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Girls: S. 3, Ep. 3

| Saturday, January 25, 2014

PrintSteph Wulz

“It’s truly amazing that you all accomplished so little in your four years after college.” Yet another gem from Shoshanna, and a reminder why I watch this show. It never fails to remind me that there are women out there messing up even more than I am, and they aren’t even in college anymore. Sunday night’s episode of “Girls” delivers on the funny, the sentimental and the simply true, though it’s a little short on the weird, due to an absence of Jessa.

Marnie is back to her normal amount of onscreen presence, and she’s featured in one of the highlights of the episode, a cheesy self produced youtube video. The video reeks of the early 2000s, and is complete with techy voice effects.

The episode also featured a karaoke scene. In classic Marnie selfishness, she forces Hannah in front of a crowd of people to sing a song from “Rent” with her. It’s Hannah’s birthday and she has asked to not sing, but Marnie loves all chances to debut her budding talent. Classic Marnie.

Ray’s character is going through something of a phase, or a depression I should say. He is still not over his break up with Shoshanna, and it is never more present than when his face is centered in the screen as he stares at Shosh through a window and the chorus of a song repeats “won’t you please let me go.” He has a conversation with Shoshanna in which he summarizes her sophomoric phase with the line “cool cigarette.” We discover along with Ray that Shoshanna is meeting her new beaus on the street these days, using lines like, “Do you have any dank weed?”

Adam’s sister Caroline, who I will forevermore refer to as Crazy Caroline, debuts in this episode. She does not fail to stir up trouble at Hannah’s party (biting Ray), and later when she puts the kibosh on Hannah’s birthday sex. So far Caroline is bizarre, but not terribly funny or interesting. However, she has great potential, and I cannot wait till next week to see her eat someone’s face, or pee on a table or something nearly as crazy as her flirting technique was in this episode (again, biting Ray?).

Adam and Hannah seem better than ever in this episode, especially when Adam gifts Hannah a tooth necklace. Yeah, I know, he gives her one of his old baby teeth on a string. How has it not rot by now? Did his parents shellac his baby teeth? Honestly, the parents of Adam and Crazy Caroline probably do shellac remnants of their children. Anyway, he gives her the tooth necklace, she loves it, it’s a vaguely adorable scene, and enter Crazy Caroline. In a potentially foreshadowing turn of events she ruins their romantic mood, and the episode ends with Hannah and Adam sitting on the bed awkwardly silent. Hannah finally asks, “Do you still want to have sex?” She is shot down, and the episode fades out as Hannah says, “That makes sense.” As if to say Adam finally rejecting her makes sense. I can hardly imagine what next week has in store for us. Will the presence of Crazy Caroline continue to strain Hannah and Adam’s relationship? Will Jessa begin to deal with her drug problems? Will Marnie finally get over Charlie and get a real job? Will Ray finally pull himself out of whiny, sad, getting drunk and acting like an idiot phase?

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