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Boxers fight in semis

, , , , and | Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Casey Gelchion def. Judy Scharf

The first bout of the night in Ring B was between Casey Gelchion, a sophomore from Badin, and Judy Scharf, an off­-campus senior. Gelchion landed two strong jabs to Scharf’s head to start the bout, but Scharf countered with a flurry to force a stoppage at the end of the first round. The second round opened with both boxers landing multiple body blows. Gelchion’s chinstrap came undone, forcing another stoppage, but once the fight resumed, the barrage continued with both boxers connecting jabs to the head. The third round opened with two powerful jabs to the head by Gelchion, but Scharf used her long reach to fend her off. As fatigue set in, both boxers traded punches. Gelchion was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Dionne Sandoval def. Renee Griffin

The second match of the night featured off­-campus senior Dionne Sandoval against Renee Griffin, a sophomore from Farley. Sandoval got going early by landing multiple blows within the first ten seconds of the fight. This flurry set the tone for the rest of the match, forcing Griffin to fight defensively. The second round was similar to the first, with Griffin struggling to keep Sandoval at bay. Sandoval started the final round by pummeling Griffin with a combination of blows to the head and body, which never allowed Griffin the opportunity to rally. Sandoval was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Erin O’Brien def. Courtney Wright

The third bout of the night pitted Erin O’Brien, a senior from Lewis, against Courtney Wright, a sophomore from Farley. Wright, the taller of the two fighters, tried to go on the offensive early, but O’Brien matched her jab for jab. After one round, the two were evenly matched. Wright again started the second round strong, but O’Brien battled back, keeping the bout in a stalemate. During the final round, the fighters went punch for punch, with O’Brien landing a right hook in the final seconds. The winner of this bout was O’Brien by unanimous decision.

Victoria White def. Cecelia Allison

The fourth match-up was between Victoria White, a senior representing Ryan, and Cecelia Allison, a freshman from Welsh ­Family. White started the bout strong with an early uppercut. White performed at a high level in the first round by connecting on jabs to the body to set up strong punches to Allison’s head. White continued her dominance in the second round by landing two quick uppercuts, which forced the fight to stop as Allison was treated for a bloody nose. White did not slow down in the third round and went on to defeat Allison by unanimous decision.

Rachel Nave def. Shelby Clingen

The fifth bout of the night saw Rachel Nave, a graduate student, fight against junior Shelby Clingen from Ryan Hall. Nave was the smaller of the two boxers, but she found success with a unique technique. Nave kept her left hand in front of Clingen’s face to obscure her vision while connecting on jabs with her right hand. In the second round, Nave came out strong, but Clingen managed to fight her way back into the match. The third round was largely a stalemate, with Nave landing a few body shots only to have Clingen answer back with a few shots of her own. After three hard rounds, Nave was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Hannah Skrbis def. Maggie Best

The night’s sixth match featured junior Hannah Skrbis from Lewis against Maggie Best, an off­-campus senior. Skrbis started the fight vigorously, connecting on multiple jabs to Best’s head while dodging her attempted punches. Twice in the first round, the official had to stop the fight for Best to readjust her headgear. Skrbis carried her dominance into the second round by forcing Best onto the ropes twice. Skrbis’ powerful right hook proved to be too much for Best as the match wore on. At the end of the third round, Skrbis was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Amanda “Boxing Panda” Leung def. Mia “The Hulk” Hogan-Davis

The night kicked off in Ring A with a bout between senior Amanda ”Boxing Panda” Leung of Lyons and sophomore Mia “The Hulk” Hogan-Davis of Pasquerilla East. As soon as the bell sounded, both fighters came out swinging. Each landed several good sequences. After a flurry of jabs, the two backed off for the rest of the round. The second round featured much of the same, with Leung landing a nice sequence of punches near the end of the period. In the third round, Leung came out firing and had Hogan-Davis pinned against the ropes on two separate occasions. Leung won a by unanimous decision against Hogan-Davis.

Victoria Janssen def. Kiley “Khaleesi” Cox

The second fight of the night in Ring A pitted junior Kiley “Khaleesi” Cox from Badin against junior Victoria Janssen, representing Lewis. Janssen had a very strong start to the first round and landed multiple shots to the head along with some body blows. Cox countered with a sequence of blows to the head at the end of the round. Cox continued the momentum she built at the end of the first round into the second and put Janssen on the defensive. The third round was very even. Both fighters opted for quick punches instead of holding out for one big one. When the decision was announced, Janssen won a split-decision victory.

Grace “In Your Face” Choe def. Caroline “String Bean” Skulski

Junior Grace “In Your Face” Choe from Ryan battled sophomore Caroline “String Bean” Skulski, from Lewis. In the first round and throughout the match, both fighters were very quick on their feet. In the second round, Choe gained a slight advantage with her excellent footwork and speed. She employed the strategy of allowing Skulski to attack her and then counterattacking, catching Skulski off balance.  At the end of the third round, Choe won by unanimous decision.

Liz “Beast from the East” Zolper def. Lauren “Fierce” Pierce

Senior Liz “Beast from the East” Zolper of Pasquerilla East took on Lauren “Fierce” Pierce from Farley.  In the first round, Zolper put Pierce on the defensive and used her aggressive fighting style to land multiple body blows. In the second round, Zolper connected on two low blows and was reprimanded by the referee both times. Pierce started strong in the third round, and Zolper moved away from the body blows she used in the first two rounds, opting instead for head shots. Even though Pierce gave a strong effort, Zolper won by unanimous decision.

Elizabeth “Tiny Texan” Vista def.  Monica Ulrich

Monica Ulrich, a sophomore from Lyons, took on Elizabeth “Tiny Texan” Vista, a sophomore resident of McGlinn. The first two rounds were very even, with Ulrich landing some solid punches, even knocking Vista’s headgear off-kilter and forcing the match to be halted temporarily. Vista came out swinging in the third round, but Ulrich countered with a strong sequence of her own in the middle of the round. Both fighters ended the bout strong, and the judges took a long time before crowning a winner. When the decision came down, it was announced that Vista had won by split-decision.

Nikki Murgas def. Margaret “Boom Boom Pow” Zhao

In the sixth fight of the night in Ring A, Nikki Murgas, a junior from Pangborn, fought fellow junior Margaret “Boom Boom Pow” Zhao from Farley. Murgas came out very strong in the first round and landed multiple hard punches. She favored her right hand, using strong uppercuts and hooks, which proved to be very effective. Zhao ducked a few punches to start the second round, but Murgas recovered and kept Zhao on the defensive. The third round was much of the same, and Murgas won by unanimous decision.

“Wouldn’t Want to Meet her in an” Ali Gibson def. Kat “Claws Out” Gonzales

This all-Pasquerilla East matchup saw an even matchup as junior Kat Gonzales danced around and tied up Gibson, a fellow junior, several times. After a first round in which neither fighter had a clear edge, both boxers came out in the second throwing a flurry of punches, going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Gonzales began the third round with another maelstrom of punches, but Gibson countered in a strong fashion, landing a ferocious right hook that caused Gonzales to wobble momentarily. Moments before the final bell, the referee stopped the fight to ensure Gonzales could continue. The limited number of strong punches that Gibson was able to land ultimately proved enough to earn her the unanimous decision victory.

Katie “House” Heussman def. Elia Castillo

Junior Katie Heussman had the clear height and reach advantages over fellow junior Elia Castillo, and she used it to her advantage in the opening round. Nevertheless, Castillo made the fight more competitive by pushing her opponent to the ropes on a number of occasions. Heussman and Castillo danced around each other for the entire second round. The final round followed the same story, as each fighter landed a few blows and pushed her opponent back, but neither took control of the bout. The fight came down to decision of the judges, who gave a split-decision victory to Heussman.

Shannon “The Glommer” Bugos def. Ellen “De Dangerous” McCourt

In another well-fought bout, junior Shannon Bugos came out landing every punch she threw. Between intense flurries of punches from Bugos, sophomore Ellen McCourt danced her way out of trouble and landed a number of punches. McCourt opened the second round passionately and made the bout up-for-grabs. Bugos responded with a strong start to the last round, forcing the referee to stop the fight at one point. Once action resumed, the fighters traded punches at the center of the ring, with Bugos earning an advantage over McCourt. At the final bell, the fighters embraced in the center of the ring while anticipating the judges’ decision, a unanimous-decision victory in favor of Bugos.

Allison “Knock Down” McKown def. Grace Baumann

Though both fighters were even in height and reach, senior Allison McKown opened the fight on the clear offensive, pushing junior Grace Baumann into the corner almost immediately and forcing a stoppage less than 10 seconds into the bout. McKown forced a second stoppage before the first round ended. The second round followed the same storyline, as McKown was able to land shots to both the body and the head. The final round continued this trend, as McKown dominated. McKown was given a unanimous-decision victory over Baumann.

Jessica “Cold as Ice” Frio def. Anneliese “The Reach” Rinaldi

This fight looked like a draw at first, with sophomore Jessica Frio and junior Anneliese Rinaldi being evenly matched in height, reach, and skill. Both fighters had their own impressive moments in the fight. In the second round, Rinaldi landed hard blows to the face but was unable to take control of the match. In the third and final round, Frio and Rinaldi each made their case to advance to the finals, but neither did so in dominating fashion. The judges eventually gave the split-decision victory to Frio.

Jenna Ivan def. Yomara “Puerto Rican Thunder” Acevedo

Junior Jenna Ivan and sophomore Yomara Acevedo opened their bout by trading punches at the center of the ring, with neither boxer showing any superiority in the opening round. In the second round, the two evenly-matched fighters traded punches. Near the end of the third round, Ivan landed a strong punch that caused the referee to stop the fight and check on Acevedo. The two fighters met in the center of the ring for a hug moments before hearing the judges’ decision, which was unanimous in favor of Ivan.

Shannon “Shagedorn” Hagedorn def. Kathryn “Kitty Kat” Cotter

Senior Shannon “Shagedorn” Hagedorn defeated sophomore Kathryn “Kitty Kat” Cotter by unanimous decision, landing a series of hard right blows to Cotter in the second and third rounds. The momentum volleyed back and forth between the two fighters in the opening round as neither fighter was able to land particularly strong punches. In the final two rounds, however, Hagedorn took over, as she landed a series of jabs with her right hand. The judges unanimously determined Hagedorn to be the victor.

Kristen “Power House” Pieczynski def. Izzy “I-Z-Z-Y Put My Name in Bold” Hillberg

In a closely fought match, sophomore Kristen Pieczynski from Pangborn defeated junior Izzy Hillberg in a split decision. Both fighters were evenly matched in the first two rounds of the fight, as the two traded a series of right punches and jabs with each other in the early going. Coming out with more energy in the final round, Pieczynski’s endurance gave her an advantage, as she was able to finish the fight with a strong right-hand punch and ultimately tilt the bout in her favor. This concluding round effort secured a victory for Pieczynski, as she won the match by split decision.

Morgan McCann def. Jessica “The Princess” Balko

Senior Morgan McCann used junior Jessica Balko’s height against her, as she delivered a series of punches to Balko’s midsection while staying low to the ground throughout the fight. Balko responded by using her long reach to her advantage, landing a few jabs with her right glove, but McCann avoided Balko’s offensive attack. By the conclusion of the third round, McCann had captured the fight’s momentum. The judges unanimously awarded McCann the victory.

Therese “The Beast” Cushing def. Mary “Mare the Bear” Brosnan

Sophomore Therese Cushing came out with strong energy in the first round, as she backed fellow sophomore Mary Brosnan against the ropes multiple times by delivering a series of hard right jabs. The referee was forced to stop the match three times during the first two rounds because of Cushing’s onslaught of punches. Cushing was able to sustain this energy throughout the remainder of the fight, as the sophomore delivered a decisive hard right jab in the match’s final round, securing the victory. Cushing defeated Brosnan by unanimous decision.

Sam “I am” Davies def. Michelle “It’s Hot in Here” Summers

Sophomore Sam Davies outlasted junior Michelle Summers in this bout, as she was able to pull away from Summers in the fight’s final round. Both fighters seemed evenly matched in the fight’s opening two rounds, but Davies took control and came out of the gates strong in the final stanza. She had more energy than Summers, connecting on a number of jabs to secure a victory by unanimous decision over Summers.

Colby “Hammer Down” Hoyer  def. Sarah “Peaches” Toner 

With a clear height advantage over junior Sarah Toner, senior Colby Hoyer started the fight with tremendous energy, landing a number of hard jabs in the round’s opening seconds. This forced the referee to end the match early and declare Hoyer the victor. Hoyer will advance to the next round of the tournament after winning a referee-stopped contest.

Katie Martin def. Erin Sweeney

Juniors Katie Martin and Erin Sweeney were both able to land powerful punches on one another in the first and second rounds. Martin gained some momentum over Sweeney towards the end of the second round. She carried this into the final round, when she forced Sweeney to fight defensively throughout the last stanza. By landing a series of punches in the match’s final minute, Martin earned a unanimous-decision victory over Sweeney.

Val “Valliswag” Williams def. Mercedes “Merciless” De la Rosa

The fight started defensively, with both fighters showing impressive footwork and movement. Neither fighter was able to land many punches. Val Williams, a senior from Pangborn, eventually seized the advantage in the match, but fellow Pangborn sophomore De la Rosa used her quick feet to prevent Williams from landing many punches. Williams managed to land some well-timed punches in the first two rounds, and as the fight opened up in the third and both fighters boxed far more aggressively, Williams got the better of De La Rosa to win by unanimous decision.

Maddie McGovern def. Jennifer Kau

Senior Jennifer Kau and sophomore Maddie McGovern, both Pasquerilla East residents, started the fight offensively and traded several jabs. Kau was more effective early on, but both fighters gradually slowed down towards the end of the first round. Before the end of the round, McGovern gained control of the match. The second round opened very defensively, before a flurry from McGovern put Kau on the ropes. Kau attempted to fight more aggressively, but McGovern put up an impressive defense and continued to land punches. Kau started the third round with a very strong flurry that kept her in the fight, but McGovern replied with a combination of jabs of her own at the end to secure the unanimous victory.

Ava Stachelski def. Caitlyn “Be a Champ” Beauchamp

Both fighters began defensively, but senior Ava Stachelski took the early advantage. Stachelski dodged many of junior Caitlyn Beauchamp’s punches and connected on multiple jabs of her own that were well timed. Stachelski continued to avoid the Pasquerilla West resident’s attacks while landing precise jabs for most of the fight, showing off her quick footwork in the second round. Although Beauchamp managed to corner Stachelski and land a combination of punches in the third round, Stachelski held on to win by unanimous decision.

Emmie “Drop, Lock And” Popovich def. Lauren Mathias

Lewis junior Emmie Popovich and Pasquerilla West sophomore Lauren Mathias showcased their tough defenses throughout the match. Early in the first round, both fighters managed to land a few quick punches, but each boxer’s strategy focused on holding back early. Popovich gradually started to seize the advantage in the second stanza, as she connected on occasional jabs while remaining strong defensively. She continued to defend well in the third round, and at the very end of the fight, she landed a pair of strong jabs to ensure the win by unanimous decision.

Rachel Francis def. Mackenzie “Mac Attack” Smith

The fight began with impressive footwork from both fighters, but Walsh sophomore Rachel Francis took control of the fight late in the first round. Despite sophomore Mackenzie Smith’s quick movements and strong defense, Francis connected on a combination of jabs. Her momentum continued into the second round, as she landed more right hooks before taking control of the tempo. Smith started the third round aggressively but Francis’s defense remained strong. As both fighters slowed down late in the match, Francis  landed the necessary blows to earn her the victory by unanimous decision.

Maggi “Magi” Long def. Melinda Cook

Badin junior Maggi “Magi” Long took on off-campus graduate student Melinda Cook. Long commenced the bout with force, making the first punch and consistently throwing six to seven jabs at a time while Cook responded with a combination of hooks and crosses. In the second and third rounds, Long and Cook continued to throw combination punches that primarily consisted of jabs and crosses. Long’s focused on throwing several jabs and cross combinations aimed at her opponent’s head and moving down to the abdominal area. Cook put in a good effort, at one point throwing a sweeping uppercut that forced Long into the corner of the ring, but she fell short of gaining an advantage. Long won the bout by unanimous decision.

Kathryn “The Kicker” Thompson def. Arantxa “The Hispanic Causing Panic” Garcia Escobar

Lewis sophomore Kathryn “the Kicker” Thompson faced Farley sophomore Arantxa “The Hispanic Causing Panic” Garcia Escobar in one of the most intense bouts of the night. In the first round, Escobar came out strong, throwing sets of jabs and hooks, even utilizing both hands, to attack Thompson’s head. In response, Thompson threw a tremendous counterpunch, knocking Escobar’s headgear off and ending the first round. The second and third rounds followed a similar pattern of jab and cross combinations by Escobar. Each time Escobar drew back, Thompson responded by counterpunching with immense force, knocking off Escobar’s headgear twice more. In the third round, Thompson threw a body shot at Escobar, who proceeded to stumble towards the edge of the ring. Thompson won the bout by unanimous decision.

Molly Allare def. Karlee Blanchard

Off-campus senior Molly Allare dominated Pasquerilla East sophomore Karlee Blanchard. Allare threw the first punch of the bout before Blanchard quickly responded with a combination of uppercuts and jabs. Both fighters were conservative and ended the first round in a standstill. In the second round, Allare’s slight edge became more prominent as she threw jab and hook combinations. Blanchard threw impressive triple uppercut combinations, but with her inability to match the number of punches thrown by Allare, the outcome of the bout became clear. The third round proved to be the most decisive, with Allare’s consistency and endurance resulting in her victory by unanimous decision.

Megan “Ferocious” Fuerst def. Mylan “Mylance” Jefferson

Off-campus senior Megan “Ferocious” Fuerst used a conservative strategy in her victory against Ryan sophomore Mylan “Mylance” Jefferson. Jefferson took the edge during the first round with numerous triple hook-jab-hook combinations. Fuerst, however, held back at first, throwing combinations of controlled jabs and a single powerful hook aiming for the head. In the second round, Fuerst continued the combinations but with greater force, causing Jefferson to stumble to the ring’s edge. After this, Jefferson threw hook and cross combinations with little accuracy. Jefferson did, however, successfully throw some uppercuts to Fuerst’s head and managed to dodge her jabs. Ultimately, Fuerst took the bout by unanimous decision.

Shannon “Shake Down” Hodges def. Laura “Dairy Queen” LeBrun

The intrahall tension was high as sophomore Shannon “Shake Down” Hodges faced fellow Cavanaugh resident junior Laura “Dairy Queen” LeBrun. LeBrun concentrated her early jab-hook combinations on the sides of Hodges’ head. In the first round, Le Brun defended herself with quick hooks and uppercuts against Hodges’ strategy of throwing few punches with impressive force. In the second round, Hodges showed off her endurance by increasing her number of hook-hook-uppercut-uppercut combinations aimed at LeBrun. At one point, LeBrun appeared to mount a comeback as she pushed Hodges across the ring. However, Le Brun’s efforts fell short, as Hodges took the bout by unanimous decision.

Rebecca “Brick House” Hauserman def. Carly “Knock ‘Em Outta” Syta

Off-campus senior Carly “Knock ‘Em Outta” Syta started out strong against Pasquerilla West sophomore Rebecca “Brick House” Hauserman. Syta kept her hands up early and threw mostly uppercuts to the sides of Hauserman’s head, while Hauserman retaliated with hook-jab-hook combinations. In the second and third rounds, the bout turned into a battle of endurance. Syta increased her combinations in the middle of the match, utilizing a series of controlled hooks followed by a strong jab. However, Syta eventually succumbed to Hauserman’s quick uppercuts and jabs and the bout ended with Syta pushed against the edge of the ring. Hauserman came out with the victory by unanimous decision.

Kim “Kimbo Slice” Smith def. Claire “Princess” Purcell

Lewis senior Kim “Kimbo Slice” Smith defeated Pasquerilla West junior Claire “Princess” Purcell. In the first round, Purcell came out strong, forcing Smith against the edge of the ring. Purcell did not waver, endlessly throwing combination after combination while Smith retaliated with a couple of hook-and-jab combinations. Midway through the second round, Smith turned the bout around by taking advantage of Purcell’s exhaustion. By the end of the third round, Smith was throwing approximately three times as many jabs and hooks as Purcell. With both fighters pushing themselves until the end, it was unclear if Smith’s endurance would overcome Purcell’s impressive first round. Ultimately, Smith won by split decision.


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