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Thor Is Back

Juan Cancio | Thursday, November 14, 2013


Scene Writer

Marvel is back on the big screen with “Thor: The Dark World,” and one dead car battery later, here is my take on the film. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role once again as Thor, alongside Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. This is the second installment in the Marvel universe following the events portrayed in the first Avengers movie, which is interesting not only because of the future at which it hints, but also because it shows how much the characters have developed over the course of these movies. 

The movie picks up where Avengers left off; Loki has just been imprisoned for his crimes on Earth and Thor has set about trying to once again establish peace amongst the nine realms now that the Bifrost has been repaired. Fortunate for us, there is a new enemy on the horizon threating this new peace and he is as old as the universe itself. Enter Malekith, a Dark Elf who wants to destroy the universe as we know it and plunge it once again into darkness where he can reign supreme. In order to achieve this, Malekith needs to take back his ultimate weapon from the Asgardians, who defeated him the first time he tried to exact his plan. This old and powerful enemy puts Thor in a precarious position, in which he must decide between obeying his father’s orders or knowingly commit treason in order to enact the plan he believes can save the universe. Apart from being treasonous, Thor’s plan also depends on receiving help from his recently imprisoned brother; therefore, we see the tables inevitably turn in Loki’s favor once again. 

This last plot point turned out to be a very intriguing twist; since Thor has recently finished battling against Loki’s army in New York, the idea that he must even temporarily align himself with his brother is all but insane. Evidently, only a momentous threat such as the Dark Elf could have prompted such an unexpected turn of events. Thor makes it clear that he knows there is no longer any hope that the brother he once knew and loved still exists; therefore, he claims, if he were ever inclined to believe that Loki was planning to betray him, he would not hesitate to kill him. However, the two brothers seem to fall into old habits relatively quickly once they decide to work together. 

The atmosphere created by this team-up is very nostalgic and reminiscent of the relationship they once shared in the first movie, before Loki’s betrayal. This key point shows the degree to which two characters’ paths can diverge so quickly within the Marvel universe. Although they are technically working together to fight the same enemy, there is a perceivable chasm that now separates them and it is evident that there is no hope to resurrect the affectionate brotherly relationship they once shared. 

Another great facet of this movie was its ability to more successfully strike a balance between Thor’s love for Foster, while still preserving the necessary warrior attitude that is so important to this character. Apart from this delicate balance, there is also the ever-present motif that Thor has been forced to quickly mature over the course of presumably five years so that he can cope with the intense storms that always find him. The Thor we saw in the first movie was extremely arrogant and concerned almost entirely with glorious battle, whereas the Thor seen in this film has realized the value of taking pause to consider how his actions may play out. In a sense, this shift is extremely important because, as some may remember, this immaturity that he has seemed to overcome originally barred him from inheriting the throne from his father in the first movie. 

I would rate this movie as very good but not necessarily great. If you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe or Thor particularly, you will no doubt enjoy what this movie has to offer. There was action, love, tension, and the usual spree of twists and turns that makes these movies good. Also, remember to stay after the credits to catch the teaser trailer they include if you want to see where the Avengers storyline is headed to next.! 

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