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A Football Fashion Guide

| Thursday, August 20, 2015

Susan Zhu | The Observer

You’ve been waiting for it since you opened that acceptance letter — Notre Dame football. As you prepare for the first few games of the season (the ones where you won’t have to bundle up in anonymity), you’re probably wondering what clothing choices will suit your day of sportz and tailgatez. We’re here to help you.


Golden dome helmet

Yeah, I know it’s hot out … but these are iconic. Literally. Who wouldn’t want to rep Mary on their head? Bonus: protection from punts gone awry or from stumbles up all those stadium steps to the top rows when you were the last to leave the tailgate.

Bro Tank

You’re probably unwittingly in some Facebook group for Notre Dame bro tanks already. Support a cause, support the bros, and support girls doing touchdown push-ups while showing off your guns. Do you even lift, bro?

Cargo shorts

No, really. They have so many pockets, a.k.a. so much room for activities. The classic army green will even coordinate with your school spirit.


Forgo the Nike Elites for Under Armour (this is a sponsored message), but make sure you are sporting these sport socks for great tan lines. If you don’t have an awkward mid-calf tan to pale cutoff on Sunday, did you even tailgate on Saturday?


Please, no boat shoes. You will not be getting on a boat. You are in South Bend, Indiana — your feet will only be seeing parking lots and bleachers on game day.



“10-bands, 100-bands, Ray-Bans.” Take a cue from Drake and protect your eyes from the South Bend sun (yes, there is a sun here sometimes). Bonus points for Croakies: Channel Steve Irwin and make sure your shades don’t get left behind at the tailgate.

The Shirt

We may not correct it to “The” University of Notre Dame (*cough, cough* Ohio State pretentiousness), but if there is ever a time for the addition of that three-letter word, it is in reference to “The Shirt.” Almost everyone will be wearing it, in various ways: DIY crop-top, fringe cut into the bottom, sleeveless (see bro tank) and whatever else is trending on Pinterest, but it’s an annual classic.

Go for Gold

You will be one of 8,000 in the green sea of the student section, so give your parents a chance to spot you when they are constantly pausing the TV in search. Seek out a gold skirt, shorts or leggings to pair with The Shirt — there is a Salvation Army in walking distance of campus.


Our version of “game-day pearls,” head over to the bookstore or an alumni tailgate for a surplus of Irish-themed bling. These things multiply and are great dorm room décor in-between game-days. G’Irish!

(PSA for any one familiar with NOLA traditions: game-day beads will be gifted to you by alumni tailgaters for a quick “What dorm were you in?” convo — don’t do anything crazy.)


JK nope. Something sensible but not obnoxious: Think Chacos or Birkenstocks, not try-hard, shamrock-painted TOMS or bedazzled ND sneakers.

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