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Drake Bell interview

| Monday, January 19, 2015

drizzy-bell-graphic-WEBKeri O'Mara

Before he played his show last Saturday night at Legends, Drake Bell talked with Scene’s Jimmy Kemper about his new album, his tour, his future and more.

Jimmy Kemper: So first things first, why Notre Dame?

Drake Bell: Cuz they called me. [laughs] It’s really fun to play these schools and stuff, it’s awesome because the demographic for my show [Drake and Josh] has grown up. Everyone’s in college now so it’s really fun to reconnect with them.

JK: For a guy who’s 28, you’ve had a pretty crazy career. You’ve done movies, TV shows, voice acting and records. What do the next few years look like for you?

DB: You know man, I just love to entertain, work and stay busy, so as long as I can stay busy doing what I love to do, that’s my goal. I’d love to get back on TV pretty soon. I’ve been making records the past few years, doing a lot of tours, a lot of Latin American touring, so it’s time to get back into TV.

I’ve got some things in development right now, so it’ll be exciting to get back on TV. I really love this business and this job so much that as long as I can act, direct, work craft services, hold a flag, you know, whatever gets me onto a movie set or into a television or recording studio, that’s what I’m going to do. If huge success comes, that’s awesome. If not, I just want to work and stay busy.

JK: I’ve noticed you picking at the cast on your wrist. You recently tweeted that the doctors said you were done playing guitar since you broke it, how’s that all going?

DB: You know man, it’s going. The doctors were saying I’d most likely not be able to play guitar like I did before, my wrist is never going to be the same, and this and this and this, but, you know, they’re not guitar players. What do they know? [laughs] I’ve been picking up the guitar and screwing around with it. I’m really limited; I’m not rocking yet.

They don’t want to give you false hope. I was in a car accident and broke my jaw in three places and knocked out all my bottom teeth — they’re all fake now. I fractured my neck and my back. It was a gnarly accident, but I got up and walked away. I was bedridden for months, and my jaw was wired shut and all that. When I got unwired, I could barely open my mouth without wanting to pass out.

But now I’m up singing and my jaw’s fine. I’m gonna make the same thing happen with my wrist. I think it’s the mentality really. You’d be surprised how much your mind has control over your healing processes. I love the guitar so much, even if I’m limited I’ll find a way to work it out.

You know, Django [Reinhardt] only had two fingers, and he’s one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Tom Petty shattered his hand. Ryan Adam said the best thing to happen to his guitar playing was breaking his hand. Jack White can’t bend his first finger anymore, so he had to completely reteach himself how to play guitar. So if that’s what I have to do, then that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll play again. All these guitar players, they wouldn’t have had their signature style without their injuries. So we’ll see.

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