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A liberal apology

| Monday, February 24, 2014

I would like to congratulate Mr. Gianfalla on his column “The left’s intolerant ‘tolerance’” (Feb. 18), in which he nailed the Democratic Party. You have thoroughly demoralized me and my fellow liberals, who are always waving our so-called tolerance in your face and not making off-hand misogynistic comments while doing so.

I simply cannot argue with Mr. Gianfalla. It is quite clear that the Democratic Party is not tolerant of the bigoted and intolerant, and ipso facto the party is intolerant, since the meaning of tolerance is obviously accepting all views with no opposition and thereby having no real stance on anything. That’s just fair and balanced logic. For years, we have clearly been blind to the effects of our bigoted ways of opposing those who hold prejudiced beliefs, which call for the exclusion of certain groups from the full enjoyment of their human rights. You are right, Mr. Gianfalla, to show us that this vehement opposition to Conservatives has only introduced more hate and bigotry into the world in the form of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, the 19th Amendment and Brown v. Board of Education.

I cannot believe liberals don’t recognize it as support for traditional marriage when someone vilifies homosexuality. From now on, we will not be so belligerent towards those who persecute homosexuals, who are so obviously out to sabotage conventional marriage. My parents have often told me their so many years of traditional marriage would mean nothing if another form of marriage was permitted to coexist with traditional marriage.

I am so glad Mr. Gianfalla condemned the liberals’ “war on the wealthy” because all that bloodshed has to stop. Oh wait, there’s no actual violence? Or, rather the seizing of wealthy individuals’ accounts — oh wait, that’s not happening either? Well, the calls for a truly progressive tax system and for addressing income inequality, which definitely merit the term “war,” must end. And if anyone still doesn’t think this has become a war, then please tell me why the liberals enlisted the help of a foreign theocrat who rules from his Golden Throne in Rome to spread their un-American message?
Mr. Gianfalla also made great points about other issues that I do not have the space to cover here. Overall, it is clear the Democratic Party does not “spew tolerance” in the way we often claim to spew it. I am glad our eyes are now opened to our intolerance. Democrats should definitely return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but not as much those new parts with the “tolerance” of universal suffrage and equal protection under the law because it would be intolerant of us to oppose the intolerance of our Founding Fathers.

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