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To The Freshman

Kevin Noonan | Sunday, August 25, 2013


You made it!
You’re here!
There’s nothing to fear!

Just kidding – be afraid.
Be afraid tomorrow and today.
Be afraid in the morning and the night.
Be afraid of your inevitable plight.

Be afraid of the day you have to leave.

Fear the moment you have to walk away.
Fear the time you have to look back on these days.
Fear the day you have to part ways.

But, just for today – relax.

Don’t worry about classes.
Don’t worry about the kids down the hall being asses.
Your classes will work out in the end.
Those asses down the hall will be your best friends.

Don’t fret and sweat your résumé.
Don’t try to be everything everyday.
You didn’t just come here to get a job, did you?
If you did, you should stop reading.
And probably go study, too.

Don’t lose sleep over your mistakes.
Your screw-ups, brain farts and the like can wait.
Live and learn, learn and live.
But maybe don’t try to prove how few craps you give.

Don’t get caught up on boys and girls.
If dorm parties aren’t for you – not the end of the world.
There are more important things to live for.
Besides, everybody meets their spouse on the Finny’s dance floor.

You’ve got four tries here.
Five if you’re an Archie.
Six or seven if you have fun for a few years.
Whatever floats your boat, fine by me.

So be afraid.
Never forget there’s a limit on your days.
Use them as best you can.
Make your mark in that time span.

You’ve only got four years under the dome,
But you’ve got the rest of your life to call it home.

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