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Life off campus

Bryan Daly | Sunday, November 3, 2013

Most Notre Dame students at some point and to some degree consider moving off campus.
After committing to the idea last year, I am now living off campus as a junior at University Edge. So far the experience has definitely been worth it.
I only have one roommate whom I get along with very well. I don’t see much of him due to our busy schedules, but when we do hangout it’s always a good time.
Having my own room is a Godsend. I have a reasonably large closet, my own bathroom, and a queen-size bed I don’t have to climb a ladder to get into every night. I even have room for a futon in case anyone ever needs to crash at my place.
There’s also a washer and dryer in my apartment, which means no more waiting or paying to use the machines.
Though South Dining Hall is no longer a short walk away, I do get a chance to perfect my cooking skills. That being said, I still have a simple meal plan because sometimes I’m on campus five straight hours.
I would suggest to those moving off campus a basic block meal plan or even a good amount of flex points is something worth having in the long run. Some days you won’t be able to just hop in the car and drive back to your apartment to make a sandwich when you’re hungry.
Also, students deciding to move off campus should design their class schedule accordingly. Personally, I made my schedule so I could drive to school in the morning, get through all my classes and drive back. I didn’t want an awkward three-hour gap in between my classes, but others might.
Looking back, my freshman and sophomore years were perfect for living on campus. You bond with the people in your dorm, become familiar with the campus and experience the thrill of college football season.
Yet, being an upperclassman now, I value having a place where I can escape the stresses of college I can’t seem to shake while on campus. I get to enjoy the best of life on and off campus.

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