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Worst Thing Ever: ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Maddie Daly | Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It is simply the worst when something has been built up for years, loved dearly, had enough anticipation to invoke nervous fits and screams of excitement and then suddenly comes crashing down to the ground, destroying all previous expectations and positive emotions. Thank you, “How I Met Your Mother,” for ruining everything you used to be. You are the worst thing ever. 

As a loyal fan, I have seen every episode and loved every season, up until Season Nine.  It has always been a show I look forward to watching every Monday night; yet this season I have struggled to stay caught up based on a lack of interest.  

The fact that the entire show is built around the revelation of who Ted will marry placed so much pressure on the final season that it arguably could never live up to all the anticipation. Every season finale revealed tiny hints about the mysterious mother, and the Season Eight finale finally showed her face after promises of introducing the much-awaited character. Season Nine, therefore, was meant to finish off the story of how they got married. So far, all it has shown is future encounters between the two surrounded by ridiculous, unrealistic antics between the other characters. 

First of all, the entire season is supposedly happening over the span of one weekend, the weekend of Robin and Barney’s wedding. All the crew is there, besides Marshall, who is having some traveling difficulties, but the fact that they are not having drinks at McLaren’s or hanging out at Marshall and Lily’s apartment just throws something off. Also, the constant jokes the hotel employee makes concerning Ted’s single status are cliché and exaggerated, not to mention overused. And speaking of overused, if I hear Lily call for Linus one more time after finishing or dropping a drink, I’m going to throw my own glass on the floor. The lines are repetitive and boring, unlike anything ever written for the beginning seasons.  

“How I Met Your Mother” has produced so many original jokes known by viewers and non-viewers alike that the lack thereof in Season Nine is deeply upsetting. Lines are cheesy and unoriginal, causing me to cringe rather than laugh. Also, instead of being subtly romantic and full of symbolism (i.e., anything yellow, namely the umbrella), the encounters with future Mrs. Mosby are tacky, predictable and overly romantic and mushy. I never expected Ted’s proposal to be on a lighthouse that was just introduced in Season Nine; it should have been somewhere that actually stemmed from the other eight seasons.  

I would never be writing this article about “How I Met Your Mother” if the series had ended with Season Eight, or even Season Seven. The show has dragged on for eight years and easily could have ended much earlier. As much as I appreciate a show that is able to last so long with a consistent cast, I think there is a point when originality just comes to a halt. There is only so much funny material a writer can come up with before they start to take ideas from the vault of clichés.  

Arguably even more disappointing than the bad jokes and poorly written script is the choice of actress for the mother. Cristin Milioti is too little, perfect and squeaky; I pictured someone much less feminine and more Robin-like. That’s just one more reason why season nine of “How I Met Your Mother” is the worst thing ever. 

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