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Who is Fr. Sorin?

Allison D'Ambrosia | Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who is @FatherSorin? If you are one of the 5,783 people that follow him on Twitter, you’ve most likely asked yourself this question multiple times. He’s kind of a big deal.
Once I heard from a priest that, “It’s like he’s at Corby with us. He sometimes tweets inside jokes from dinner.” It seems that he must be somewhere on campus. But is it one person or a group of people? Is it Father Jenkins? These are all perfectly logical questions when approaching an online profile of a “person.”
According to the Notre Dame website, Fr. Edward Sorin stated, “I came here as a young man and dreamed of building a great university in honor of Our Lady. But I built it too small, and she had to burn it to the ground to make the point. So, tomorrow, as soon as the bricks cool, we will rebuild it, bigger and better than ever.” And that he did. Now he is reaching an ever-growing number of students and adults through his tweets.
Not only is Fr. Sorin connected to campus life, he’s also attune to the global Catholic community. It’s documented that Fr. Sorin was the first to predict our current Jesuit pope. If his  connection with the papacy is expected, his intel on the university and its daily functionings are unexpected and a tad frightening. While I was staying on campus this summer as an Introduction to Engineering Program counselor, we had a tornado warning. Fr. Sorin tweeted this: “Glad Sacred Heart has a basement chapel – I can shelter from storms and get my daily Mass in.”
When asked to speak on the identity of @FatherSorin, Dennis Brown, University spokesman and assistant vice president of public information and communications, stated, “We don’t spend much time trying to figure out who he is, but a few months ago our social media manager was pretty sure she had figured it out. Then we had a reception for people who manage social media accounts on campus and the person she thought was ‘Father Sorin’ was in attendance because he manages another account. During the event, there were a couple of tweets from ‘Father Sorin’ and the guy she suspected was never on his phone. So, that theory was shot down.”
When I asked @FatherSorin if he would like to make a statement about his identity, he responded, “I’m not that interesting. Write about Ted instead. Or George Rozum … he’s quite a CSCharacter.” I have made very little headway on discovering who Fr. Sorin actually is, but I am almost certain he resides somewhere on campus. His anonymity may add to his appeal and his cleverness, but he is a campus icon and revered by all. Brown said, “It may be nice to know his identity, but it’s OK that he’s managed to remain unknown. It’s more fun that way.”
Well done, Fr. Sorin . You singlehandedly hold one of the mysteries of the University of Notre Dame.