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Fights get underway

Observer Sports Writers | Thursday, February 28, 2013


138 lbs. Preliminaries


Jack “Rico Suave” Lally def. Matt Fallon

Senior Jack Lally set the tone early and ultimately won the fight by default. The referee called the fight during the second round due to Fallon’s bloody nose. In the first round, sophomore Matt Fallon went on the defensive, while Lally attacked with a series of jabs to the head and body. At the end of the opening round, Lally landed a big punch to Fallon’s head, causing the injury. From then on, Lally had sealed the fight. 


Chris Tricarico def. Alex Bogucki Baran 

Sophomore Chris Tricarico opened the fight with a series of jabs to the head and body of sophomore Alex Baran, who was able to regain his footing with a flurry of quick punches. At the onset of the second round, Tricarico took off. His powerful right hook secured him the victory. Tricarico landed a huge right hook to Baran’s head, knocking him down. Baran made an attempt to come back in the third round, but Tricarico proved too dominant with his intense body blows and unyielding right hook. He took the victory by unanimous decision. 


Mark Frego def. Derek Neidecker 

Sophomore Mark Frego immediately took control of the fight. His right jabs and strong right hook allowed him to push senior Derek Neidecker around the ring. In the second round, Frego knocked Neidecker down with a hard punch to the face. Neidecker attempted to turn the fight in his favor in the third round, but could not pull through as Frego combined a mix of right and left jabs, which kept Neidecker on the defense. Frego claimed the victory by unanimous decision. 


Mike “The Shoog” Falvey def. Daniel “Jet” Lee 

Freshman Daniel Lee opened the fight with a strong left hook, but it was junior Mike Falvey who ultimately won the fight by unanimous decision. The fight was quick-paced, as Falvey and Lee both fought by throwing rapid series of left and right jabs. In the third round, both Falvey up with explosive blows. Falvey’s great agility enabled him to escape Lee’s furious hits, and gave him the upper hand in the end. Falvey took the victory by unanimous decision. 


Ben “Danger Zone” Eichler def. Gong “No Pain No” Weng

The two fighters started off with back-and-forth jabs, but junior Ben Eichler quickly took charge of the fight with a series of strong body shots. He maneuvered senior Gong Weng around the ring and into the corner. Eichler continued to attack with an array of body shots and jabs to the head, and Weng stumbled multiple times in the ring. The referee called the fight during the first round, and the victory nod was given to Eichler.  


Jason “Maximus” Taulman def. Kevin Katalinic

In a battle between St. Ed’s fighters, senior Jason Taulman defeated sophomore Kevin Katalinic by unanimous decision. Taulman set the tone from the beginning, nearly knocking Katalinic to the ground with a powerful right cross to start the first round. In the second round, Katalinic bounced back and aggressively pursued Taulman across the ring. However, the third round proved decisive as Taulman landed faster, stronger blows.


Chris “The Hitman” Hinman def. Nick Acampora.

Experience bested exuberance when law student Chris Hinman defeated freshman Nick Acampora. Hinman’s maturity showed from the opening bell as he darted around the ring, stinging Acampora with quick jabs. The freshman landed some strong blows to Hinman’s head in the second round. But the law student adjusted and punished Acampora with counterattacks in the third round to earn a unanimous decision victory.


John “Juan Malo” Iwanski def. Frank “The Tank” Dizenz

Law student John Iwanski and sophomore Frank Dizenz showcased their toughness in a matchup of powerful punchers. Dizenz began the fight by backing Iwanski into a corner with a ruthless flurry. Iwanski responded with a combination of hooks and jabs to the body. The law student pressed his advantage in the second round by slowing his pace and landing several calculated punches to Dizenz’s head, knocking the sophomore off balance. Both fighters threw several punches in the third round, but Iwanski landed more to earn the unanimous decision.


Brian Benedict def. Matt O’Sullivan

Senior Brian Benedict overwhelmed freshman Matt O’Sullivan in the former’s unanimous-decision victory. Benedict employed a suffocating strategy, never giving O’Sullivan the opportunity to counterpunch. The senior constantly jabbed through his challenger’s defenses, setting up powerful uppercuts. O’Sullivan ineffectively attempted to counter as Benedict dipped and dodged around the ring. By the third round, O’Sullivan had tired and Benedict took advantage to claim victory.


Devin Duffy def. Jack Taiclet

In a close fight, sophomore Devin Duffy claimed a unanimous victory over freshman Jack Taiclet. Duffy gained the upper hand early by cornering Taiclet and landing a furious combination of punches to the freshman’s body and head. Taiclet responded by knocking down Duffy with a strong hook. However, Duffy got the better of Taiclet in the third round with a constant barrage of jabs to the face to seal victory.



Kyle Buckley def. Dan “Get At” Meehan

Senior Kyle Buckley won a hard-earned split decision over freshman Dan Meehan to advance to the quarterfinals. Both fighters began the fight in a flurry of fists at the center of the ring. Meehan attempted to use his jab to keep Buckley at bay, but the senior withstood the punches as both fighters struggled to gain an advantage through the first two rounds. Neither was able to muster much strength for the final round, but Buckley tapped into his reserves to land a few punches and earn the victory.


Jackie “The Forgetful Housecat” Garvin def. Sean “Cadet” Kelly

Junior Jackie Garvin avenged last year’s opening-round defeat by pummeling fellow junior Sean Kelly. Garvin opened the fight with a flurry of blows to Kelly’s head, sending him reeling. Kelly fought back but was never able to overcome Garvin, who won by technical knockout in the second round.


Nick “Patio” Rowek def. Ted “No, Not That One” Hesburgh

In a match that started slowly but ended with a flourish, senior Nick Rowek defeated junior Ted Hesburgh. The fight began with both boxers patiently waiting for the other to make the first move. Eventually Rowek took to the offensive and showed off his impressive footwork and quick feet, winning by unanimous decision.


Matthew “Goose” Badyna def. Cullen “Pride of Philly” McNamee

Both sophomore boxers came out aggressively and ultimately Matthew Badyna’s endurance made the difference. Badyna and McNamee exchanged several punches in a very exciting second round. Badyna opened and closed the round with a flurry of punches but McNamee answered. By the end of the third round both boxers had clearly tired, but Badyna took home the unanimous victory.


Colt “Pony Boy” Collins def. Gilbrian “Don’t Toy with the” Stoy  

This fight belonged to law student Colt Collins from the beginning. Once the opening bell rang, Collins came out firing. He did not allow senior Gilbrian Stoy any opportunities to land punches. The law student landed nearly every punch while running circles around the overmatched Stoy. The referee stopped the fight midway through the second round due to Stoy’s excessive bleeding and awarded Collins the technical knockout victory.


Kieran Carroll def. Daniel “El Hombre” Espinoza

In an even matchup, freshman Kieran Carroll defeated fellow freshman Daniel Espinoza in a split decision. Carroll and Espinoza fought well in the first two rounds as both landed quality punches. Carroll wrested control of the match when he opened the third round with a flurry of shots knocking back Espinoza. The judges rewarded Carroll’s effort with the close victory.


Tony “Lucky” Lucisano def. Luke McCormack 

Senior Tony Lucisano overwhelmed his freshmen counterpart Luke McCormack in a unanimous decision victory. Lucisano made aggressive moves throughout the fight, tiring McCormack by the final round. Lucisano held a slight advantage after the first round, but took over in the final two rounds with blows to the head. 


Dan Rodriguez def. Mark Santrach 

In a battle of upperclassmen, junior Dan Rodriguez upstaged senior Mark Santrach. Rodriguez dominated from the beginning, almost knocking Santrach to the floor in the first and second rounds. At the end of the first round, the referee penalized Santrach for consistently backing away from Rodriguez. By the third round, Rodriguez had sealed the victory and won by unanimous decision. 


Kevin “Git ‘Er” Dunne def. Jason “Glaucoma” Kippenbrock

With both seniors fighting in their final Bengal Bouts, Kevin Dunne defeated Jason Kippenbrock in a unanimous decision. Dunne advanced aggressively from the opening bell and landed several headshots on Kippenbrock. In the second round, Dunne complimented his headshots with body shots and nearly knocked down Kippenbrock. Throughout the match, Dunne displayed superior form and footwork and took home the victory.


Scott Coppa def. Brien “English Tea Garden” Kurtz 

Sophomore Scott Coppa made first contact with a few hard jabs to the head of fellow sophomore Brien Kurtz. Coppa continued to chase Kurtz around the mat, landing a strong hook to Kurtz’s face and hard uppercuts to his body. After the final bell, Coppa earned the unanimous-decision victory.


Garrity “The Biscuit” McOsker def. Luke Miller 

Sophomore Garrity McOsker started the match with jabs to freshman Luke Miller’s head and hard shots to his body. Miller countered with a few powerful punches but McOsker matched the blows with uppercuts, causing the referee to momentarily stop the fight. The second round began with both boxers connecting jabs to the face. However, McOsker landed too many hard punches and the referee stopped the fight for a second time, earning the sophomore a technical knockout victory in the second round. 


Ian “The Wright Stuff” Cronin def. Joe Brogan 

Both boxers started the fight off strong, connecting many quick jabs to both the head and body. Junior Ian Cronin landed a particularly strong punch in the first round, nearly knocking sophomore Joe Brogan off his feet. Brogan held on to deliver more punches before the end of the first round. The sophomore landed a hard jab to Cronin’s face but the junior returned with punches knocking Brogan into the ropes. Cronin finished the match with a jab to the side of Brogan’s head and won by unanimous decision.


Jack Healy def. Ian Graham 

In the first round, senior Jack Healy landed strong punches on classmate Ian Graham, eventually backing him into a corner. The referee stepped in as Graham continued to land strong hooks. The crowd applauded Healy’s efforts as he knocked Graham off his feet. The referee stopped the fight in the second round, awarding the technical knockout victory to Healy.


Andrew “Mr. Balloonhands” Brendan def. Peter “Snake ‘n’ Bake” Bloechle 

The match between MBA students began with excitement as both boxers came out swinging. Peter Bloechle threw hard punches but could not connect as Andrew Brendan landed forceful body shots and hard jabs to his opponent’s head. Bloechle responded with punches to Brendan’s face. However, Brendan continued to advance on Bloechle, unfazed by the blows. Brendan delivered one more hard punch to the face of his opponent and Bloechle fell to the ground. The referee ended the contest and Brendan earned the knockout victory.


Danny Leicht def. Mansfield “Nello” Burlingame 

Both seniors threw solid punches as Danny Leicht made the first serious contact by landing a series of blows to the body and jabs to the face. Burlingame then backed Leicht into a corner, landing a few punches. Leicht responded by landing two jabs to the face and a handful of right books to the body of Burlingame. After Leicht delivered a strong uppercut, the referee intervened. The fighting continued, but not for long. The referee stopped the fight in the second round and awarded Leicht the technical knockout victory.


Mike “El Flan” Flanigan def. Rob “First Degree” Burns

To start the first round, sophomore Mike Flanigan landed some hard punches with long reach to the face of Rob Burns. Flanigan’s height and reach advantage continued to work in his favor as he delivered hard punches to the face and body of Burns. Burns answered momentarily face of his opponent, only to see Flanigan back him into a corner. The sophomore continued to land powerful punches in the third round, including one that knocked Burns to the ground. Yet Burns got up and continued to fight until the end of the match. In the end, Flanigan won by unanimous decision.


Connor Chelsky def. Grant “I am Turok” Kippenbrock

Sophomore Connor Chelsky came out with a flurry of punches to begin the first round, immediately sending classmate Grant Kippenbrock into a defensive stance. The two fought more evenly in the second round, with Kippenbrock countering Chelsky’s headshots with jabs to his opponent’s torso. However, several strong Chelsky punches in the third round earned the Alumni resident a unanimous decision victory.


Eric “The Squirrel” Tommarello def. Conor “Lurkin” Durkin

Sohomore Eric Tommarello quickly established an advantage over junior Conor Durkin with quick footwork and rapid punches to the head. Both fighters displayed sound defensive tactics, blocking and ducking from each other’s hits. Tommarello chased a retreating Durkin throughout the ring late in the fight, eventually sending the junior staggering into the ropes to seal a victory by unanimous decision.


Sean Hipskind def. Jackson Agraz

Keenan sophomore Sean Hipskind advanced aggressively toward Keough freshman Jackson Agraz shortly after the bout started. Despite Agraz’s defensive attempts, Hipskind cornered the freshman before landing a string of shots to his opponent’s torso. This barrage ended the fight after less than a minute, earning the sophomore the technical knockout victory.


Pete “The Wild Irish Rose” McGinley def. Eric “The Viking” Verkuilen

Sophomore Pete McGinley began the contest with a relentless series of jabs, sending MBA student Eric Verkuilen into a defensive stance. Despite the defense, Verkuilen could not escape McGinley’s quick footwork and punches, and the referee stopped the fight 45 seconds into the first round. McGinley earned a technical knockout victory.


Michael “Last Name” Judd def. Mick “El Plátano” Hammock

In a close fight, O’Neill sophomore Micheal Judd and Knott senior Mick Hammock traded punches from the outset. Using his height advantage, Judd landed powerful hits while Hammock effectively dodged the sophomore’s jabs. Judd backed his senior opponent into the ropes in the first and second rounds before both tired in the final round. Despite the difference in stature, the boxers fought an even match before the judges awarded Judd a split decision victory.


Kevin “So Krispee” Kershisnik def. Robert L’Arrivee

With slower and more calculated punches, the fight between senior Kevin Kershisnik and graduate student Robert L’Arrivee offered a break from the quick pace of the preceding bouts. Despite little action in the first round, Kershisnik came out in the second round with quick punches before the tempo slowed once again. With a late surge in the third round, the senior captured the unanimous win over the L’Arrivee.


“D” Joel “Unchained” Hlavaty def. John “The Sandman” Sandberg

Duncan junior Joel Hlavaty and Fisher junior John Sandberg traded jabs from the beginning of the bout, matching each other punch for punch in the first round. Hlavaty backed his opponent into the ropes several times but Sandberg always found a way out by ducking and fighting his way to the center. However, after cornering his opponent one too many times, the Highlander secured victory via technical knockout 38 seconds into the third round.


Joey “Kangaroo” Kim def. Andrew “The General” Koester

Both quick on their feet, senior Joey Kim and law student Andrew Koester began the fight