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Versace “Python” x Versace “Eros” Review

| Sunday, December 7, 2014

web_versaceSARA SHOEMAKE | The Observer
RiFF RAFF’s latest record “Neon Icon” is number zero on my top albums of 2014 list. It’s better than every other album and it’s also worse than every other album. It defies classification. It is a stereotype. It is “Iceberg Simpson Tip Toe Wing In Ya Jawwdinz.” It costs less than $15 – but you probably can’t afford it.

Essentially a hybrid of trap music, hip-hop and glitzy electronica, “Neon Icon” is subject as form. Everything RiFF RAFF (aka Jody Highroller) stands for and represents – rainbowed fashion that struts the line between cheesy and aesthetically pleasing, a kaleidoscopic, interconnected view of popular culture — is mirrored through his pristine and vibrant production, his propulsive scattershot flow and his genre-hopping stylistic switch-ups. In this way, “Neon Icon” is simultaneously expensive and trashy, ridiculous and deadly serious.

If anything, RiFF RAFF’s “Neon Icon” is an awesome product of charisma. It resonates Highroller’s personality and breathes welcome life into the fairytale-esque images of lavish wealth and style that so many rappers slog through. It’s the sort of record that lives in a very specific, unique world of its own, one that makes a great case for RiFF RAFF’s cult following.

I know that I speak for my fellow RiFF RAFF fans when I say the world of RiFF RAFF can sometimes feel sadly distanced. I just don’t have the dough to pick myself up a Versace Sleeping Bag and I probably never will. But have no fear! RiFF RAFF constantly references fashion houses and cologne in his raps, giving away the secrets of the his olfactory aura. The second half of this article is here to have you “Smelling Like Miami,” whatever the heck that means.


Any RiFF RAFF fan’s secret dream is to rock Dolce & Gabbana. After all, if you were to walk into RiFF RAFF and you weren’t wearing it, Highroller wouldn’t, uh, chill with you. Thankfully, the Highroller knows what he’s talking about — Dolce & Gabbana makes some quality cologne. Representing the more subdued side of RiFF, Dolce & Gabbana’s “The One” will have any girl using the VIP Pass to Your Heart. A subtle, sexy blend of understated spices, amber, tobacco and citrus, “The One” never overpowers the nose — only the soul. An alternative is “Light Blue Pour Homme,” a summery citrus that smells like the beach at sunrise. Obviously, the best thing about Dolce & Gabbana cologne is being able to ask random people, “How do I smell?” and right when they’re about to respond, yell “DOLCE & GABBANA.”

  1. JOOP

Riff Raff mentions the famed pink cologne during one of his first raps, “Larry Bird.” It’s a classic youthful blast of floral notes, cinnamon, vanilla, woods and whatever the heck else will have people turning their heads every time they pass you. RiFF RAFF makes statements. So should you.


I mean, come on. This is obvious. RiFF RAFF is a walking, very strange advertisement for Versace. Unfortunately, most of the things he references — like “Versace rim with lemon tint” — don’t exist. Thankfully, Versace will have you smelling like everything Mr. Highroller claims to smell like. Need to smell like a mysterious bed of magical midsummer wildflowers? “The Dreamer.” Need to smell like Vanilla-mint waterfalls? “Eros.” Need to smell like Versace little rain drops? Hit yourself up with some “Versace Pour Homme.” You really can’t go wrong as a college student with any of the Versace colognes — they have character and energy, and they’re bold enough to get you noticed without overpowering your neighbor (except maybe “Eros,” which will literally fill the room you walk into if you’re not careful).

Alright, reader. You’re ready to walk into the club smelling like Power Ranger with a working knowledge of the “Neon Icon” himself and an artistic excuse to pick up a new record. You have a VIP Pass to the Heart of RiFF RAFF — it’d be a shame if you don’t open it.

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