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Twitter trackdown

Allison D'Ambrosia | Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What started out as a clever Inside Column has transformed into a full-blown Nancy Drew-esque investigation. This is Part II of an indefinite series about the identity of the @FatherSorin Twitter account.

As I covered in Part I, it’s documented that Fr. Sorin was the first to predict our current Jesuit Pope. And if you were like me, you paid more attention to your phone than television during the conclave and all its historical and traditional majesty. Tweets reading, “No Jesuit, no Jesuit, no Jesuit!” were read before the rest of the world heard the announcement of the first Jesuit Pope. Some Holy Cross clergy were just as shocked as the students by his psychic abilities (or maybe just Divine Inspiration).

Even Fr. Pete McCormick said casually during a conversation about the very identity of which we speak, “He tweeted me wishing me happy birthday, it was awesome!”

Fr. Sorin is somewhat of a Twitter sensation around campus. When people talk about Twitter accounts about Notre Dame they usually cover, ND Makeouts, ND Crushes and Fr. Sorin. I’m not sure what he would say about his company of Twitter hypes. Probably something that begins with “Lads …” It seems that Fr. Sorin still believes this University’s student body is comprised of all male students.

Dennis Brown, University spokesman and assistant vice president of public information and communications, stated, “@FatherSorin is almost always funny, usually appropriate and, whoever he or she is, has an amazing knowledge of the University and the Church – both past and present.”

Brown was correct; his intel with the Vatican and the University is undoubted. In a recent tweet @FatherSorin stated, “I feel better about our Fig Thing since the Vatican minted a coin in the name of Lesus, but what the heel is going on with Catholic spelling.” Followed by, “Is it the cooler weather adding fur or is our wildlife getting disturbingly bigger? I just saw a raccoon that could pass for an ocelot.”

I encourage you all to keep an eye out for a person of the Order of the Holy Cross who is on his iPhone often. If anyone has any insights into who

@FatherSorin may be, or any thoughts concerning the account, I encourage you to contact me. I wish to continue this series on the identity of

@FatherSorin, not in pursuit of the exact identity, but to a deeper understanding of the personality behind the Twitter account.


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