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Do you believe in science?

| Monday, February 17, 2014

I was thinking about global-warming nudge science in general. Science takes a theory for how something works in the world and either proves it, disproves it or says that, currently, the answer is not known. This is usually done with evidence.

So, what do people using the scientific method say about whether or not global warming is happening? Are they credible? Is science credible?

If you don’t think or believe global warming is happening, you don’t think the scientists are correct. By the scientists, read almost every scientist who has studied this particular question. If you don’t believe these people, these scientists, these experts in the field, then you don’t believe in science.

If you still don’t believe in global warming and thus don’t believe in science, then do me a favor, give me your cell phone. Give me your clothes. Give me your accessories. Give me your home and everything you own. Without science, none of the modern conveniences would be possible. In fact, without science, more than half of the people reading this would be dead by college age, due to some curable disease, lack of food or general violence.

Name one thing in your life science did not contribute to. Oh, the Bible, you say? What’s it written on? What is used to write it? Paper and ink are the result of science, trial and error, testing the hypothesis or the theory. What else do you have?

You are free to overlook the wonders of science and, thus, global warming; you are the hoax. You’re hoaxing yourself into believing manure (which also turns out to be a result of elementary science when it comes to farming). Also, give me your phone, seriously, especially if it is new and has more memory, because my phone doesn’t have enough.

Rob McKeon
Ph.D class of 2010
Ambridge, Penn.
Feb. 16

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