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We’re a community

Andrew Gastelum | Sunday, March 3, 2013

One year seems like a long way away. I still refuse to believe I will be entering the real world in just over a year. I refuse to accept the fact that my time at Notre Dame is over the hill now.
I love being a college kid too much. Here, at this University.
Here, at this paper.
I love what I do and I am extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love. I have come up as a sports writer and a big sports fan, but I truly feel that in the past three years I have grown into someone who became a big fan of how this Notre Dame community has impacted me.
Just as anyone else who takes a big step in his or her life, I realize exactly what this job entails and at the same time I am not sure what to expect. But one thing I know that will never change is how this paper functions as a lifeline of the Notre Dame community.
What we do so well is serve as a gauge of campus happenings, events and anything else that affects you.
If you want to know about Notre Dame and this community, there is no place better to look than in our pages. That’s what I hope The Observer is to you and it’s something I will strive to maintain.
I have so much respect for this job, this paper and the community here. All three deserve my greatest effort and your input as a fabric of this community.
All of a sudden, that one year set ahead of me feels like it won’t be long enough. I have so many plans for The Observer and it seems almost as if there is too much to do. Alone, that is.
This is where I ask for you, the reader. After all, this is not my paper. Nor is it anyone’s who held this position before me. It does not belong to the University either.
This publication belongs to you.
If you like something we did, let us know. If you think we could improve in some way, we are happy to listen.  If there is something we can do to better your understanding of an issue or make our coverage that much more effective, it is ever so welcome.
This is not my paper or anyone else’s, but yours. Without you, there is no us.
It doesn’t really work the other way around. You are what makes this community thrive, as well as this paper. And we want to get back to building that relationship and doing what we do best.
After all, we’re all observers.