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85th Bengal Bouts open with prelims

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Arun “Bollywood Basher” Nadar def. Conor “Chiggins” Higgins

Nadar started aggressively, landing big combinations straight from the starting bell. Graduate student Higgins fought back, but Nadar was able to dodge most of his efforts and responded with strong counterpunches. Higgins started the second round stronger, keeping Nadar at the end of his longer reach while landing blows to the Morrissey junior’s head. As Nadar began to tire early in the third, Higgins connected some well-timed punches past Nadar’s defense. Nadar soon regained his energy, however, and forced Higgins onto the ropes where he delivered a strong combination of punches to the head and body. The two fighters traded punches just before the final bell, but Nadar did just enough to win by split decision.

Edward “Binks” Leppert def. Robert Pak “Eeh-ow”

The fight started with some scrappy punches traded at the center of the ring, and both fighters threw a flurry of body blows and headshots. The fighters danced around one another for much of the second round with sporadic periods of intensity. Though the fight was neck-and-neck, even through the third and final round, the junior Leppert did enough to separate himself from the senior in the minds of the judges and secured a unanimous victory to advance to the next round.

Albert “I Am So Lone” Lee def. Chris “Angry Elf” Dethlefs

Both fighters’ quickness was on display early, as Dethlefs, a freshman and Sorin College resident, and Lee, a sophomore from Keenan Hall, glided around the ring, neither able to land many decisive punches. Dethlefs landed a couple of solid blows on Lee and gained momentum by the conclusion of the second round. Dethlefs forced his opponent against the ropes in the middle of the third round, but Lee rallied and fought back with strong punches to gain back the fight’s momentum. Lee was declared the winner in a closely contested matchup by a split decision.

Cullen “The Fishtown Hound” McNamee def. Ray Zhao

The first bout of the day in the 135-pound division pitted Zhao, a junior from Duncan Hall, against McNamee, a senior also from Duncan. In the first round, both fighters opened with a series of flurries with neither fighter gaining a clear advantage. The second round resembled the first as both fighters attempted to land blows to each other’s head. In the final round, Zhao managed to dodge a couple of McNamee’s blows, but McNamee eventually landed a few body shots. At one point, McNamee had Zhao on the ropes, but Zhao was able to quickly leap away before McNamee could land a big strike. McNamee was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


Robert “R Kelly” Devine def. Austin “Superman” Cartier

The fight started very defensively, with the two fighters keeping their distance from each other. Even when both boxers attempted to land some punches, most of their efforts were blocked. The senior Devine eventually broke through Cartier’s defenses and landed a quick combination. Cartier, a sophomore, fought back and landed multiple right hooks late in the first. The second round started defensively again, with Cartier’s parries and Devine’s footwork making landing punches difficult. Devine forced Cartier onto the ropes late in the second, however, and landed some big punches. Devine took control of the third round, forcing Cartier onto the ropes again and landing a quick combination of blows to end the fight and secure his win by unanimous decision.

Danny “Nacho Tigre” Espinoza def. Steven Penny

Both juniors started slowly until Espinoza landed a strong punch to Penny’s head, causing him to lose footing. From there, Espinoza took control, landing a quick flurry of blows to Penny’s body soon after. Penny, though, began to block most of Espinoza’s efforts and fight back late in the first. Espinoza appeared to be in control for most of the second round, but Penny did enough to block or dodge his punches. Penny then counterattacked as the second round came to an end. Both fighters started the third round more aggressively, but it was Espinoza who landed more of his early punches in the round and continued to appear on top through the round, eventually winning by unanimous decision.

Pete “The Wild Irish Rose” McGinley def. Joshua “I Swear These Are Pecs” Kolb

Both fighters came out spirited, attempting numerous punches but demonstrating strong defense to block their opponent’s efforts. McGinley soon appeared on top, though, and although Kolb continued to block most of his punches, the Duncan Hall senior was eventually able to land a blow that knocked Kolb, a freshman, down late in the first. Kolb looked to have made his way back into the fight and landed some punches of his own, only to be knocked down by another of McGinley’s punches. McGinley was able to keep Kolb at the end of his reach for most of the third round while landing well-timed punches to ensure his victory by unanimous decision.

Connor “MJ” Chelsky def. Dennis “The Hidden Dragon” Zheng

Both fighters came out aggressively with quick, wild swings. Zheng’s footwork was enough to dodge most of Chelsky’s flailing early punches while he managed to land a quick flurry of his own to Chelsky’s body. However, Chelsky, a senior, landed a strong left hook to Zheng’s head and followed up with a combination of body shots. The freshman Zheng forced Chelsky onto the ropes late in the first, but Chelsky fought his way out with more strikes to Zheng’s head. The second round started as offensively as the first, but few punches from either fighter actually landed. Chelsky struck Zheng with repeated left hooks to the head in the third, and Zheng’s attempts to fight back regularly left him exposed, which Chelsky took advantage of on his way to taking the victory by unanimous decision.

E.J. “Armageddon” Smith def. Alexander “Highway to the” Dang “-er zone”

The second bout of the day featured Smith, a sophomore from Knott Hall, fighting against Dang, an off-campus senior. This fast-paced match began with Dang controlling the ring, but Smith managed to halt Dang’s advance and briefly pin Dang on the ropes. In the second round, the match slowed down with both fighters taking more caution. The final round unfolded similarly to the second, but the slow pace was briefly interrupted by Smith landing a series of body blows. Smith was declared the winner by a split decision.

Matthew “Scruffy” Yoder “I Barely Know Her” def. Ned Vara

Yoder, an O’Neill Hall freshman, opened the fight trying to land a big punch, while Vara, a junior from Sorin College, attempted to answer with jabs. Yoder began the second round by landing two powerful blows to Vara’s head, keeping Vara on his toes for the rest of the round after another strong right hook. Yoder kept applying the pressure in the third round, enough to earn him the win by unanimous decision.

“G.I.” Joe DeLuca def. Thomas “Chuck” Yaeger

In an all-Duncan matchup, sophomore DeLuca squared off against freshman Yaeger. Yaeger fought tactically in the first round, only closing in for quick jabs to the head and then backing out again. DeLuca had trouble adapting to this style and had to fight defensively. In the second round, DeLuca bounced back by adopting the same strategy of quick jabs. Near the end of the round both fighters landed a flurry of blows. In the final round, both fighters opened up and tried to win the match by landing a big blow, but neither fighter managed to connect on his hooks. Ultimately, DeLuca was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

“Sloppy” Joe Guilfoile def. Thomas “The Tank Engine” Tran

Guilfoile, a Morrissey Manor sophomore, landed two powerful blows to the head to begin the match, keeping Tran, an off-campus senior, off-balance for the first round. The second round saw Guilfoile continue his offensive fighting as Tran was forced back for the whole round. In the final round, Guilfoile opened up offensively and forced Tran to get medical attention for a cut on his face. Guilfoile was declared the winner by unanimous decision.


Luke “Lobos” Kiefer def. Dennis “Stretch” Miller

Both came out strong in the first round, with the freshman Miller having the slight edge. Kiefer, a junior, got the best of Miller in the next round, throwing multiple jabs to push Miller back to the ropes. The match was stopped for a brief period in the third round, and Kiefer came out strongly from the pause. He landed multiple punches to the head, pushing Miller from corner to corner en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Briggs “Drop It Like It’s” Hoyt def. James “Work Horse” McCaffrey

The first round between McCaffrey and Hoyt was fairly even, with the tempo a little slower than most bouts. The graduate student McCaffrey, who is also a southpaw, came out firing multiple blows in the second round before things evened out. Both boxers traded body shots for the balance, with the senior Hoyt getting the best of McCaffrey at the end. The third round was a fury of punches from both parties, with neither taking control of the fight. In the end, Hoyt prevailed by unanimous decision.

Paul “The Shake” Rudnicki def. John “Juicy” Malin

This contest between two sophomores started off with a bang as Rudnicki landed early blows to the head, which Malin countered with some strong jabs to the stomach. The first round ended with Malin connecting with Rudnicki’s head. In the second round, Rudnicki bounced back with a series of combination punches to the face and abdomen, while Malin fought back with quick jabs. Rudnicki took the edge in the second round after managing a series of jab and uppercut combinations, forcing Malin against the ropes. By the third round, the bout was at a standstill. Malin attempted the majority of the punches while Rudnicki exhibited strong defensive tactics, only to finish by landing a series of hooks that was enough to give Rudnicki the split-decision victory.

Patrick “Payday” Yerkes def. Brenden “My Mom Doesn’t Know I’m Doing This” Forte

The junior Forte had quick start in the bout, beginning the first round with combination punches to the abdomen and sides of Yerkes. The sophomore from St. Edward’s Hall had a slow start but eventually retaliated with a series of powerful body shots, pushing Forte against the edge of the ring to end the first round. Once again, Forte got the quicker start in the second round, throwing hooks to the face while Yerkes focused primarily on defensive tactics. This pattern continued through the last round until Yerkes started throwing uppercuts and jabs. Late in the third round, Yerkes broke out to finish strong, giving him the victory by unanimous decision.


Joey Quinones def. Jim “Boyler Room” Boyle

Both boxers landed a flurry of punches off the bat, with the junior from Knott, Boyle, landing more jabs to the stomach while Quinones, a freshman, was able to get three blows to the head. In the second, Boyle was backed into a corner before he landed a strong uppercut to free himself. Neither seemed to have a decided advantage while they continued to trade blows. Quinones opened the third round landing jabs to the head and stomach of Boyle, knocking him back to the ropes as he refused to tire. Behind his strong finish, Quinones took the fight by unanimous decision.

Patrick Burkett def. Chris “The Ruff Rider” Ruflin

The sophomore Burkett seemed to set the tempo early, landing a huge hook to Ruflin’s head. Burkett again came out strong in the second round, landing a few combinations to stifle the freshman Ruflin. “The Ruff Rider” wouldn’t go away, however, putting up a strong fight with some inside punches to finish the round. Both boxers fought a strong third, with Ruflin on the offensive early before Burkett fired back with some hooks to the stomach. In the end, it was Burkett who prevailed by unanimous decision.

Sean “El Huron Loco” Himel def. A.J. McCutcheon

Neither McCutcheon, a graduate student, nor Himel, a junior, separated himself in the first round. Himel went on the offensive in the second though, driving McCutcheon back with a flurry of combinations. He continued to fight hard, landing a left hook to McCutcheon’s head to close the round. The third round was again back and forth. McCutcheon used his long reach to continually jab Himel in the stomach, but Himel landed a few punches himself, taking the fight by unanimous decision.

Charles Aloysius Blood III def. Stuart Swartz

The sophomore Blood landed an impressive number of body shots on the junior in a fairly even first round and clearly won the frame by sheer volume. The second round saw much of the same, as Blood forced Swartz to the ropes several times while also mixing in a few hard headshots, but Swartz held his own by landing a number of punches as well. The third and final round was also relatively even before Blood seized control and pulled away near the end, earning a victory by unanimous decision and a spot in the next round.

Joe “Sully” Sulentic def. Alex “The Aztec” Cervantez

The high-paced first round started with Cervantez, a freshman from St. Edward’s Hall, throwing a series of jabs, while Morrissey Manor sophomore Sulentic responded with quick uppercuts. The second round exhibited a slower pace, and Sulentic landed combination after combination with agility, despite Cervantez’s defensive efforts. The round ended with Cervantez on the ropes, but he bounced back in the last round. However, he was no match for Sultentic’s speed and mobility across the ring, and Sulentic took the bout by unanimous decision.

Eoghan Flanagan def. Phillip “The Thrill” Stenger

Zahm House sophomore Flanagan exhibited a burst of energy in the first round, throwing uppercut after uppercut at Siegfried Hall sophomore Stenger and targeting his right side, The first round was an upbeat affair, with both fighters actively circling around the ring. In the second round, Stenger did not hold back, fighting back with a series of punches to the abdomen forcing Flanagan into a hold. In the third round, the bout continued at a slower pace with both fighters taking a more conservative strategy. In the final moments of the bout, Flanagan finished strong to secure the victory by unanimous decision.

Ryan “Attila” Dunn def. Adam Haydel

Dunn, a junior from Knott Hall, got the bout to a quick start by forcing Stanford Hall junior Haydel against the edge of the ring within the first minute of the first round. Haydel fought back with hooks to the face but landed only a small proportion of his punches, unable to match Dunn’s speed moving across the ring. Early in the second round, Dunn forced Haydel to the edge of the ring once more, landing jab after jab. Dunn’s clear advantage was evident as the referee cut the bout short in the second round, giving the contest to Dunn.

Garrity McOsker def. Dean “The Machine” Swan

Fisher Hall senior McOsker and Dillon Hall freshman Swan both held back in the first round of the bout, throwing relatively few punches and opting instead to focus on defensive tactics. While Swan hit first, McOsker answered, landing multiple jabs, forcing him across the ring and against the ropes. There, McOsker connected on several punches to Swan’s abdomen, ending the first round. In the second round, McOsker threw the first punch but Swan quickly retaliated. However, Swan’s uppercuts and jabs were no match for McOsker’s aggressive defense. In the third round, Swan was able to get a foothold but it was not enough, as McOsker took the victory by unanimous decision.


Gage “American Psycho” O’Connell def. Chris “Black Dog” Bertini

Both fought hard in the first round, with the law student O’Connell landing some inside jabs and Bertini fighting back with body shots. O’Connell cornered the junior Bertini early in the second, with Bertini fighting him off with a series of combinations. O’Connell did well to dodge Bertini’s punches in the third round and landed a few hooks to the head. O’Connell knocked Bertini to the ground as he dominated the final round to take the match by unanimous decision.

Eric “The Squirrel” Tommarello def. Casey “Pork Chop” McCaffery

Both fighters appeared evenly matched, but Tommarello took an early edge in the opening rounds. The Baldwinsville, New York, senior utilized a series of looping hooks and jabs around a beleaguered defense from McCaffery. The junior fought back as time went on, though, taking advantage of his more energy-efficient fight style. The latter held fast, though, delivering body blows in quick succession towards the end of the closing frame, countering McCaffery’s late-match aggression. Thanks to his early match efforts, as well as his impressive second wind in the latter half of the fight, “The Squirrel” scampered to a split-decision victory.

Mike Flanigan def. Chris “The Quiet Man” Powers

Powers came out strong in the opening moments of the bout, delivering a series of rapid body shots to Flanigan and forcing him against the ropes early. Flanigan powered back though, using a deft dodge to deliver a pair of strong headshots of his own. Flanigan carried this momentum into the second round, holding a steady advantage over a beleaguered Powers for the duration of the round. The third round started tentatively, with each fighter waiting for the other to make the opening move. Eventually, Flanigan saw an opportunity, delivering a series of punishing blows to Powers and forcing a stoppage for a bloodied nose. Flanigan continued his assault after the break, resulting in a victory by unanimous decision for the St. Edward’s Hall senior.

Chris “Double Diesel” Clarke def. Calvin “Bender” Campopiano

The bout featured contrasting styles, as the quick-striking aggression of Clarke had trouble cracking Campopiano’s rock-solid defense. Neither fighter was willing to give a great deal of room to the other early. Still, Campapiano’s suffocating defensive stance afforded him a few opportunities for strong body shots before the bell. As the fight went on, Clarke found ways around his opponent’s gloves, as he managed to sneak in a pair of left hooks, forcing Campopiano to respond with a series of body blows. Both fighters found offensive openings in the middle round, though Campopiano had trouble countering the reach of the taller, lankier Clarke. Ultimately, Campopiano had no answer for this range as Clarke earned a victory by unanimous decision.

Paddy “El Canelo” Lawler def. Ryan “Wait for it” Majsak

The longer-limbed Majsak seemed more than willing to engage in an all-out offensive brawl early in the match, but strong defense by Majsak gave him ample room for counterattack. The two fighters traded blows early and often in the opening rounds. Majsak seemed to falter in middle of the fight, however, and was pushed against the ropes by a sudden flurry of blows. Majsak’s left hook started to miss towards the end of the fight, giving Lawler room to dodge and counter with a series of shots to the body. In the hotly contested fight, Lawler was awarded the victory by split decision.

Scott “Bootstrap” Rousseau def. Sean “Never Learned How To” Reed

This fight was intense from the start, and Reed, an off-campus senior, was the aggressor, attempting to land some devastating early combinations. However, Rousseau, a Fisher Hall senior, showed off his bobbing and weaving skills to avoid any significant blows. In the second round, the referee had to split the fighters, which allowed Reed to recover from a flurry of Rousseau punches. Reed came out strong in the third, but Rousseau knocked his headgear off. Reed kept taking blows to end the round but landed some parting shots himself. Rousseau was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.

Michael “Greasy” Grasso def. Jack Shepard

The two juniors wasted no time setting the tone in an action-packed first round. Grasso displayed a powerful right hook, and at the end of the round, Grasso had pinned Shepard against the ropes and landed multiple combinations. The second round was even more intense than the first as Grasso began to wear Shepard down. Shepard was pinned against the ropes again, and Grasso landed a flurry of punches, most notably two hard headshots that dazed Shepard. Shepard completed an eight count, but Grasso was relentless and forced another a few seconds later. As a result of this, the referee stopped the fight and handed the victory to Grasso.

Patrick “Pattycake” Shea def. Sean Clarkin

In the first round, both fighters tested the other. Nothing more than little jabs were landed, and both fighters showed off nimble footwork. In the second round, the junior Shea landed some hard punches and eventually drew blood. The referee stopped the fight, and Clarkin, a freshman, quickly recovered. However, Clarkin could not seem to land a punch on Shea as the round ended. Shea began to seize control of the fight in the third round, and he landed two big headshots that dazed Clarkin. Clarkin attempted to go back on the offensive but was never able to land anything more than a glancing blow. His defense was not enough, and Shea advanced in the tournament by unanimous decision.


Brian “Rowdy” Roddy def. Henry Adame

Adame spent much of the first round looking for an opening as “Rowdy” Roddy stayed true to his nickname, keeping Adame off balance with a flurry of headshots and leaving little room for response. However, Adame remained stalwart in his defense, taking advantage of openings where he found them in the second round to deliver a number of strong body blows between the gaps in Roddy’s attack. Ultimately, though, Roddy’s reach and persistent connections left Adame on the defensive for too long, particularly towards the end of the final round when he began to struggle with fatigue. Roddy’s furious attack earned him a victory by unanimous decision.

Brent Breslau def. Peter “The Bull” Janiw

Both combatants came out strong, trading punches at the center of the ring. Breslau seemed to take control early though, forcing the referee to pause the fight after an intense right hook connected with Janiw. As the bell sounded to start the second round, Breslau continued to separate himself from the freshman, though Janiw still managed to land a few body shots. The third round featured more of the same, with the fighters trading punches, but Breslau held on to his advantage, and the judges awarded him the unanimous decision victory over Janiw.

Brendan “Rainman” Lesch def. Ryan MacDonald

The fighters opened the first round aggressively, trading body blows in the center of the ring before graduate-student Lesch landed a strong headshot that sent his opponent to the canvas. Once MacDonald got back to his feet, Lesch backed him into a corner, landing blow after blow and forcing the senior to fight defensively. As the second round opened, Lesch danced around MacDonald, before forcing him to the ropes once more. McDonald came out strong in the third round, but Lesch was simply too much for him to handle. The referee stopped the fight midway through the round, giving Lesch the victory.

Matthew “Hands” Bedell def. Brian “The Weatherman” Hartnett

Both fighters showed off impressive defensive skills in an evenly matched bout. This resulted in few hard blows hitting their target, and because it was so even, each punch had the power to swing the fight. After the first two rounds featured many blocked punches and parries, the senior Bedell began to outlast fellow senior Hartnett. He landed a hard body blow on Hartnett to culminate a fiery opening to the third and managed to avoid being hit hard again to take the fight in a split decision.

Ryan “Cerry Boppins” Chestnut def. Joel “The Zamboni” Zimbrick

Chestnut started the fight as the aggressor and landed solid body shots on Zimbrick to begin the first round. However, Zimbrick responded with some combinations to end the round. The second frame featured little hard contact between the two freshmen, and the fight’s result was still in the air at the start of the third. Both fighters turned it up a notch and connected with the other multiple times. Right after Chestnut connected with Zimbrick hard in the head, he was knocked off balance by a Zimbrick punch. Chestnut recovered to halt any further damage and had done just enough to advance by unanimous decision.

Eric “P-Rex” Palutsis def. Patrick Wieland

Both fighters came out with energy following the opening bell, but neither was able to land any decisive blows in the first round. Palutsis, a senior, landed a couple solid blows with his right jab in the opening seconds of round two and captured the momentum of the fight during this round. Palutsis came out with fire in the concluding round and backed the junior Wieland up against the ropes with a series of punches. This was enough to solidify a unanimous decision for Palutsis.

Jason “Downtown” Ellinwood def. Chris Stepien

Ellinwood, a junior from Fisher Hall, was able to use his height advantage against Stepien, a junior from Sorin College, landing a series of punches in the opening round thanks to his reach advantage over Stepien. Ellinwood maintained control of the fight in its second round and pushed his opponent against the ropes several times during the round. Ellinwood forced the official to pause the fight a number of times in the second and third rounds, which earned him a unanimous decision over Stepien.

James “Iceman” Hodgens def. David Lee

Lee, a sturdy southpaw, came out swinging in the first round and landed some punches on Hodgens, a graduate student, early. It appeared, however, that Lee lost some energy as the round progressed, and Hodgens was able to turn the tables on his opponent. Hodgens seemed to have the advantage in the second round, as he landed punches on Lee and forced the official to pause the fight. In the fight’s third round, Lee again came out with fire and energy but was unable to maintain this pace throughout the duration of the round. This enabled Hodgens to land several unblocked punches on his opponent and win the fight with a referee-stopped contest.


Joe “The Dirty Bubble” Stevens def. David “Mav’erick” O’Connor

Both fighters opened the round with impressive footwork and intensity, yet neither seemed to have any sort of advantage early. Through the second round, both fighters evenly traded punches. Once the third round started, a flurry of fists from the freshman Stevens tilted the bout in his favor, despite the fact that O’Connor did more damage with the punches he managed to land. Ultimately the fight came down to a split decision, with the judges awarding the victory to Stevens.

Ian White def. Gordon “Fleetwood” MacDougal

Despite being at a height disadvantage, White, a senior and Zahm House resident, connected on a few solid punches in the fight’s opening round. White gathered more momentum as the second round progressed and landed a series of punches that forced MacDougal, a senior, against the ropes. MacDougal was able to rebound slightly in the third round but could not take the momentum from White. Neither fighter appeared to win this round decisively, as both landed a few punches, but White was ruled the winner by a split-decision ruling.

Heavy Weight

Erich Jegier def. Gabe “The Devil Wears” Prado Correa

Jegier, a sophomore and Sorin College resident, landed a few hard punches on Prado Correa during the fight’s opening seconds. Jegier was able to knock down his opponent, a junior and Alumni Hall resident, and capture the fight’s momentum by the end of the first round. Jegier’s strong opening round forced the official to stop the fight early and declare him the victor over Prado Correa.

Gerry “Jarreigh” Kelliher def. John “Little John” Sontag

The off-campus senior Kelliher, although yielding a bit to his fellow senior Sontag in terms of height, came out with energy and captured the fight’s momentum early. The two boxers traded blows during the concluding seconds of round one, and both landed some punches on the other. Sontag displayed strong jabs, but Kelliher was able to land some punishing hooks on his opponent’s midsection and then head. Kelliher found his target with strong punches on Sontag in the fight’s concluding round and forced Sontag against the ropes a couple times in the third round. This strong final round was enough to earn Kelliher a win by unanimous decision over Sontag.

Kyle “Hot Crossed” Munns def. Devon “Buffalo Soldier” Chenelle

In a matchup between a law student and a freshman, the first round was fairly even. The freshman Chenelle, with an advantage in height and wingspan, started to take some control in the second period. At the start of the third round, however, Munns landed a number of impressive headshots to get himself back into the fight. The fighters walked around each other for most of the final moments with sporadic moments of fighting, leading to a split decision victory in favor of Munns.


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