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Women’s Boxing: Baraka Bouts conclude semifinal round

Observer Sports Writers | Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sports Writer
Sarah “Crazy Stupid” Lovejoy def. Sarah Jackson
Seniors Sarah Jackson and Sarah Lovejoy came out defensively in the first round and threw mostly jabs to establish their fighting styles. Jackson landed a few more quality punches early in the first round. Both boxers were more aggressive in the second round, and Lovejoy dictated the pace of the fight early. Both fighters remained in the middle of the ring and went blow for blow. Early in the third round, Lovejoy delivered two decisive blows to Jackson’s head. Jackson responded with powerful punches of her own, but they were not enough as Lovejoy won by unanimous decision.

Mary Shepro def. Amanda Schifino
Law student Mary Shepro dominated round one and landed a flurry of punishing blows to the head of freshman Amanda Schifino. More of the same followed early in the second round as Shepro backed Schifino into the corner with punches to the body and the head. Schifino managed to respond and match Shepro the rest of the round. Schifino continued to resiliently throw defensive punches into the third round; however, Shepro’s powerful punches provided the majority of the action, and she slugged her way to a victory by unanimous decision.

Erin “The Lion” O’Brien def. Rachael “The Filly from Philly” Nave
From the outset, junior Erin O’Brien landed several jabs and hooks to the head of law student Rachael Nave. Nave managed a few body blows as the bout progressed and she worked hard to fight inside on O’Brien in the second round. The two traded barrages of head shots, but O’Brien’s reach kept Nave at bay for the majority of the fight. In the third round, Nave came out strong with punches to the head, but O’Brien fended her off and landed the bout’s last blows to secure the victory by unanimous decision.

Clare “Do Work” Burke def. Katie Allare
Senior Clare Burke and graduate student Katie Allare started the fight in defensive modes and used jabs to find openings in the other’s defenses. Late in the first round Burke punched Allare onto the ropes and landed a series of combinations to the body and head. Both fighters worked more aggressively in the second round, and Burke tried to work inside for body shots on Allare, but Allare fended her off and controlled the round with powerful punches to Burke’s head. The fighters aggressively jabbed at each other in the final round, but Burke used jabs to set up fierce right hooks and earn the win by unanimous decision.
Liz “Beast from the East” Zolper def. Alexandra Gibson
Junior Liz Zolper and sophomore Alexandra Gibson threw flurries of jabs and hammered each other with powerful punches to open the bout. But late in the first round, Zolper seized control. Zolper pushed Gibson up against the ropes and landed strong hooks to Gibson’s head. Zolper carried that momentum into the second round and battered Gibson with more punches to the head. Both boxers fought cautiously in the third round and jabbed tentatively at each other. Zolper then removed all doubt and landed a few strong, decisive blows to finish off the win by unanimous decision.
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Sports Writer
Sheridan “Sherribomb” Rosner def. Leah Kalas
Sophomore Sheridan Rosner landed the first decisive blow of the matchup and held the advantage through the first round’s flurry of punches. Rosner kept junior Leah Kalas on the defensive through the first two rounds, but Kalas landed a few decisive blows, as the fight evened out in the third round, with both boxers trading one-two punches. Rosner and Kalas danced around the center of the ring until the round ended and Rosner was declared the winner.

Anna Heffron def. Elizabeth Strehlow
Senior Anna Heffron and freshman Elizabeth Strehlow began the first round tentatively but quickly started trading decisive blows. Heffron took control of the ring and backed Strehlow into a corner using a mix of body and head shots. Strehlow landed body blows in the second round, but Heffron threw a strong right hook to end the round. Both boxers swung aggressively in the third round, but Heffron kept Strehlow on the defensive and held on for a victory by unanimous decision.

Maeve “Maeverick” Donovan def. Mara “Moose on the Loose” Walsh
Freshman Maeve Donovan and senior Mara Walsh began their matchup with an aggressive flurry of punches. Donovan used body blows in the first round to back Walsh up to the ropes. Walsh responded by forcing Donovan into a corner and delivering multiple punches in the second round. Both came out on their toes to start the third round, with neither side holding a decisive advantage. Donovan came through with a split decision victory.

Victoria “Every K.O. Begins With” Kay def. Katherine “K Money” Herrmann
Senior Katherine Herrmann began the first round on the offensive, but senior Victoria Kay guarded her face well against the blows. Kay landed multiple body and face punches in the second round. Herrmann responded with right hooks. Throughout the third round, Kay and Herrmann circled each other in the center of the ring and Kay held the advantage for the victory by unanimous decision.
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Sports Writer
Hannah “The Mean Slovene” Skrbis def. Clare Kossler
Sophomore Hannah Skrbis lived up to her nickname and overpowered freshman Clare Kossler in a win by unanimous decision. Skrbis landed jabs and strong rights to get ahead in the first round. Kossler could not recover, and Skribis landed more blows in the second round to pull away. Skrbis kept up the pressure in the third round and landed blow after blow until the final bell secured the unanimous decision.

Rachel “The Ringer” Wright def. Nikki “The Gremlin” Murgas
With a strong rally in the third round, senior Rachel Wright defeated sophomore Nikki Murgas by a split decision. In the first two rounds, Wright and Murgas both landed blows, but Murgas had a slight edge. Wright came out strong at the beginning of the third round and surged ahead in the bout before both fighters traded strong punches as the final round ended before Wright grabbed the split decision win.

Molly Allare def. Clarissa “Schadenfreude” Schwab
Junior Molly Allare dominated the final two rounds to triumph over sophomore Clarissa Schwab and secure a unanimous decision. Both fighters traded powerful blows early, before Allare had a period of sustained advantage late in the first round. Allare landed a strong punch that nearly ended the match at the beginning of the second round and rode the momentum to drive Schwab into the ropes. In the third round, Allare landed strong blows and continued to drive Schwab against the ropes to secure the unanimous decision.

Annalise “Feel the Burn” Burnette def. Kendra “the Seattle Storm” Reiser
Sophomore Annalise Burnette gained a slight advantage in the first two rounds then rode a strong third round to a victory by unanimous decision over junior Kendra Reiser. Both boxers landed jabs in the first round, but Reiser gained a the edge with her crisp technique. Burnette and Reiser fought energetically in the second round and third round before Burnette pulled ahead and grabbed the unanimous decision.

Ryan Russ def. Ann Caglioti
Senior Ryan Russ defeated sophomore Ann Caglioti in the second round by referee-stopped contest. Caglioti landed the most decisive blows of the first round to get ahead early, but the bout changed instantly when Russ came out with all cylinders firing in the second round. Russ landed a series of powerful hits that forced the referee to stop the match and award her the victory.

Gina “I’m not Sorry” Rogari def. Catherine “You’re Gonna Be” Bentzen
Senior Gina Rogari defeated senior Catherine Bentzen by unanimous decision. Rogari landed the strongest blows early on and continued her advantage in the second round and overpowered Bentzen. In the third round, Rogari landed a series of punches to secure the unanimous victory.

Katie “Klock Em” Lockhart def. Emily “Emdawg” Popovich
Sophomore Katie Popovich won by unanimous decision over sophomore Katie Lockhart. Both fighters landed sharp blows to start the match, but Popovich gained a slight advantage. In the second round, Popovich and Lockhart continued to match each other’s punches. Popovich secured her victory, however, with a strong third round over Lockhart.
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Sports Writer
Kirby “Super Smash” McKenna def. Ally “Alpal the Hoodrat” Weaver
Senior Kirby McKenna earned a victory by unanimous decision over junior Ally Weaver. McKenna started off the first round with several punches to the head and midsection of Weaver. Weaver rebounded and came out strong in the second round, using her long reach to her advantage, but McKenna stayed even until the second bell. Both fighters started the third round with energy and intensity, but McKenna pulled away for the win.
Liz Garvin def. Jessica “Sting Like a Bee” Balko
The senior Garvin utilized her quickness and persistence to earn a unanimous decision victory against the sophomore Balko. Garvin forced Balko to stay on the defense for most of the first round with several vicious right hooks and combinations. Her onslaught of punches continued into the second round, with Balko managing only a few swings. In the final round, Garvin kept up her energy and quickness to solidify the strong win.

Tori White def. Mary “Bringing the Heat” Calderon
Junior Tori White came away with a win by unanimous decision over sophomore Mary Calderon. White began the fight with a relentless series of punches that backed Calderon into a corner for most of the round before Calderon was able to escape. At the start of the second round, White landed a hard shot to the face that caused the referee to stop the fight momentarily. After the break, White landed another blow only a few moments later after backing Calderon into the ropes. A tired Calderon tried to stand tall against White in the third round, but White did not let up.

Kendall Johnson def. Amy Klopfenstein
Senior Kendall Johnson pulled out a split decision victory against senior Amy Klopfenstein in a fast-paced fight. Johnson and Klopfenstein both kept the tempo up in the first round of this intense and evenly matched bout. Johnson stayed low to the ground and was able to punch upwards into the face of Klopfenstein. The two maintained the high energy throughout the second round, dancing around the ring at a fast tempo. In the third round, both fighters landed solid hits. Klopfenstein landed a vicious right hook as Johnson started to tire but Johnson caught a second wind near the end and held on for the win.

Mary “The Mean Machine” Green def. Therese “The Beast” Cushing,
Sophomore Mary Green and freshman Therese Cushing fought out a hard-hitting match, with Green pulling out the split-decision victory. The first round started off with an exchange of powerful punches between the two. Cushing landed several hard shots on Green’s face as the two got tangled up, but Green took advantage of some gaps in Cushing’s defense to connect on several solid punches. The second round was close as both fighters slowed down, showing signs of exhaustion. The third round was just as even to start, but Green took the fight thanks to a few hard combinations to Cushing’s body at the beginning of the round.

Anna “The Maine-iac” Cormack def. Imani “Parks and Wreck” Parker
Senior Anna Cormack’s barrage of strong punches gave her a unanimous decision victory against sophomore Imani Parker. Cormack started off the first round on the offensive, backing Parker into the corner. Even after Parker escaped, Cormack continued to land hard hits to Parker’s body. Parker came out determined and rallied in the second round, but after a few successful shots, she was again backed into the corner by Cormack. Parker started to make a comeback in the third round, pushing Cormack back on defense, before she began to tire. By the end of the fight, Carmack had landed several more hard shots.
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Sports Writer
Erin “Dixie Danger” Wilson def. Stephanie “Slobes” Lobaccaro
Hometown graduate student Erin Wilson weathered an early flurry of punches from opposing senior Stephanie Lobaccaro to claim the victory. Lobaccaro came out of the gates with a fast, free-swinging approach, but Wilson stayed composed and was able to land more punches in the round. The second round featured more of the same, with Lobaccaro doing most of the movement and Wilson landing left jabs and right hooks. Wilson took advantage of her opponent’s exhaustion in the decisive third round, dodging Lobaccaro’s swings and initiating more of her own to claim the unanimous victory.

Valerie “Vallswag” Williams def. Norah “The Iron Girl” Griffin
Junior Valerie Williams used her mobility and speed to take the unanimous victory over sophomore Norah Griffin. Williams came out bouncing around the ring in the first round, landing several shots to the body of Griffin. She brought the same energy to the start of round two, though Griffin was able to land a number of blows midway through the round. Williams, however, seized control of the fight with a flurry of punches to close out the second round and maneuvered her way through an even third round to earn the win.

Shannon “The Glommer” Bugos def. Kathleen Ashcraft
Sophomore Shannon Bugos came out strong, keeping junior Kathleen Ashcraft on the defensive for most of the bout en route to victory by unanimous decision. Bugos set the tone early in the first round, using a strong combination of alternating body and head shots to knock down Ashcraft. The second round saw Ashcraft come out with a strong flurry of punches, but Bugos quickly regained the pace of the fight. After a slow start to the third round for both boxers, Bugos sealed the victory with a few strong right hooks and a final frenzy of punches to Ashcraft’s head.

Therese “T-Pain” Germain def. Kristen Jackson
Junior Therese Germain put senior Kristen Jackson on the defensive from the moment the bell rang to secure the win by unanimous decision. Jackson shielded her head, but Germain pounded away with several body shots as the first round progressed. In round two, Germain alternated between attacking Jackson’s body and head as Jackson had no answer to her opponent’s aggressiveness. Jackson came out with renewed determination in the beginning of the final round, landing a number of left hooks to Germain’s body. Germain, however, remained calm and took control of the round to coast to victory.

Courtney “Watch That Wright Hook” Wright def. Rachel Thompson
After a fast-paced, intense start, freshman Courtney Wright was able to defeat sophomore Rachel Thompson by unanimous decision. For the early part of the first round, Thompson utilized her size advantage and landed some strong left jabs to hold Wright at bay, but Wright worked to control the fight as the round progressed. Throughout the second round, Thompson landed a few more left jabs but Wright maintained control of both the pace and the bout. Thompson came out with determination in the final round, tiring Wright out, but it was too late, as she ran out of time to even the fight.

Jennifer “Fitz of Fury” Fitzpatrick def. Shannon “Motion to Strike” Hughes
Senior Jennifer Fitzpatrick used her long arms to hold off law student Shannon Hughes for a victory by unanimous decision. After a fast paced start, Fitzpatrick continually used a strong and fast left jab to keep herself out of the shorter Hughes’ reach in the first round. This continued throughout the fight as Hughes attempted to get in close to land punches, but instead it opened her up to more jabs as Fitzpatrick seized the victory.

Emily Laurent def. Nicole Acaso
Sophomore Emily Laurent used her extra height to her advantage as she held off senior Nicole Acaso for much of the match en route to a unanimous decision victory. Laurent quickly seized control in the first round with a number of quick counter jabs as Acaso opened herself up trying to get within striking distance. At the beginning of round two, Laurent landed a solid left jab-right hook combination. Laurent started the third round with a fast string of left jabs, and assured her unanimous victory.
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Sports Writer
Colby “Hammer down” Hoyer def. Ava “Ninja” Stachelski
In a fight laden with hooks, the ferocity of junior Colby Hoyer overpowered her fellow junior Ava Stachelski for a victory by unanimous decision. After both boxers exchanged head shots in the first round, Hoyer took over in the second round to secure the win. After Stachelski landed a solid jab to Hoyer’s face, Hoyer ratcheted up her intensity to another gear. Her ferocity carried over to the third round, where Stachelski took multiple punches to the face until the round and fight ended.

Amanda Peña def. Janelle Wanzek
Junior Amanda Peña used a strong first round and a dominant third to secure the unanimous decision over sophomore Janelle Wanzek. Peña started the fight strong, landing two punches to the head, followed by three body shots. Wanzek responded by hitting Peña with a jab to the face in the opening seconds of the second round. Peña pushed Wanzek back to the ropes, using her strong footwork and a number of combinations. The defensive battle continued in the third round for Wanzek, as Peña pushed her up against the ropes early on. After repeatedly landing one-two punches to Wanzek’s face, the referee pulled Peña off. The fight continued until the bell and Peña earned the victory.

Carrera Brown def. Aubrey “Kick Some” Butts
Senior Aubrey Butts came out ready to fight, but failed to land any hard blows on sophomore Carrera Brown, who won by unanimous decision. Midway through the first round, Brown began to land powerful head shots through the gloves of Butts, using her strong right hook. The second round saw a barrage of punches from Butts as she pushed Brown back. Brown, however, dominated the third round, as the sophomore used jabs to the head to open up Butts to body shots and earn the victory.

Cathy “Chuka-WHAT?” Chukwulebe def. Jessica “Hot Mess” Hendricks
Both fighters came out patiently, waiting for the perfect opportunity, until the third round, when senior Cathy Chukwulebe defeated sophomore Jessica Hendricks by referee stopped the contest. Chukwulebe held the height advantage and began using her left jab halfway through the first round, landing seven head shots in a row before the referee could separate the fighters. In the second round, Hendricks stayed on the defensive, battling off more left jabs and a dislodged face guard. By the third round, Chukwulebe began aiming for the knockout punch, continually turning to the right hook, until the referee called the fight in favor of Chukwulebe.

Sarah “Maverick” McCarthy def. Lindsay Karcher
Senior Sarah McCarthy won by a split decision over sophomore Lindsay Karcher. Karcher started the fight with heavy, powerful punches, while McCarthy matched her intensity, trading blow for blow. Despite Karcher’s height advantage, McCarthy landed two hard shots to the face guard before the end of the first round. The second round remained close, as the fighters locked up early, until McCarthy hit