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DeBartolo’s many faces

Laura Coletti | Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Over the course of a Notre Dame career, every student usually has a class in DeBartolo Hall. As a result, we’ve each experienced social life between classes. DeBartolo holds a mix of students unlike any other building on campus since it houses such a variety of class meetings. This is the perfect storm for all sorts of encounters. We’ve all been there, which is why I give you: the five people you see in DeBartolo.
That friend you always make plans with that never stick:
You probably met her through a mutual friend at a dorm party freshman year and became instant besties. As you got older, your friendship flourished and you actually started doing real things together. Suddenly, though, it seems like you hardly have time for each other anymore. “Oh my goodness, I haven’t seen you in forever,” you’ll say each time you see her. “We’ve got to get dinner or something and catch up. I’ve got to get to class. Text me.” You exchange three texts, make tentative plans to meet for lunch and at the last minute something always comes up.
That person you used to know:
Maybe it was someone who lives in your dorm but faded out of your friend group. Maybe it’s that kid you met once a few weeks ago but now it’s weird if you say hello. Maybe it’s that guy or girl you had a sort-of-thing with sophomore year and now you’re not sure whether to say hello, just give a nod or avert your eyes entirely. No matter who it is, it’s awkward and you spend your time in DeBartolo hoping that seeing this person is a rarity.
That person you think you know:
Because you see them not only in DeBartolo, but in the dining hall, on the quad and at Legends’ free concerts. You’re pretty sure you’ve also had a couple of classes with them. Odds are you’ve done a bit of Facebook creeping as well (because hey, you see them everywhere), so even though you’ve never actually met, you feel like you know them anyway.
That football player:
He stands outside the big lecture classrooms dressed in issue gear with his headphones blaring, and all you can think as you pass by is, “Man, that’s a large dude.” If you don’t have a class in DeBartolo this semester but still wish to spot a football player away from the athletic fields, try CJ’s on a Saturday.
That actual friend:
This is the most welcome DeBartolo encounter. You see this person regularly, so seeing them in DeBartolo is just an added bonus. You welcome the sight of their friendly face, and take the brief break to talk, laugh and make actual plans that do, in fact, stick.