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Old ticket policy works just fine

Philip Krebs | Friday, April 19, 2013

This is dumb. This is really dumb.
The Leprechaun Legion is only thinking about football tickets from the very surface. Yay. The kids that really care about football the most can be rewarded by the best tickets? Cool?
This completely ignores what makes football weekends great. Let’s put it this way. Is your football Saturday great because you were standing in the first row instead of the 30th? Of course not. However, nobody wants to be in the back few rows. Because of this, students will try to get to the game hours before kickoff so they are not stuck with the nosebleeds. Thus, time will be cut off from what really matters most – spending time with friends and family. Football Saturdays offer us a unique opportunity to spend time with our families while at school, and this new policy will cut much of that time out. What other time will you be able to see your father, brothers and sisters? This is our only chance to be with our families outside of breaks, and that isn’t worth cutting off meaningful minutes.
The new policy will also make it much more difficult to get together with our friends before the game, whereas before we were guaranteed to be together. Before each football game, all kids have their relatives and tailgates they need to visit. This means they will have to split up from their friends. Especially with the horrible cell phone coverage, meeting up with friends will be extremely difficult. This means that, at maximum, there will be groups of five or six together, and if you get separated from your friends then you might end up spending the game alone.
If the University’s idea was to prevent students from becoming very intoxicated before games, the new policy will fail in that regard too. The students that only care about getting really drunk will still get drunk. But the students that want to drink and still have good tickets will have to make adjustments. This new policy will cause a sharp increase in the amount of alcohol being snuck into games. There will be no less in-game drunkenness. Accept it, this isn’t going to change. All that will result are more arrests and ResLifes.
In the end, this is just a horrendously terrible idea. Please don’t let this actually come to pass. The system we have right now may not be perfect, but in the end, it works just fine.

Philip Krebs
Zahm House
April 17