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Darty Style Guide

| Thursday, April 23, 2015

Darty2Erin Rice, Erin McAuliffe, Mary McGraw


It’s final-ly warm, sunny and hasn’t snowed since Wednesday. Time to celebrate in quintessential Notre Dame spring fashion, fashionably. To help you plan out your weekend day party — “darty” — outfits, we have compiled some trends we’ve seen taking over the runwa — driveways.


Fanny pack

Baby got pack. The fanny pack is vital, as you will most likely be wearing a comfortable but pocketless sundress. Store your phone, student ID and six bucks alongside other darty essentials: GU energy gels, crayons and your TI-84. Make sure the print reflects something you care about; a classic example is the flag of whatever country you studied abroad in.

High-top Converse

Just as Miley campaigns for mini skirts with Jordans, high tops seem to be the footwear of choice for darties. Keeping toes covered and safe from mud while proving you’re #sporty, Converse has become a Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s staple.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

In the words of the uber-relevant SUB concert throwback B.o.B, “she want them Ray-Bans.” If that “she” is a Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s student at a darty, then yes, she does want — and probably has — Ray-Bans.


As an article of clothing conducive to things such as frolicking and twirling, sundresses cannot receive enough hype. Bust out your favorite and luxuriate in its power.



Bucket hat

Why anybody would willingly put something with the word “bucket” in it on their heads is unclear to me, but apparently the male student body does not suffer from the same predicament. The hats are reminiscent of something your mom would have made you wear as a child. For example, she gives you the option of slathering up in sunscreen or putting on a bucket hat at the beach. In lieu of being sticky, you choose the hat, but regret the decision after getting picked on.


In the words of Steve Irwin and the majority of Notre Dame males, “Crickey! I love Croakies.” Croakies are an essential way to express how #unique you are in your casual wear. Be sure to choose your print carefully: do you want to go for the patriotic American flag aesthetic? Tie-dye to prove you’re pretty chill? Or camo for some reason I could never fathom. Unless you are actually going hunting, then I guess that is fathomable. Pair your Croakies with some glasses you got for free at Domerfest — you don’t want to lose such a sentimental heirloom. P.S.A. please do not pair Croakies with transition lenses — these glasses should not be prevented from falling from your head to their imminent muddy demise.

Bro tank

Bros. Bro tanks. Bros in tanks. Bros in bro tanks. They’re everywhere. Even my inbox. Sport your Mendoza bro tank that whoever writes the incessant emails calls “an awesome and stylish trend” and support the system.


Chubbies. The name should act as a warning that there is a very limited number of people who actually look presentable in these obnoxiously-printed or so-bright-they’re-blinding short-shorts. Chubbies, please don’t.

Boat Shoes

So you’re at a darty — what could be better? I’ll tell you what could be better; getting invited to leave the darty to go on someone’s private yacht. But wait, you can’t hop on that opportunity unless you’re wearing boat shoes. Oh wait, you’re a Notre Dame male so you are always wearing boat shoes and therefore perpetually ready to hop on a yacht. Make sure to pair them with Nike Elite mid-calf socks, just for funz.

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