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I got a fever

Mel Flanagan | Friday, February 15, 2013

As I sit trying to think of something to write about for this column, I can’t focus. I’ve been incredibly distracted all day, unable to concentrate on even the miniscule amount of homework I have, and I know exactly why. It’s because of the Broken Hearts Party at Club Fever, Michiana’s hottest nightclub and my favorite place in South Bend.
My friends and I are Fever people. Each week we look forward to dressing up, pregaming way too hard and running around Feve’s three glorious floors. The place has everything you could ask for in a bar. It’s large enough that it never gets crowded, with the exceptions of syllabus and finals week. It has the basement for socializing, the main floor for dancing and the side bars for doing shot-skis. And for the truly adventurous spirits, it has the cage.
All of Fever’s perks result in Thursday being my favorite night of the week. Unlike a large portion of the senior class, I am not particularly a Finny’s person. I do enjoy Wednesdays there, but I’d still rather stay in on a Wednesday in order to mentally and physically prepare for the next night rather than risk being too tired or hungover to make it to Feve. And after Thursday, the weekend often feels like it’s winding down regardless of the fact it hasn’t actually began.
I really don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have a similar love affair with Fever. Thank God I was abroad last spring when everyone started going to Brothers on Thursdays instead, but every once in a while someone still asks if I’m going to the Eddy Street bar instead of Feve. I usually can’t help the look that comes on my face when this happens, a hideous mixture of disgust and disbelief. As one of my roommates put it, “If you like going to Brothers over Fever, you’re not someone I ever want to hang out with.”
The great part about Fever is that it’s the only night of the week we do something different. Every other bar in South Bend is pretty similar; I always wonder why we choose certain bars over others since they’re all sort of the same. Feve stands out in the crowd. It’s the only place where it’s acceptable to not remember seeing half your friends. Where you can DFMO with multiple people in one night. Where you can dance in a cage without becoming a stripper. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m certainly not about to pass that up. So if you’re wondering where I am right now, I’m willing to bet I could be found in my bed, nursing a hangover and lamenting over the fact I need to wait seven more days before returning to Feve.

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