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Spring Into Your Wardrobe

| Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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In this time of oscillating winter and summer, a season many other areas of the world can simplify call “spring,” it gets difficult to keep your outfit on fleek from one day to the next. For when the sun’s rays actually do break through the Indiana permafrost, check out a few of these style tips to best show off your winter weight room investment.

The Jean Jacket

It’s iconic for a reason. You see it on runways, at metal concerts, on the backs of boy band members and on the ruggedest of dudes out there. What’s awesome about a jean jacket is that it’s simple in design, but it adds a boatload of character with the colors and accessories you choose. Black and blue are awesome, but if you’re looking to be extra bold try on a white and a tan one, or even change up the material!

For the chillier days, throw on a snugly fitting jacket as another layer, replacing the vest portion of a three-piece. Then, as the sun shines brighter, it can be mixed with a button-down and tie to channel your inner urbanite. And if you get too hot in the mid-day sun? Go Cali on your jacket and tie it around you waist for bonus sartorial points; it won’t care.

Just don’t go Canadian tuxedo on me.

Measuring Your Shorts

Don’t let your shorts get confused with your chubbies. This means that the “below the tips of your fingers” rule from Catholic school doesn’t apply to shorts in the same way as it did to skirts. This summer, keep the hems of your britches cut above the knees. Any longer, and you have the horrid capris on. Shorter? Just consider how little sun your thighs got this past winter.

For styling: slim and printed. T-shirts aren’t the only place for graphic designers to go wild, and shorts are a great location to show off some creativity. Stripes and polka-dots are good for beginners, then go for some heavy prints as you get more comfortable. Checking out a sailboat-printed pair? Those are for people who either own a boat or at least know how to use one. Plan accordingly.

The Little Things

Time to give yourself the “pop” you may have been missing. My personal goal is to invest in my wrists this summer. No Apple Watch for this college student, which means the focus is on “dumb” watches and bracelets. All on a budget.

Some of my shopping pet peeves are the accessories that high-end stores peddle, where they offer a leather bracelet for the price of their finest suit. To save your cash for a dapper blazer, try creating your own wrist bling. Black and brown leather strips are available at most hobby stores, and just by adding a clasp you could be ready to go. If you have an ache for something fancier, try weaving a few leather strips together or making a minimalist bead bracelet.

For watches, DIY is less of an option. To avoid blowing your ring-by-spring budget on your tick-tock, check out Timex’s collections. The Weekender collection puts an affordable $40 price tag on casual watches with great designs that will be with you through both summer camps and internships. Although the brand isn’t the best for formalwear pairings, the “Timex Originals” can get you through a black-tie event if needed.

For the rest of the body, look for better lapel pins and rings that make even Frank Underwood jealous. A floral fabric pin or a metal badge adds extra styling to your go-to suit and comes as an easy way to match the liveliness of the season. For rings, experiment according to your comfort level. I’m a minimalist guy, so I’m on the hunt for a simple, cast-iron-esque piece until I can start knocking my class ring around.

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