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Dialogues des Carmelites: An Opera

Gabriela Leskur | Thursday, April 25, 2013



Scene Writer

Although B.o.B always gets me bopping when he rolls around on my iPod, I don’t quite love him enough to shell out the dough for his concert this weekend. For those of you crazy kids, who, like me, don’t quite got the magic for B.o.B, you can mosey on over to DPAC to see an opera.

This weekend, Notre Dame will be performing Francis Poulenc’s “Dialogues des Carmelites,” which is definitely worth seeing. Although you may be looking at this article in horror, “Who would sit through hours of people singing in a foreign language?” here are some reasons why you should get off your butt and go:

Girls Will Love You

That cutie over there in your CSEM, she so classy that she doesn’t scream classy, she just radiates it. She’s humble, quiet and considerate, but you can tell she enjoys the finer things in life. One time, you two shared headphones while working on a group project and she blasted Italian arias with the pride usually reserved for Taylor Swift fans. 

You’ve been meaning to ask her out on a date, but you think she deserves more than Burrito Night at North Dining Hall.

Here comes your chance. Slip into class all casual-like today or tomorrow and ask her about her plans for the weekend. You already know that she’s not going to B.o.B since the only genres on her playlists aren’t from this century. When she asks your plans, say you’re headed to the opera for extra credit in a class. Invite her to join. She doesn’t need to know that the only extra credit you’re trying to get is brownie points in her eyes.

Make it an Event

You and your friends weren’t invited to any formals this semester. Honestly, you feel a little bummed. Your sexy self isn’t used to not putting on a dress and heading to an SYR every weekend. As you look at the new, beautiful formal dress you intended to wear, don’t mope. Rise to the occasion.

Gather your friends, get all dolled up in your forlorn formal dresses and head on over to the Opera. Challenge yourselves to speak only in British accents the entire evening and see how much of the French arias you can understand without looking at the subtitles. Perhaps Intermediate French One did teach you more than “Ou est la bibliothèque?”

Embrace Your Inner Hipster

You’re a cool cat and everybody knows it. Never caught dead listening to Vampire Weekend or The Lumineers, Kanye is the dominant artist flowing through your headphones. However, sometimes when no one is around, you listen to Pavarotti-that Italian tenor legend-to lull you to sleep or help you study. Man, that man had a voice like honey. You’ll never admit it to your friends, but you simply love opera. You can’t get enough.

The time has come, my dear friend, to embrace your inner hipster. Be true to yourself, no matter how many weird looks your friends give you. If they can’t embrace your inner operagoer, they aren’t real friends anyway.

An Epic Story

Beyond all of these compelling reasons, this opera itself presents a really remarkable story with a lot of meaning. Its story centers on an order of Carmelite nuns during the French Revolution. Although they had once been praised and adored, the rebellious public at large now hates the nuns. A shy young woman, Blanche, joins the order just before the tide turns against the religious. The opera follows Blanche and her sisters as they face the reality of the New France and the consequences of their faith.

April 25, 26, 27, and 28. Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday 2:30 p.m. in Decio Mainstage Theatre, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

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