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Do you like green eggs and ham?

| Tuesday, March 17, 2015

‘Tis the season of luck, celebration, heritage and — most importantly — green. What better opportunity to reflect on tradition and youth than St. Patrick’s Day? Though many people relish in the food, drink and fellowship of Irish tradition, I thought I’d bring back Theodore Geisel. That’s right, good ol’ Dr. Seuss.

Ever since kindergarten, many Notre Dame students, myself included, have participated in cooking green eggs and ham with their classmates. I still remember lining up in the cafeteria every March 17 and pondering how green eggs exist. Though in college now, why lose the magical tradition symbolizing one of our childhood’s greatest initiators of imagination?

During my many Spring Break 2k15 Internet searches of boredom, I stumbled upon a Pinterest article regarding green eggs and ham. Reminiscing on one of Dr. Seuss’s most successful stories, I researched its origin, as well as the tradition it conceived. “Green Eggs and Ham,” published in 1960, surprisingly resulted from a bet between Dr. Seuss and his editor. Bennett Cerf, Seuss’s editor, challenged the author to compose a book using only 50 different words. Accepting the challenge, Seuss concocted one of his most notable children stories, which sold 200 million copies. Since then, students, families and friends have gathered together to enjoy green eggs and ham on a house, on a mouse, in a car and in a tree.

Have the inclination to relive childhood tradition? Want to start a new St. Patty’s Day celebration? Making green eggs and ham is a perfectly accessible way to embrace the American simplicity of youth, green and Dr. Seuss. Aside from actually cooking scrambled eggs with green food dye, people can prepare their own “green eggs and ham” with pretty much any ingredients they possess. Even if you can’t get ahold of a pan, drive to the store or lack fridge room and time (some classic college obstacles), taking part in this tradition is not impossible. A perfect snack for any St. Patty’s Day social gathering, candied green eggs and ham makes for an uncomplicated tradition. I have seen this made with mini square pretzel bites (Snyder’s, am I right?), green M&M’s and melted white chocolate chips. These tasteful snacks fulfill the saltiest of sweet tooths, making for a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day celebration element.

Throughout my childhood, I have anxiously awaited the greenest holiday of the year. Along with festivities of fortune, leprechauns, food and beverages, I have constantly looked forward to preparing green eggs and ham. Though I discovered the mysterious green dye, the magic of tradition and youth within me has yet to perish. Through an open mind, anyone can like green eggs and ham. Anyone can like them, Sam I Am.

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