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Our special ingredient’

Christian Myers | Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For the fourth consecutive year, Bloomberg Businessweek has ranked the Mendoza College of Business No. 1 nationally among undergraduate business programs.

Dean Roger Huang said he believes this is because everyone at Mendoza is committed to a shared vision.

“We are ranked No. 1 because of our vision and values and the fact we all subscribe to them,” Huang said. “We are all committed to this vision, and people recognize what we stand for. That’s what separates us from other schools. It’s what I used to call our secret ingredient, other places can’t replicate it.”

Huang said he does not view the ranking as an accomplishment but as an affirmation of the values and vision the College promotes.

“It’s not an accomplishment of the business school. I don’t even think it’s an accomplishment of the University,” he said. “I like to think of it as a testament to what we stand for, to what we can achieve when we share the same vision and values.”

A fourth consecutive No. 1 ranking for Mendoza confirms the college has remained committed to ethical business, Huang said.”It’s not a short-term, it’s a long-term confirmation,” he said. “This shows that our commitment is sustainable, it’s not a one year thing.  We are committed to this vision of business as a force for good, and we are very happy about the recognition that this is the right thing to do for all these years.”

From the College’s perspective, the ranking is important because it highlights the importance of teaching business ethics. Huang said Mendoza wants the world to use business as a force for good.

“We believe in what we stand for and hope others will begin to use business to better society,” he said. “The ranking enhances our message.”
The ranking is also meaningful for Mendoza’s students, Huang said, as it affirms they have been well educated and as they go out into the world they can act on the school’s guiding vision.

“This year we are going to graduate the first Mendoza class for who during their entire four years here their school has been ranked No. 1,” he said. “It affirms that what they have learned here can be used to make the world a better place.”

Junior Mara Stolee said she appreciates the practical knowledge gained in her Mendoza courses and the quality of her professors.

“I always leave my classes knowing that there is a real-world application to everything I’ve learned. My professors are experienced and knowledgeable, and I know that I can always ask them questions or consult them for advice,” she said. “As an IT Management major, I have access to the same expensive software used by major companies and will be able to use it effectively when I assume a position in the workforce.”

Stolee also said she believes prospective employers are more impressed by her knowledge of business ethics than Mendoza’s ranking.

“I’m not sure how much potential employers know or care about Mendoza’s ranking or curriculum, but from what I’ve found in my interviews, they seem to like what Mendoza students have to say about business ethics,” she said. “Whenever I go into an interview and they ask me questions about ethics and integrity, I find that those questions are the easiest to answer, and I think that’s what makes me stand out as a candidate.”

Junior Viviana Garcia said the ranking tells companies Mendoza students are very well prepared and educated relative to other business school graduates.
“I think that employers are going to be confident in our knowledge and abilities in business and seek us out from among a lot of the competition in other highly-ranked undergraduate business schools,” she said.

Huang said the University as a whole shares the vision that drives Mendoza, and he said he believes the business school will always remain committed to that vision.

“The mission of the University was set when Fr. Sorin said we would be a force for good,” he said. “We are committed to that vision at every level. I don’t think we’ll ever waver from that vision Fr. Sorin set for us.”