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Qualities of a ‘bro’

Miko Malabute | Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Hey, ‘bro.'”
“Yo, ‘bro.'”
“He’s such a ‘bro.'”
We’ve all said it, and it seems like an innate definition of a person we can all envision. Our “bro.” Yet what exactly makes a “bro?”
A “bro,” needless to say, is a brother. They’re the most versatile type of people, fulfilling all sorts of roles across the “bro” spectrum. Need a guy to bail you out of an awkward situation? Call your “bro.” Need someone to play a pickup game of basketball? Tell your “bro” when to go to the courts.  
Yet this doesn’t truly delve into the question, “What is a ‘bro?'” What qualities make a “bro?” And one of the most important questions, “Are you a ‘bro?'” These things are all variable, and every person has their own definition of “bro-ness.” But every “bro” – no matter how you look at it – possesses certain general qualities that all match our innate vision of a “bro.”
Not every “bro” has to be exactly “Total Frat Move” material. Yet there is a certain arrogance (read as “confidence”) every “bro” possesses, an air about them that sets them apart from simpler men. This confidence does not necessarily pertain to stereotypically male-dominance arenas. Sometimes it’s not all about how much you can bench press. Confidence in what is not nearly as important as confidence in itself. Think about it. Think about your bro that could care less if the world knows he watches chick flicks, or your other bro that eats Sour Patch Kids in the morning. Confidence is important, knowing you’re doing something correctly.
However, what is confidence without ability? What is all the talent in the world without a bit of execution? A “bro” makes things happen. He follows through on what he sets out to do and ensures it gets done his way. Let’s face it, we all want to feel useful, and “bros” are useful. They do this by proving their worth and ensuring their value.
These qualities of “bro-ness” all need to be wrapped up in a quality that separates a “bro” from a meer man: compassion. “Bro solidarity.” Because when it all comes down to it, “bros” are short for brothers, and when you’re short on your blood brothers, you should always have a “bro” to rely on.