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Summer movies to anticipate

| Wednesday, April 22, 2015


With finals looming and the thought of cleaning out your cluttered dorm room always gnawing at the back of your mind, it’s hard to remember that there are still things in this world to look forward to. Soon, we will have escaped the clutches of higher education, and we will have all the time in the world to binge-watch, stalk people on social media and for those of us who are cinematically-obsessed, get excited for the summer movie line-up.

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” — May 1

While technically this movie premieres on our first reading day and not during the stress-free bliss that is summer, there is no reason why this highly anticipated superhero sequel shouldn’t be one the most exciting things to happen in your life in the next two weeks. Whedon is back with the entire Marvel crew — minus Spiderman — and everyone’s favorite genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist at the helm. The trailer itself is chill-worthy, so it’s pretty obvious why this one is worth the study break.

“Pitch Perfect 2” — May 15

Whether you can quote every line or can’t stand the sound of cups moving rhythmically on a flat surface anymore, there’s no denying that “Pitch Perfect” left its mark on your life and essentially our generation when it premiered October 2012 with overall rave reviews. Rebel, Anna and their aca-homies will all reprise their roles in what is sure to be one of the highest selling openings this summer, if not the whole year. Luckily, here at Notre Dame, Universal Pictures is presenting a special sneak preview in DPAC this Friday. You should check it out.

“Jurassic World” — June 12

I should be able to just type the words Chris Pratt and have that be enough to explain why you should be excited for this movie. However, in case any of you are anti-Pratt — you’re not, those people don’t exist — I will also type Steven Spielberg, long-awaited sequel to the classic “Jurassic Park” movies and “the park is open,” which is probably one of the best tag lines for a movie ever. Get excited.

“Paper Towns” — July 24

John Green’s uncanny ability to connect with millennials will once again make its way to the big screen when the adaptation of his third young-adult novel, “Paper Towns,” is released this summer on the one-year anniversary of the premiere of “The Fault in Our Stars” (adapted from Green’s most successful novel of the same name). From the trailer, the movie does not seem lacking in quotable dialogue or ample amounts young love, both staples from Green. It’s pretty much a must-see for anyone with a heart.

“Fantastic Four” — August 7

In an attempt to revamp the critically-panned, albeit commercially successful, “Fantastic Four” franchise, Marvel will drop its second-biggest superhero blockbuster this summer. While the original series left a lot to be desired and failed to garner full-on trilogy status, the comic community has high hopes for this latest remake. With big names like Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell making up what’s hopefully the most entertaining fearsome foursome we have seen on screen thus far, we’re not ready to give up on this superhero craze quite yet.

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