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2015 Collegiate Makeup Trends

| Sunday, January 25, 2015

MakeupTrends_WEBEmily Danaher | The Observer

If the look I got from my editor when I pitched this idea is any indication of how this article is going to be received, it is this — I am not very optimistic. As college students, we forgo makeup and stylish clothing for an extra 30 minutes of sleep, which we all know is a way more productive use of our time.

However, these trends are for the girl that got woken up an hour early by her roommate attempting to navigate their room without turning on a single light or the girl that finds herself wanting to try something new on her third consecutive Thursday night at Club Feve. This article is for the girl like me who looks forward to putting on her makeup everyday almost as much as she looks forward to eating — almost. It’s for fun. It’s for when you’re feeling bold. And it’s by no means required.

1. Dewy skin

This look has South Bend written all over it. Notre Dame’s weather not only steals your warmth and livelihood but also all of your skins moisture. By using a hydrating foundation or BB Cream, your skin will remain hydrated amidst the tundra and remain on trend as the matte look moves aside for a healthy glow. For an even brighter radiance, try mixing a luminous primer with your foundation or cream before applying.

2. Extra hairy eyelids

Kim Kardashian’s insane eyelashes set the standard for today’s obsession with voluminous top and bottom lash lines. Not all of us have an in-dorm makeup artist, but by adding a few quick coats of mascara your eyes will instantly feel more open and awake, a fact they will thank you for in that 8:20 a.m. lecture you got stuck in. Most makeup artists recommend curling your top lashes with a lash curler and applying mascara from the base of your lashes up, using back-and-forth shimmying motions as you go. Once that coat is dry, usually after about 30 seconds, apply the second. Your lower lashes are just as important, so don’t neglect them.

3. Bold lips

As the rest of the world will move on to hot pinks and oranges within the coming months, we in South Bend have an entire semester’s worth of cold weather to look forward to and subsequently, fall/winter lip colors. So, it’s really not that bad. Cranberry and plum stains have been all the hype this season, complementing a wide variety of skin tones and hair colors. By adding a daring pop of color to your lips, you have an instant look with a minimum amount of effort.

4. Even bolder winged liner

Thanks to Cleopatra and Taylor Swift, this once trendy eye look has turned into a staple in the cosmetics world, instantly adding retro dimension to any eye look. While the cat eyeliner looks amazing on its own, I tend to skip it in my daily routine, as it’s the most complicated of the techniques mentioned and takes me — and I believe most women unless you’re a magician — a generous amount of time to get the wings even. However, it is perfect for a night out, as it pulls together pretty much any dramatic eye and is extremely versatile. This year fashionistas are going thicker than ever with their cat eyes, so, don’t be afraid to let those winged liners fly.

5. Brows, Brows, Brows

It goes without saying that statement brows are their own type of celebrity nowadays. Natural thick, bushy forehead hair feels like you won the lottery, but the good thing is we can all pretty much achieve the same thing if we want to. It’s really a personal preference on how to go about thickening, whether it’s with powder, pencil or pomade, but the most important thing to remember is to not go overboard. Once your brows are on point, you’ll notice them on everyone. “Oh, I love your brows!” is a thing you’ll start to say. Just let it happen.

Whether you apply all, some or none of 2015’s beauty trends, you’re killing it and don’t you ever forget it.

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