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Expanding the Viewpoint discussion

Tim Woodcock | Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can I please open The Observer and not read about the LGBT community or the debate surrounding it? An article on the front page at least every week? Four practically identical Viewpoint articles on the same day? An Observer writer mentioned in almost every major article? If this topic is actually worth the press it receives, there is likely someone outside your office who is willing to talk about it.
When I was a prospective student, I remember the Viewpoint page holding a wide variety of letters. One person wanted to express her humorous view on an “M.R.S. degree,” while another just wanted to thank a kind stranger who might run across the letter. Along these lines, Viewpoints don’t have to be serious and ideological. They can be that way, but please don’t publish four serious and ideological articles of roughly the same opinion on the same day. How would a gay student feel if The Observer monotonously published article after article supporting traditional marriage?
The LGBT community is one issue here on the campuses of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, but it is not the only issue. Frankly, it is not representative of the daily conversations among students. Going to classes, participating in student groups and spending time with friends around campus, I rarely ever hear the topic mentioned. Publishing five Viewpoints about one topic that is not openly discussed is simply not representative of our student life. If people really feel so strongly about this, why isn’t it discussed in person? Do they have to hide behind The Observer, which is clearly a safe haven for one opinion over another? Want to tell campus what you feel but don’t want to deal with in-person reactions? Save it for ND Confessions.
Let’s open Viewpoints to more ideas and more topics than have been represented lately. If the LGBT discussion is truly so crucial, let’s bring it out of the print and into daily life.

Tim Woodcock
Fisher Hall
April 15