his dominating first round into a unanimous decision victory.

Dan Rodriguez def. Chris “The Hitman” Hinman

Law student Chris Hinman traded blows with junior Dan Rodriguez in a battle of boxers with opposite fighting styles. Rodriguez used his longer reach to keep Hinman at bay and successfully landed powerful straights to the face on several occasions. Hinman was able to exploit Rodriguez’s defenses, however, when he pinned him against the ropes and unleashed rapid combinations. Hinman was exceedingly aggressive in the third round, pursuing his tired opponent across the ring. But his relentless approach was not enough to defeat Rodriguez’s height advantage though, and Rodriguez claimed a unanimous decision.

Brian Benedict def. Connor Chelsky

Senior Brian Benedict controlled the bout against sophomore Connor Chelsky from beginning to end. Benedict wasted no time, launching a constant barrage of punches directly following the opening bell. Chelsky weathered the storm and responded in kind, forcing Benedict to retreat. This pattern repeated itself in the second round, but Benedict was able to dodge many of Chelsky’s counter punches. With a decisive advantage heading into the third round, the senior was on the defensive, but his younger counterpart was as aggressive as ever. A strong flurry from Chelsky awakened Benedict and he responded with a powerful combo that rattled Chelsky and cemented his unanimous decision victory.

Sean Hipskind def. Kyle Buckley

Sophomore Sean Hipskind’s superior technique allowed him to triumph over senior Kyle Buckley. Buckley started the fight aggressively, but was out of control, leaving himself open to counter punches. Hipskind took advantage, striking Buckley whenever he lost his balance. The senior adjusted, though, and was calmer in the second round. As a result, Buckley was able to get inside Hipskind’s longer reach and land some powerful blows to the head. This approach put Hipskind on the run in the third round and Buckley was able to land fierce hooks on the younger fighter when he pinned him on the ropes. In the end, Hipskind’s early lead ensured him the unanimous decision victory.

Garrity “The Biscuit” McOsker def. Michael “Last Name” Judd

In a bout between sophomores, Garrity McOsker did battle with Michael Judd. While both fighters started on the defensive, McOsker was able to get inside Judd’s jab to land several combos to the body. Judd opened the second round more aggressively and pinned McOsker against the ropes on several occasions. It was McOsker, however, who controlled the third round. He immediately pounced on Judd, knocking him off balance. McOsker then followed up with a ruthless combination that left his opponent stunned. McOsker’s strong combinations helped him claim a unanimous decision.

Jack Healy def. “D” Joel “Unchained” Hlavaty

Senior Jack Healy and junior Joel Hlavaty fought a bruising battle that went down to the wire. Healy employed a hit-and-run strategy in the first round, using his fast jabs to strike Hlavaty and then dart out of the way before the larger fighter could respond. Hlavaty adjusted in the second round, cornering Healy and delivering hooks and uppercuts to his head. The result was a momentum-shifting second round as Healy unable to respond while being constantly knocked off balance or on the retreat. He corrected this in the third round, standing face to face with Hlavaty and landing authoritative punches of his own. Healy dictated the third round with a hook and straight combo and his perseverance led him to a unanimous decision victory.

Danny “Natty” Leicht def. Ryan “Slopcat” Majsak

After a slow first round, senior Danny Leicht stayed low and continued to attack sophomore Ryan Majsak’s head. Leicht found more success with this strategy than in the first round when he only connected on a few punches. Leicht, despite being the smaller fighter, was far more aggressive early on. Majsak tried to come out more forcefully in the third round but only opened himself up to even bigger hits from Leicht while failing to connect on his own punches. Leicht won by unanimous decision.

Scott “Bootstrap” Rousseau def. Andrew “Bedlam” Bedward

Sophomore Scott Rousseau and MBA student Andrew Bedward spent the first round darting around the ring in a series of quick exchanges that gave neither an advantage. The second round featured more of the same, but Rousseau was able to gain a slight edge with a few big blows to Bedward’s head near the end of the round. Rousseau took a few punches to the head but landed some of his own on Bedward in the final round. The third-round effort was enough to give Rousseau the win by split decision.

Jeff “Little Bear” Ulrich def. Stephen “Release the Kraken” Despins

Senior Jeff Ulrich started the fight low and agile, dancing away from senior Stephen Despins until he broke out near the end of the round with a series of combinations to Despins’s head and body. Despins started to land some body shots in the second and third rounds but failed to defend himself from Ulrich’s strong right. When Despins advanced, Ulrich used the opportunity to land several hard shots to Despins’s head. Ulrich won by unanimous decision.

Gage “Chia Pet” O’Connell def. Mikey “Fracis” Lamb

Law student Gage O’Connell and junior Mikey Lamb started the bout aggressively with each working the body and pushing his opponent around the ring early in the first round. However, midway through the round, O’Connell landed a single massive right hook to the head that knocked Lamb down. After Lamb remained on the ground for a few moments, the referee stopped the fight, giving O’Connell the victory on a technical knockout.

Sunoh Choe “No Mercy” def. Eric Krakowiak

While both fighters came out swinging, senior Sunoh Choe was able to avoid most of sophomore Eric Krakowiak’s biggest swings and land almost all of his own, especially to the head. After a particularly effective combination midway through the first round, Krakowiak staggered back against the ropes with his headgear damaged. Although the equipment was fixed, the referee stopped the contest and awarded the victory to Choe after just 43 seconds.

Brett “Doughboy Freshke” Geschke def. Trevor “Stonewall” Stevens

The first round between law students Brett Geschke and Trevor Stevens was a slugfest, with both boxers fighting in close quarters and attacking the other’s body. Geschke landed several big hits to Stevens’ head in the second round, but Stevens was able to connect on his punches, continually working the body. In the third round, Geschke was able to stay strong, repeatedly hitting Stevens’ head and giving him a bloody nose twice. Ultimately, Geschke gained the edge, winning in a split decision.

Brett “Italian Ice” Sassetti def. Charles “Hammer” Magiera

Junior Brett Sassetti started off the fight staying low to the ground and working in hard combinations to both the head and body of sophomore Charles Magiera. On several occasions, Magiera attempted to push Sassetti against the ropes, but Sassetti was able to stay in the center of the ring. As the fight progressed, Sassetti stayed aggressive, pushing Magiera against the ropes and landing almost all his punches, including several hard shots to the head. Sassetti ended up with the victory by unanimous decision.

Bryan “Cowabunga” Cooley def. Eric “P-Rrex” Palutsis

In the first round between sophomores Brian Cooley and Eric Palutsis, Cooley managed to connect on only a few punches, but Palutsis delivered even fewer. Palutsis came out more aggressive in the second round but fell victim to Cooley’s longer reach, which resulted in several hard body shots. Attempting to rally in the final round, Palutsis went after Cooley hard but ended up opening himself up to even more body shots while only landing a few of his own. Cooley won by unanimous decision.

Brian “Smiles” Salvi def. Hank “Team Pup ‘N Suds” Duden

Junior Hank Duden and law student Brian Salvi moved quickly and efficiently around the ring. Despite good dodging and blocking, each boxer landed several one-two combinations in the first round. Duden used deceptive feints in the second round to get in an extended series of head shots, but Salvi responded with his own one-two combinations and a powerful right hook. Both boxers landed big, head-turning hits in the third round. In the end, Salvi took the fight by split decision.

Tyler Plantz def. Moises Martinez

Junior Tyler Plantz started the first round at a blistering pace, hitting junior Moises Martinez with a flurry of punches that put Martinez on the defensive. Plantz pushed Martinez into the corner, and Martinez fought back, landing a sweeping right hook, but it was not enough. Plantz won the bout by referee-stopped contest in the first round.

Eamon “Gravy” McOsker def. Matthew Enzweiler

Freshman Eamon McOsker and senior Matthew Enzweiler came out swinging in the first round. McOsker managed to knock Enzweiler to the mat twice after Enzweiler nearly took him down. Enzweiler opened the second round with a powerful straight right early to redeem himself. The boxers traded one-two combinations throughout the second stanza until McOsker sent Enzweiler into another standing eight-count with a right hook. Enzweiler was more aggressive in the third round. He landed a series of punches while dodging and blocking McOsker well. McOsker held on for the win by split decision.

Evan “Heavy Duty” Escobedo def. Leo “A Diversion” DiPiero

Sophomore Evan Escobedo knocked senior Leo DiPiero off balance in the first round to require a standing eight-count, but DiPiero responded with a strong right. Escobedo knocked DiPiero down with a one-two combination and frequent hooks in the second round. He sent DiPiero to another standing eight-count moments later with a hook and knocked him down a second time after the fight resumed. The fight was stopped in the second round, and Escobedo won by referee-stopped contest.

Brian “Caesar” Salat def. Robbie Hammer

Junior Robbie Hammer and senior Brian Salat displayed measured attacks in the first round. Both stayed disciplined and traded crisp punches. They kept up their technical boxing in the second round with Salat mixing in uppercuts and putting Hammer into a standing eight-count. In the third round, both boxers maintained good form and threw solid punches. Hammer dropped his hands several times, which allowed Salat to land a few uppercuts and well-timed one-two combinations. Salat won by unanimous decision.

Bob Burkett def. Rob “The Bank” McKenna

Senior Bob Burkett knocked junior Rob McKenna through the ropes in the first round. McKenna responded with a knockdown of BurkettBoth boxers used the clinch to regain composure and the referee had to break them up several times. In the second round, McKenna went for body shots to protect himself from Burkett’s punches. The strategy proved successful. In the third round, Burkett retaliated and landed several head shots. Burkett won the bout by split decision.

Sean “Too Tall” Lischke def. Thomas Moore

Graduate student Sean Lischke used his long reach to keep law student Thomas Moore at bay. He threw straight, clean jabs and right hooks. Moore struggled to land a punch in the first round. In the second round, Moore waited for Lischke to let his guard down and landed a couple calculated jabs. Lischke’s disciplined strategy allowed him to maintain energy through the whole fight, and he dominated the third round on his way to a victory by unanimous decision.

Nick “Patio” Rowek def. Chris Tricarico

It took off-campus senior Nick Rowek until the third and final round to break out, winning a split decision over Stanford sophomore Chris Tricarico in true come-from-behind fashion. Tricarico came out firing in the first round, frequently pushing Rowek to the ropes and even knocking him down once. In the second round, Tricarico tried the same strategy, but this time Rowek answered and knocked down Tricarico himself. In the third and most exciting round of the fight, both boxers threw a flurry of punches, with Rowek utilizing the jab while Tricarico went for the big knockout blow. In the closing seconds, Rowek displayed an impressive array of combinations, winning him the match by split decision.

Colt “Pony Boy” Collins def. Mike “The Shoog” Falvey

Law student Colt Collins continued his dominating Bengal Bouts run with another unanimous decision victory, this time over Zahm junior Mike Falvey. Collins opened the fight on the attack, immediately knocking Falvey to the ground. Falvey tried to respond but had trouble landing punches despite his height and reach advantage. Collins finished off the round by knocking Falvey down again. Falvey defended himself better in the second round and was able to land some shots on Collins, even knocking Collins down early in the second round. Collins opened up the third round by forcing Falvey to the ropes. Falvey – visibly tired, but refusing to quit – valiantly fought back, but could not overcome the skill of Collins, who took the win by unanimous decision.

Tony “Lucky” Lucisano def. Jason “Maximus” Taulman

In this evenly matched bout, off-campus senior Tony Lucisano’s defensive strategy earned him a unanimous decision win over O’Neill senior Jason Taulman. Both boxers landed several punches to open the fight, and Taulman displayed an impressive series of combinations in an even first round. In the second round, Taulman had Lucisano pinned on the ropes, but Lucisano defended himself well using a series of ducks and dodges. Lucisano then opened the third round with a powerful headshot and finished the match with a series of combinations that sent Taulman reeling. Lucisano won by unanimous decision.

Kevin “Git ‘Er” Dunne def. John “Juan Malo” Iwanski

In a battle of off-campus residents, senior Kevin Dunne defeated law student John Iwanski in a split decision. The first round was largely a defensive struggle, as both boxers threw plenty of punches but most failed to meet their mark. In the second round, Iwanski landed a few headshots on Dunne, but Dunne expertly fought back to knock down Iwanski. After the knockdown, Dunne’s confidence soared and he attempted to go on the offensive. With the outcome still very much up in the air, both boxers went all out in the final round in an effort to win over the judges. Taulman opened the round with a flurry of punches, but Dunne fought back again with a series of well-timed combinations and ducks. By the end of the round, both fighters were exhausted, but Dunne had done enough to earn the split-decision victory.

Pete “The Wild Irish Rose” McGinley def. Scott Coppa

Duncan sophomore Pete McGinley defeated Stanford sophomore Scott Coppa by a unanimous decision. The first round provided the most excitement, as each boxer came out swinging. McGinley cornered Coppa early in the round and delivered an array of head and body shots. Coppa fought back and pushed McGinley to the ropes near the end of the first round and to begin the second. McGinley deflected many of Coppa’s blows and delivered a flurry of headshots as the round expired. McGinley opened up the final round with more blows to Coppa’s head and Coppa was never able to recover.

Kevin “So Krispee” Kershisnik def. Ian “The Wright Stuff” Cronin

Knott junior Ian Cronin opened the bout in control, establishing himself with a series of jabs that sent off-campus senior Kevin Kershisnik to the ropes. After a rough first round, Kershisnik responded in the