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Your guide to dorm décor

| Sunday, March 30, 2014

dorm_decor_header_WEBMaria Massa
In light of recent room picks, PB Teen enthusiasts have already started mapping out their grand decor plans for next year. If you’re among them, don’t fret if you didn’t get the quad you’ve always dreamed of ¾ it doesn’t mean your dorm will be a nightmare. With these three tips, a dedicated designer like you can easily spruce up a small space.

Rule number one: Don’t underestimate the body pillow. The body pillow, popular with pregnant women and college students alike, offers a therapeutic balance of cushion and support. If you don’t like having layers of fluff piled on top of you while you sleep, you can easily remove the body pillow from your sleeping surface with one fluid arm movement. It takes less time and effort than tossing a zoo of Pillow Pets on the floor, an action that could cause animal rights activists to raise their eyebrows. If you and your special friend like to gaze at glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your ceiling, the body pillow serves as a headrest for two. To let you in on a secret, the body pillow is the loveseat of the twenty-first century. If you don’t have one, you won’t have love, so you better buy one before the St. Ed’s yacht dance rolls around.

Rule number two: Snag paraphernalia. Don’t steal the posters off the walls in your dorm, but check with your rector to see if you’re allowed to bring the posters from the stairwell into your room after the advertised event occurs. That way, your walls will be polka-dotted with posters to remind you of those life-changing conferences you meant to attend. You may not have gone to a single TEDxUND Talk, but simply gazing at the poster will inspire ingenuity and impress your parents when they come to visit. Did I mention the posters are free?

Rule number three: Trade the futon for a beanbag chair. Futons work well for game watches or prospie visits, but if your room is already crammed with giant jars of animal crackers, you may want to opt for the classic beanbag chair. If you bonded with beanbag chairs in the children’s section of the library, plopping down will remind you of those days when you read for fun. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even put down your organic chemistry book and pick up “Hop on Pop.” Just remember: Your pop thought it was cute to jump on him when you weighed 40 pounds, but now that you feast on fro-yo five times a week, you should refrain from hopping on him. Unless, of course, you want to keep Easter Vigil in a hospital bed.

A large part of the fun of decorating is invention, so feel free to come up with your own decorating ideas. You can glean inspiration from magazines and Pinterest, but never underestimate your own creative power.

In sum, don’t be afraid of lofty goals. Don’t be afraid to loft your bed. If you’re like me, though, you may want to wear a helmet before you pick up a hammer.

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