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Taking Fashion By Storm

Erin McAuliffe and Daniel Barabasi | Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey, you. Look outside. Now look at your shoes. Now back outside. Now back at your shoes. Sadly, it’s raining, and those are your best leather shoes. If you listen to us, you won’t be wearing plastic bags on your feet. Look back. Now forward. You’re walking down a rainy runway, cameras flashing, decked out in Louis Vuitton’s latest South Bend-inspired line.

Okay, maybe it didn’t originate from Louis Vuitton personally, but it’s from the next best thing, Notre Dame’s newest fashion column! One of the writers may or may not have made the move of wearing bags on his feet to keep them dry, so this week we have a special insight on how to not ruin your clothes when it’s hailing more than Mary’s. 


Scene Writer


Hey ladies, just because it’s raining cats and dogs doesn’t mean you can’t look spiffy enough to make it rain men! Let’s forgo the Hunter boots, leggings, and raincoat uniform for a bit and delve into some unique fashion options for when the weather isn’t cooperating. 

So it’s 8:24 a.m. and you’re sleeping in your bed at your dorm, even though you’re supposed to be sleeping in your desk at Calculus. To make matters worse it’s raining AND you have no idea what to wear. That is when you turn to this article (which I’m sure you will have framed on your wall). Here are two go-to outfit options that will ensure you never end up in class looking anything less than fetch.

Don’t let rain be an excuse to dress down. Do you think Beyoncè wakes up, looks outside, and says, “it’s raining so I don’t need to be fabulous today”? No. You’ve got to work it all day, everyday, no matter the weather. Don’t be afraid to dress up. A look I love is sundresses with rain boots. To transition this look into fall just add tights or over-the-knee socks. As pictured, I experimented with a monochromatic look. I pulled out the oxblood color in the dress with tights and boots of the same color (tip: matching your tights with your shoes does wonders for lengthening your legs).  

If dresses aren’t your thang, an army green parka is a practical wardrobe staple. If you’ve ever watched “What Not to Wear” (you have, don’t lie to yourself), you’ve heard from Clinton and Stacy that neutrals entail navy, black, brown, white, and khaki. I would venture to expand this ideal to entail army green as the new neutral. This color (along with the more daring camo print) has been seen on the runways of Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, and Prabal Gurung for Fall 2013. I love pairing this color with burgundy, plum, or leopard print. I dressed our lovely model, Maddy, in an olive parka with a fun scarf and versatile striped shirt. We added dark-wash jeans and boots and whoomp, there it is.

To get these looks even more rainy-day-ready, add an umbrella. Not only are these life-savers when you have to trek across campus in the rain, but they also can help make you friends! Take a tip from Ri-Ri and if you see someone stuck in the downpour, offer them some refuge. Who knows, this could spark a newfound friendship! 

In typical Notre Dame fashion (no pun intended), here’s an equation for the perfect rainy day outfit: fun umbrella + neutral boots + practical yet chic outfit = bright outcome. 

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Scene Writer


Guys, let’s be honest, jeans dry, shirts dry, so really the only thing you should be worrying about are your shoes. So there’s three directions to go with this: You wear leather shoes, maximizing class, and spray them with the water-resistant sprays until those babies could be your own personal Noah’s Ark. Still, when these beauties get wet they need to dry, but don’t burn them with a hairdryer, that messes with the stitching, leave them at room temperature and if you have shoe trees, add those. If you’re too fearful of your leather kicks, get some rubber on your feet. I’m not talking rain boots, unless it’s actually the Great Flood outside, but maybe some rubber sneakers or ankle-height boots. If you want to see some inspiration, check out Hunter’s latest Bakerson Sneakers, drool, then cry as you realize that they’re probably too expensive for a college budget. Lastly, if none of these sound appealing, you can grab some rubber overshoes that slip on top of your normal shoes. When heading out, slip them on, then when you get back inside you can slip them off and watch your friends envy your dry feet.

If you really want to keep your upper body dry, grab an umbrella and rain-resistant upper garment. The rules on umbrellas are simple for us guys: Black, with a wooden, or wood-imitation, cane handle. The umbrella-proof solution works with taste. My favorite piece on the rainy days is a light brown or cream trench coat, which dresses up any outfit, and keeps you dry underneath. If you’re looking for a more casual look, find a darker-colored “classic” rain jacket, which you can keep on even if the rain stops, just unzip it halfway.

In conclusion, I have just one thing to ask. Don’t wear neon. You can throw on a brighter rain jacket, if you have to, but just don’t go bright on bright on bright just to try to add some happiness among the clouds. I’ll tell you now, it doesn’t make anyone any happier. We’re already dreary, you’re just burning our eyes.

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