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Students gather for Super Bowl gamewatch

Nicole Michels | Monday, February 4, 2013

San Francisco would face Baltimore on Sunday evening to compete for professional football’s most coveted title in Super Bowl XLVII, but some Notre Dame students said they planned to enjoy the game without too much concern for the winner.

Junior Meghan Moore said she usually roots for the Panthers and the Bears. Since neither team is in the game, she said she was looking forward to other highlights of the Super Bowl.

“I don’t really care who wins because neither of my teams are in it,” Moore said. “I am looking forward to the commercials and the halftime show though, and to watching the game off-campus with my friends while we eat some really good food.”

Third-year law student Andy Matthews said he would have friends over to his off-campus residence to watch the game and cheer for the 49ers.

“I’m rooting for the Niners because I have friends coming over who are Niners fans and because I’d rather [49s coach] Jim Harbaugh not ever come back to college football,” Matthews said.

Freshman Katie Loughran said she also cares minimally about the outcome of the game.

“I don’t really care who wins, I mostly watch it for the commercials and to spend time with my friends since everyone watches it,” Loughran said. “My plans for the game are to go to my friend’s house off campus and just hang out, watch the game and eat pizza.”

Loughran said she cares about professional football only when New England plays.

“My entire family roots for the Patriots, so every time the Patriots go to the Super Bowl I watch it and care about the results,” Loughran said. “The last two times they’ve gone to the Super Bowl they’ve lost – which has been upsetting – but other than that I don’t really care about pro football.”

Junior Emily Kaes said she would also root for San Francisco.

“I really like football,” Kaes said. “But usually when my team is not playing, I don’t care who wins and hope that the game is a good, exciting game to watch – but I hope the 49ers win because I hate the Ravens.”

Her allegiance to the Bengals turned her against the Ravens, Kaes said.

“I am from Cincinnati and cheer for the Bengals, so I hate the Ravens,” Kaes said. “If it’s any other team besides the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens – the teams in the Bengals’ division – I don’t care very much, but I always cheer against those teams.”

Despite her football allegiances, Kaes said she would also focus on the commercials during the game.

“I am watching the game with friends and we are making food,” Kaes said. “I also have to watch the commercials for one of my classes, actually. The class is called ‘Internet and Society,’ and for it I will look specifically at commercials and how they design commercials for the Super Bowl.”

Junior Brian Duffy said he is hoping to see what he would consider the most interesting story emerge from the result of the game – the triumph of Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and his team.

“Since the Packers are out, it’s all about the story,” Duffy said. “The best story would definitely be if Ray Lewis went out on top.”

Duffy said he would not watch the game, however.

“I’m not watching,” he said. “It’s the pre-med life.”

Junior Tyler Richards, studying abroad in Toledo, Spain, said he does not plan to watch the game and does not care about its outcome.

“The game doesn’t start until about 1 a.m.,” Richards said. “No one from Notre Dame abroad with me cares very much, and in general if it’s not spelled ‘fútbol,’ no ‘football’ game is being broadcast in Spain.”

Richards said he blamed Notre Dame’s loss in the national championship for loss of all interest and hope. When asked if what he meant was a loss of interest in football or in all sports, Richards responded with feigned dismay.

“Life,” he said.