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Sending Off Senior Standups

| Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sending_Off_Senior_Standups_WebSteph Wulz | The Observer

Thursday night, the Student Standups will have its last, and most syllabically alliterated, performance of the year. The group boasts a loaded set list with slots from its officers and some of its longest-tenured members, many of whom will be celebrating their final show before graduation.  The comedians will perform in Legends at 10 p.m.  Profiles of the performing senior members follow:

Name: Shelley Kim

Years in Stand-Up: 4           

Plans After College: Being pathetically nostalgic.

Favorite Thing About Notre Dame: The exhilarating tornado alerts.

Your Biggest or Most Irrational Fear in Life: Finding myself in situations where I regret never learning CPR, self-defense martial arts, or how to tie a tie.

Dream Gig: Making Bruce Springsteen chuckle.

Biggest Comedic Influences: For non-professional comics, the Student Standups. I’m obsessed with all of them and how hilarious and brilliant they all are — you’re coming to the show, right?

Name: Aaron Weber

Years in Stand-Up: 3

Plans After College: Hopefully I’ll be working in a tollbooth outside Des Moines, Iowa (fingers crossed!).

Favorite Thing About Notre Dame: Café de Grasta. Shoutout to Matt Tryniecki for making the best chicken wraps this side of the Mississippi.

Your Biggest or Most Irrational Fear in Life: People always say “it’s like riding a bike,” but I haven’t ridden a bike in like 5-6 years. I’m terrified that I’ve forgotten how. 

Dream Lineup: Pat McManus opening for the Salad Guy at North Dining Hall

Biggest Comedic Influences: Kevin James, Brian Regan, Pat McManus

Name: Jackie Garvin

Years in Stand-Up: 1

Plans After College: 乖狼혼櫓벌槨죄싱亶匡。 (I want to go to China in order to teach English.)

Favorite Thing About Notre Dame: The Sun.

Your Biggest or Most Irrational Fear in Life: I’m self conscious about how confident I am.

Dream Lineup: “What Does This Question Even Mean?” followed by “I Don’t Understand the Question.”

Biggest Comedic Influences: Pat McManus and the guy that wrote “Garfield: The Movie.”

Name: Paul Frierott

Years in Stand-Up: 1

Plans After College: To continue my streak of not dying yet.

Favorite Thing About Notre Dame: Attending lectures and taking useful notes when I feel like it.

Your Biggest or Most Irrational Fear in Life: Mall kiosks.

Dream Set List: Two hours of assorted fart noises.

Biggest Comedic Influences: Brown paper bags, freshly-cut grass, Pat McManus, a half-eaten apple.

Name: Mike Duggan 

Years in Stand-Up: 2

Plans After College: Working for IBM.

Favorite Thing About Notre Dame: The community.

Your Biggest or Most Irrational Fear in Life: Cheese.

Dream Gig: Hosting Late Show on CBS.

Biggest Comedic Influences: Stephen Colbert, Bob Newhart, Zach Galifianakis.

The Student Standups ensure this will be the final chance to catch them before the end of the year.  Take some time away from the increasing dreary of your eminent finals to have a talented group of students make your face ache, an act that’s only fair to even out with the pains on your brain. If you don’t make it, the joke’s on you, and those in attendance will have the first and last laugh.

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