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Sampling ‘SkyFruits’

Steph Wulz | Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I’m going to be frank with you. I’m really not much of a blog person. I occasionally dabble in the weekly Instagram and Pinterest surfing, but rarely have I found a blog that can truly hold my interest. However, over one weekend back at home, I was told about a fellow Domer’s blog that soon became one of the most surprisingly entertaining blogs I now participate in frequently. This blog is “SkyFruits.”
The blog’s mission statement explains, “‘SkyFruits’ points out the mass commercialization of fruit in our society by photographing store bought fruits against the background of nature. While the beauty and contrast of colors initially shocks the viewer, he or she is gradually awakened to the fact there is really nothing special about the photograph. Rather, since we are so used to seeing fruit sorted out on a fruit stand or in our supermarkets, we forget in its most natural form, fruit lives among the sky and the trees. The project does not merely elucidate where the fruit came from, but rather bites taken out of the fruit – or the banana being peeled – emphasize our own human mark on the fruit itself and our harmony to learn and grow with it. Kat Wilson began the project in the summer of 2012, and since then has been joined by friends, family and fellow fruit enthusiasts in the SkyFruits mission.”
Being a design student here at Notre Dame, I can truly value those who show an appreciation for detail. “SkyFruits” contributors understand how to arrange a visually stimulating photograph that adds to the overall success of the blog. Whether it is the profound use of the rule of thirds or an excellent selection of the ever-so-popular X-Pro II filter, it becomes evident that with every photo comes a great deal of thought. I asked Kat to share some insight into her increasingly popular blog and this is what she had to say about it:
“For some, ‘SkyFruits’ combats the propaganda of the seedless bourgeoisie. For others, it’s a glimmer of truth in our vegetable-focused society. For me, it’s a way to give mealy apples and bruised bananas a second chance at life beyond their fruit salad fates. Whatever reason you’re in it for, ‘SkyFruits’ brings people from across the world together and will be a crucial step in creating a collective and sustainable society for all. With fruit and iPhones in hand, we will forge onward into the sky and beyond.”
So the next time you get away with smuggling multiple pieces of fruit out of the dining hall, find some good lighting, take a bite of your fruit and snap a photo. Don’t forget to get it trending with #skyfruits. If your “SkyFruits” picture is artsy enough, “Instaskyfruits” may even repost your photo. Either way, check out the blog at skyfruits.tumblr.com.