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As Scene on TV: “Archer” S. 5, Ep. 1

| Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PrintSteph Wulz

Sterling Archer’s dream world of shady reconnaissance, world traveling, borderline alcoholism, and free rides couldn’t last forever.  Aided by his complex relationship with his mom/boss, who consistently wavers between enabling and mistreating, Archer was able to keep it up for a while.  But, of course, it had to come to an end at some point.  And like everything else in “Archer,” it had to end bombastically.

So, within two minutes of the Season 5 premiere starting, the ISIS office blows up.  After a confusing ambush of unidentified origin, it turns out the spy agency had been conducting espionage without permission from the U.S. Government.  The building exploded as a result of a flash bang and attack by the rather uncoordinated FBI; in a turn very in line with the world created by the series, even the government organizations don’t exactly have it all together.

The ISIS crew gets taken into FBI headquarters for questioning, and while at first they refuse to talk, they all quickly cave in exchange for immunity, a move that would shock absolutely no one.  Through a series of vague, referential confessions by each employee, some of the company’s finest moments are dug up.  Unfortunately, the FBI agents never agreed to the immunity claims before the employees started rattling off dirty laundry.  Destined for unisex prisons, Archer and Lana take their interrogators hostage and then free the rest.  By the time they get to Malory, they’ve added kidnapping to their long list of crimes.

Luckily, Malory bargained to forfeit ISIS and its headquarters in a deal that waves the charges for everyone involved in its illegal operations.  Everyone regroups at ISIS for one last meeting, and to decide what to do with the one ton haul of cocaine ISIS has been casually sitting on.

And with that, Sterling Archer gets to transition from one dream world to another: drug cartel boss.  If even a third of the scenes shown at the end of tonight’s episode occur over the course of the rest of the season—and weren’t just a montage of Archer’s wild imagination for “Archer Vice”—this season will be insanely eventful.

All the quick cuts of what’s to come bring a lot of excitement and expectation.  Like any reboot, there’s sure to be a lot of uncertainty and anticipation, but in the case of this show much more of the latter.  With the change of scenery, I’m hoping for high serialization, a new lexicon for the writers to play around with and the characters to misinterpret—one of the best things about the show’s witted dialog—twelve more outrageous plots, and one ton of rewarding cocaine-brick jokes.  All in all, it seems like we’re set up for a crazy season.


Other Notables:

-In obvious realizations, Cyril admits, “Gee, when you list all of the things ISIS has done, it sounds kinda…bad.”

-All the casts’ fallback jobs are incredible — and certifiably delusional.

-What we presumably have to look forward to over the rest of the season: Cheryl has a No. 14 Country Single, Pam tells some high-tempered people the group is “hauling a sh*t load of cocaine,” Archer may accidentally invade Laos, and everyone gets trapped “Life of Pi”-style on a raft.

-Other than that, I’m excited to be covering this season of “Archer,” and for all of you to be watching along with me.  DANGER ZONE!! Right…?

-Also, who didn’t call Brett as the member of ISIS to die after the team behind the show promoted the premiere by confirming a death?

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