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#thirdworldsolutions to #firstworldproblems

Kaitlyn Rabach | Monday, April 22, 2013

After studying in Ifrane, Morocco, for a semester, I am now able to offer solutions to some of my friends’ greatest #firstworldproblems. Some real, some edited and some fictional, these are common tweets I now have sufficient experience to respond to.

Here are a few solutions:


“My friend screenshot my hideous Snapchat #firstworldproblems” ¾@cabro54

Don’t worry ¾WiFi is not a thing here. And even if it is, the Internet won’t let you download Snapchat. #thirdworldsolutions


“All the ellipticals were taken in the gym and I was forced to run on the treadmill #firstworldproblems” ¾@sylvsyacoub

You will get food poisoning so often you don’t need to work out to lose weight. #thirdworldsolutions


“This guard rail is casting an ugly shadow on my Instagram picture of the mountains #firstworldproblems”@Caroline_Ricc

You can get a great shot of the mountains when you are sliding off a dirt road. #thirdworldsolutions


“My roommate blow dries her hair after her 8 a.m. shower every day #firstworldproblems”[email protected]_manion

My roommate came in and asked where the showers were in our building … five weeks after school started. #thirdworldsolutions


“I can’t believe soy milk costs $0.65 extra at Starbucks #firstworldproblems”@ka_more93

They can’t charge you extra for soy milk in your café au lait when no one knows what that is. #thirdworldsolutions


“My advisor pre-registered me for the 8 a.m. instead of the noon course #firstworldproblems”@tesssiver

You don’t have to deal with that pesky four-year plan when advisors simply do not exist. #thirdworldsolutions


“Received a speeding ticket for going ten over on my way home from Chicago last weekend #firstworldproblems”@KaraTiefenthal

Tickets don’t exist. The cops simply pull you out of the car and rough you up a bit. Well, that or you pay them a couple hundred durhams. #thirdworldsolutions




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